Diversity is Going to Totally Work Out Any Day Now

We are told non stop that diversity makes our countries better, that diversity is the answer to ending racism and finally creating a multi cultural Utopia. Yet, the more it is foisted upon all of us, the worse things get. Instead of someone stepping up and suggesting we abort this failed experiment, we just see more doubling down while they insist that eventually we are going to see the result that’s been promised. While the narrative says that if whites will just give up any exclusive place in this world racism will end, blacks and other ethnic groups demand more and more exclusive places of their own, unless of course that means getting gibmes from whitey, then they demand to be let in and be exalted. For today’s example, we have the sad story of a angry sheboon who attempted to cuck the Tuck. It didn’t work out well.

A New Jersey community college has fired an adjunct professor after officials say she made racially insensitive comments on Fox News.
Lisa Durden was axed from Essex County College as the adjunct communications professor on Friday – roughly two weeks after she appeared on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

111           She thought that since someone gave her the title or Professor, that meant she was automatically smarter than any white person in the room. Reality is a bitch. 

Essex County College’s president Anthony Munroe announced the decision Friday and said officials at the school had received complaints about her heated interview with Carlson.

These complaints were obviously just more racism manifesting to keep down a poor person of color.

Durden, who is black, discussed a Memorial Day event held exclusively for black people hosted by a Black Lives Matter group in New York.

Wait a minute, I thought if we just gave up all of our white places, than blacks would join us to hold hands and live in perfect harmony.

222It turns out that real life is nothing like the old Coca Cola commercials. What a let down. 

When Carlson asked her her thoughts, Durden interrupted the host, saying: ‘Boo hoo hoo. You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card’ to attend the event.’

Of course, how many white people would actually even want to attend what is basically an all nigger event? I guess they could offer free rapes with admission.

333          All dez crackas just want in cause dey know I be fine. 

She added, ‘You’ve been having ‘White Day’ forever’ as she defended the group for wanting to have ‘one day for black folks to focus on ourselves.’

Here’s a thought: everyday is black day in Africa. I’d be willing to pitch in for the plane trip.

Carlson called her comments during the roughly six-minute interview ‘hostile, separatist and crazy.’
The school suspended Durden two days after the show aired.

If there’s one thing that’s scary and crazy, it’s anything separatist.

Durden said the school ‘publicly lynched’ her. The school on Friday said ‘racism cannot be fought with more racism.’

Further and further down the hole we go. Where it stops, nobody knows.

In a statement, Munroe said that families who contacted the school over her comments expressed frustration.

‘The character of this institution mandates that we embrace diversity, inclusion, and unity. Racism cannot be fought with more racism.’

But what if racism is completely natural? Doesn’t this all seem kind of silly then?

He made it clear that the college is committed to a welcoming environment to all students of a variety of backgrounds, races and cultures, and defended firing Durden.

Blacks only want inclusion into white institutions if it means they can parasite some sort of benefit off of it. In this case, a low IQ groid got a high paying professor position instead of cleaning on office after hours and stealing the left over donuts.

444           Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make the cleaning lady a Professor? Oh yeah that’s right, the Jews. 

Durden told NJ.com that she received support from students and staff members after her firing.
‘It should be a safe place for me,’ Durden said of the college. ‘I thought when I came home from war, I would be safe.’
She is reportedly going to take legal action over her firing, NJ.com reported.

A war you say? Why, it’s almost as though even this low IQ sheboon recognizes that we’re in a race war. Meanwhile, the college itself can’t and keeps blabbering on about stopping racism and promoting inclusion. Some moron equalist will try to say, “But GPL, you don’t know that she’s low IQ just by going off her looks. Why she might be a genius because I saw this movie one time……..” to which I say, are American colleges and universities turning out more intelligent or less intelligent graduates now that the flood gates of diversity have been thrown open? Being admitted to University used to actually mean something but not anymore. Now that even primates can be professors, employers have no idea if they are hiring a brilliant mind or a poop slinger by just going by the diploma. Because after all, judging someone by their race and appearance would just be racist and we can’t have that now, can we?


It’s Almost As Though It’s Natural to Find Fat People Revolting

Science! has just come up with a shocking new discovery: children who are young enough to have not finished mental indoctrination naturally find fat people repulsive. I’m sure the answer will be to intensify the indoctrination.

Young children can have unconscious prejudice towards their overweight peers, which leads these chubby kids to gain even more weight, a study claims.

You see, the reason little Sarah is a fat ass is because the other kids avoid her because she’s a fat ass.

111                                                                           I can’t think of any other reason. 

Duke University researchers found that children as young as nine years old can have a bias against fatter children, using their weight to determine if they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’.

Obviously just like racism, these kids need more “education” to get them to understand the importance of going against their natural instincts.

Previous research shows that children who are stigmatized because of their weight, tend to gain even more, which can lead to health complications as adults.

222 “Why?” you ask? Well, let me tell you about my childhood. 

Experts noted that children who were shown pictures of chubbier kids were more likely to determine them as ‘bad’. Researchers said these children may not even realize their bias.

Kids have a hard time actually articulating what they feel because they naturally have a more limited vocabulary. I think in this case, they don’t so much mean “bad” as they do “gross”.

Dr Asheley Skinner, an associate professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine, said: ‘When children are stigmatized for being overweight, it can cause further weight gain and other health consequences.
‘Given that, we felt that it was important to determine if we could identify unconscious attitudes towards weight in this 9-to-11 age group.’

I think the time and effort would have been better spent trying to find a way to improve the quality of our food so that we don’t have pre teen diabetics anymore.

Fatter children are also more likely to have unreciprocated friendships – thinking other children are their friends when the feeling is not mutual.

Obese girls when they get older, are more likely to have unreciprocated relationships. They think they’ve finally landed a boyfriend when instead, it’s just a one nighter.

333                                                                                  Sure it was only one night and he’s never called me back but I’m already planning the wedding. 

‘Fat-shaming’ – insulting or bullying children because of their weight is causing obese children to be treated a social outcasts, researchers claimed.

That’s natures way of trying to get them to reverse a self destructive behavior.

This can create a vicious circle which can lead to further overeating, the researchers warned, and anti-bullying strategies need to take into account anti-fat prejudice in schools.

Don’t you just love it? Kids naturally feel what too many adults are afraid to say and the answer is that we need more programs to get them to deny the natural feeling they are having.

The researchers from University of South California said that as well as the negative impact on physical health, being overweight or obese is damaging to children’s mental health, increasing their chances of depression in later life.

Well no shit Sherlock. I remember growing up and even into High School, there were like 2 girls maybe 4 in my class who were fat and to be honest, one or two of them wouldn’t even be considered fat by today’s (lack of) standards. Now I see all of these young people, even little kids are are just disgusting. From 9 year old diabetics to teen girls with a big ass fat role hanging over their too tight jeans. How do parents let their kids just stuff themselves and not see that there is a problem here? Another thing I believe can’t be excluded from the equation is what they are putting in our food. I honestly believe that high fructose corn syrup is poison. Grandpa Lampshade has never been fat but last year I went on the paleo diet and when I cut out HFCS I went through literal detox and lost 20 lbs. I wound up weighing what I did when I graduated High School.  I’ve fallen off the paleo wagon a bit but I still avoid HFCS and I haven’t gained but a few pounds back. So why do they put it in so much of our food? Is it an insidious plot? I think it’s simply because in muh capitalism it’s a really cheap way to sweeten food and make it highly addictive so that you will consume more of it and drive up muh profit margins. Sure it causes health care costs to go through the roof but these new hospitals aren’t going to pay for themselves! This is one of the huge draw backs of non nationalistic capitalism: it degrades the people to the point of being nothing more than livestock whose sole purpose is to provide money to the system.




Another Reason Why When You Go Black, We Don’t Want You Back

Can you imagine the drama of being involved with an ex mudshark? First, there’s the day to day of every time you come home to a house full of little mudlets and that little voice calling you a cuck in the back of your mind. Then you have to figure out how to pay for everything for the little monkeys since the baby daddy isn’t going to pay for anything and that’s actually the rosy scenario. Then there’s the chance that her ex pet is angry that he didn’t get to finish giving her the traditional mudshark conclusion. 

New paint will go on the walls at Nicole Beverly’s Ypsilanti Township house in the coming weeks.

She’ll rip down the boards she nailed to the windows by the front door, too. Beverly put them up several years ago as a safety measure to ensure her abusive ex-husband couldn’t break the glass and then reach inside to open the door.

111                        Her tale of woe comes as a complete shock to me. 

“When he was stalking us, we literally had to do anything we could to slow him down,” she said. “We nailed a board over each of my side windows. I had to replace my basement windows with glass block because the windows were big enough for him to get in. My friend’s partner installed the safety lights in the back on the outside of the shed. We had an alarm system installed.

Yes but if you’ll recall, you didn’t want to date a white guy because they were so boring.

Beverly, 44, is preparing for the day this summer when she and her boys will have to leave that home and escape to a new life somewhere else, somewhere with better laws to protect survivors of abuse.

Don’t you just love it? Mudshark makes the horrible decision to start mating outside her species, then when the predictable consequence comes around, the problem is a lack of laws to protect them from the consequences of their shitty decision.

222                        Mudsharks never age well. Honestly, the safety of the dog is really the only thing I’m concerned about in this story. 

Kevin Beverly, 44, is serving out the end of his sentence on a 2012 aggravated stalking conviction involving his ex-wife. But even from prison, the threats have continued.

Four times in four years, he allegedly tried to hire people to kill Nicole and their children from prison or threatened to kill them himself when he’s released.

He would have got away with it too except he didn’t actually have any money to pay anyone to get the job done.

Nicole Beverly is convinced that once her ex-husband gets out of prison — he is to be paroled Aug. 24 and placed on a GPS tether for 60 days before he reaches his maximum five-year sentence in October — her life and the lives of their children are in danger.

Aw come on, that assumption is so racist.

She’d hoped the state attorney general would intervene in Kevin Beverly’s case and bring new charges of solicitation to commit murder from his alleged attempts from various correctional facilities over the last few years. Prosecutors in Luce County, Wayne, Washtenaw and Jackson counties all declined to bring new charges against Beverly.

You can’t burn the coal and expect to get out of paying the toll.

333                                                                                                              She could always karate chop dat nigga. 

There’s no victim relocation program in Michigan to help survivors of domestic violence and stalking move to another place that might offer safety. There’s no help with identity change or programs that provide financial support.

Financial support?! She banged a nigger and now wants everyone else to pay to protect her from the consequences! The only work around I can see in this for her is lobbying to have mudsharks put on the endangered species list.

Beverly has to quit her job, sell her house, cut ties with friends and relatives and make a life somewhere else on her own.

I would have thought her friends and relatives would have already cut ties with her when she started screwing a nigger.

444           Come and get it boys! Yeah, she’s got baggage and a few miles on her but this little unit is a cream puff just waiting for the right guy to come along and make her his very own waifu. Act now and we’ll throw in the nigglets for free. Well, free up front in actuality you’ll be paying the rest of your life. 

Her younger son, Carter, 13, finished middle school last week. He posted these words along with a heartbreaking farewell video to his friends on Instagram: 

 “Well … I have to move states for reasons I don’t want to bother you with but this video is to show you I appreciated all the years we have known each other and all the fun times we had. Even if you’re not in this video, you still meant a lot to me. I can’t come back to Michigan, but we should keep in contact. Thank you for all the fun years together. Love — Carter”
Poor Carter, it’s like, “Yeah I can’t tell ya’ll why I’m having to leave” (woke friends are like, we can guess) but then his mom does this signalling story to the whole world so that now everyone knows why he’s leaving. The nice touch: the keeping in contact part at the end. By adding this extra little heart string tug to the story the nig nog now knows how to track them down. Good job!

Beverly acknowledged that though Carter suggests he’d like to stay in touch with his friends in the video, he really can’t.

“It’s probably wishful thinking on his part,” she said. “I don’t know how we can safely do that.”

Yeah Beverly, I’m sure you’ll be able to be sure Carter doesn’t spend anytime on the internet talking to his friends.

The Free Press reported her story, “Nowhere to run,” June 4, drawing more than $20,000 in donations to her emergency relocation fund through the crowdsourcing fund-raising website GoFundMe.

Oh hell. Twenty grand? Really?

“I just don’t know if the people that actually have the power to do something are taking it seriously, only because it hasn’t been taken seriously until now.”

“I shit all over my race and my ancestors for the sake of signaling and being edgy and now I demand that my mudshark problems be taken seriously”

Beverly said she was contacted by U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, after her story was published, and state Rep. Margaret O’Brien also spoke with her about the possibility of drafting legislation to better protect survivors of domestic violence in Michigan.

Laws against mudsharking would fix this problem.

555           She already has the eyes of a corpse. Then again, mudsharks generally do. 

“In my mind, even though he’s still behind bars, just knowing he’s closer to us … it just makes me feel sick,” she said.

The thought of all of the pounding you took from that exotic dingus makes the rest of us sick. If you are single, there is the possibility that you are going to meet some woman some night and think, ‘Yeah she’s a little wild and she smells like afro sheen but other than that, at least she’s white, right?” At some point, if you continue on with this woman you’re going to go to her house and then you’re going to see the evidence: little half nigs staring back at you. Now, you may be tempted to think, ‘Well, she’s walked away from that now. Maybe if I just think of it as a pet monkey collection, it’ll be ok’ but it will never end. Aside from the fact that every time you kiss her you’ll have to think where that mouth has been, you are 100% guaranteed that the drama will be never ending. Whether it’s when her kids get older and start chimping out or her ex coming around wanting to finish what he started, your life will be guaranteed to be miserable. It’s best not to let the door hit you on the way out. Don’t worry about hurting her feelings. Trust me, it’ll sting worse than the black eye she’s used to.

And There Emerged One State in the Union to Serve as Our Guiding Light of Morality

California has taken a brave step today my friends. As you all know, standing up for what is morally right is never an easy task but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Sometimes you have to lay it all on the line for what’s right against what’s wrong, especially when it comes to protecting the children. California looked across this land of ours and saw that some states thought that allowing people whose entire self identity is centered around what sort of degenerate sex they have getting their hands on children as a bad idea and felt they had to act. In the name of the children, how can we not allow people whose entire sense of being revolves around degenerate sex to adopt play things children of their own? Something has to be done!

California has banned state-funded travel to Texas and three other states in protest at what it sees as anti-LGBT laws enacted this year.

111                                                                                   It’s time to make a stand for equality. After all, what could go wrong?

Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas, Alabama, South Dakota and Kentucky to the list of places where state employee travel is restricted.
California taxpayers’ money ‘will not be used to let people travel to states who chose to discriminate,’ Becerra said.

It is unclear how much effect this will actually have, as California doesn’t actually have any taxpayer money left. After announcing to Mexico that anyone who wanted to and who could manage go get there could live on welfare forever, their finances have taken a totally unexpected downward turn.

North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee were blacklisted earlier this year over laws considered to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The only way you could actually be discriminating against these people is if you refused to have sex with them. That’s it. Otherwise how else would you even know what kind of weird sex they like to engage in? Oh yeah, because they parade it around and demand that everyone acknowledge their very existence as having to do with what sort of weird sex they like to have.

222                                                                                   News flash: real life fags are nothing like TV fags. 

Texas was added to the list because of legislation that lets child welfare organizations deny services and adoptions to families because of ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’.

The bill, passed in May, was criticised by LGBT activists including and the American Civil Liberties Union. 

Yes because if there was one thing the Founders were thinking of when they wrote the Constitution, it was protecting people who are infatuated with sticking their dicks in man ass to have access to young children.

The ACLU’s Kathy Miller said: ‘These religious refusal bills radically redefine a fundamental right by allowing religion as a justification to discriminate or refuse to obey laws you don’t like.
‘[They] essentially turn religion into a weapon to hurt people who are different or don’t share the same beliefs.’ Similar laws were enacted in Alabama and South Dakota.

In other words, “We will be the ones who determine who is and isn’t a victim.”

Kentucky’s new law could allow student groups at high schools and colleges to reject LGBT people out of religious objections.

Can you imagine having a Christian group and then allowing them to not allow membership by people who identify as sexual deviants? It’s 2017!

333In an incident that came as a shock to absolutely everyone except Nazis, this wonderful gay couple repeatedly butt raped this little boy, even sharing him with friends and taping it for other’s enjoyment. 

It is unclear what practical effect California’s travel ban will have.

In Texas, anything that results in fewer Californians coming here is considered a net positive.

Former Vice President Joe Biden warned on Thursday that gay people were ‘under attack’ in Republican-led states.

Hey Joe, I’ve noticed that all of your adult sons seem pretty screwed up. I sure hope it’s not because anything bad happened to them in their childhood.

444                                        Totally the way grown men generally act when it comes to young children. 

At an LBGT gala in New York, he hit out against ‘bathroom laws’, which require people to select their restroom based on biological status

We once took on projects such as building the Panama Canal. Now, we can’t even decide what bathroom people should use. Here’s a quick pop quiz for all of you: Was America better or worse before we allowed the Jews to take over so many of our institutions and begin to act as our moral compass?

‘Transgender Americans are under attack from state legislatures from North Carolina to Texas,’ Biden said.
He cited legislation ‘targeting young people, kids who are just trying to attend school.’

Here’s the thing: kids should be more or less asexual, since they haven’t really started undergoing hormonal changes and such. Thus, if kids are acting out at a young age, proclaiming their identity is tied to something sexual, shouldn’t this be a red flag of some sort? I’m not only talking about kiddy diddlers like the two fags referenced above. The latest trend I’ve seen in this trans nonsense basically boils down to single mothers who deep down are mad they had a boy and really wish they had a girl. All of the sudden, along comes their greatest ally ever to tell them that it’s ok, because that time you saw little 5 tear old Timmy playing with your shoes means that Timmy actually identifies as Tammy. You really should start his hormone therapy early so he doesn’t miss out growing tits at the same time as all of the other little girls. This is child abuse, I don’t care how you try to frame it. On the one hand they are extending childhood now to include 20 year olds and on the other, they are sexualizing actual small children. This apparent contradiction comes as something totally mind boggling to the uninitiated but for those of us who have dealt with and understand the Jew, it’s not surprising at all.

Fat Bitch’s Husband Leaves Because She’s Fat, Decides to Lose Weight

I don’t know, I guess some people have to do everything the hard way. This isn’t the first story I’ve read like this but it’s illustrative of just such a mindset. This woman was already a bit of an oinker when she got married and what does she do? She balloons out even further once she ties the knot. Finally her husband splits and then she decides, “Hey, maybe I’m a disgusting slob and if I want to have any chance of getting another man, I probably should do something about that.” Of course in today’s society, that qualifies her for the ever sought out hero/victim combo status.

An obese teacher has revealed how she shed nearly half her body weight after she was abandoned by her husband without warning.

Be sure you read the comments at the end of the linked article. It’s full of the expected, “He’s such an asshole and doesn’t deserve you. I bet he’s sorry now haha!” bullshit.

Jennifer Velardi, 33, from Toronto, Canada, comforted herself with food in the wake of her mother’s suicide and at her heaviest tipped the scales at 237lbs (16.9st).

Her mother’s suicide was an excuse. Allow me to present exhibit A.

111She wasn’t exactly svelte to begin with. 

Now I will say this about her husband: what exactly was he expecting when he married this cow? That she was going to get slimmer?

As her weight spiralled out of control, Jennifer’s marriage broke down. It finally ended when her husband emailed from holiday to say he was never returning home.

People ask me all the time about contributing factors to the porn epidemic. Sadly it’s a reality that guys would rather fap to pics of slender women than engage in an act that amounts to bulldogging in the bed.

222                                                                        Yee haaww! It’s nasty time! 

‘It was sort of like a slap in the face to me and woke me up from the emotional coma that I was in after my mum passed,’ Jennifer said.

Yeah really when you think about it, you owe your husband a debt of gratitude.

111                                                                           Why is my husband growing distant from me?

With the help of a healthy diet and exercise, Jennifer started to shed the pounds and now weighs 136lbs (9.7st).

Wow! Healthy diet and exercise and you won’t be a walking time bomb of diabetes. Who knew?

Jennifer said: ‘I wanted to lose weight and I was tired of waiting around for a hero to come and save the day.’

Translation from the hamster hive: “Oh shit, prince charming is never going to show up if he needs an F750 to carry me away.”

The fitness guru, who inspires others with her weight-loss journey on Instagram, explained how as a child she learned to use food as an emotional escape to cope with her mother’s mental health problems.

Here’s a huge red flag for any of you who may be thinking, “Hey, she’s thin now. If I got the chance maybe I should waifu her”. The crazy usually doesn’t fall far from the tree and women will very very often as they age take up the characteristics of their  mothers. I would stay far far away from this one.

yuno-gif                                   Is that you honey? Trust me, always avoid the yandere route. 

In 2011, just 11 months after Jennifer’s wedding, her mother took her own life, leaving her daughter ‘feeling like she was broken beyond repair’.

222OH shit! I bet a few chairs were also left broken beyond repair. 

‘I began eating even more,’ Jennifer said. ‘I was trying to fill the emptiness that I felt inside and tried to stifle all the pain I was feeling.
‘I slept all the time and didn’t exercise at all. My weight reached an all-time high and I didn’t even care. I let myself go for three years.’

Yet, the comments are full of “Your husband was such a bastard for splitting!”

Instead of supporting his grieving wife, Jennifer’s husband began to withdraw from the relationship.

So she admits to being completely self absorbed and uninterested in anyone and anything but her own feels and McDonald’s for three years, in which time she turned into something resembling Jabba the Hutt but he’s still a dick for not sticking around for more.

111How dare you withdraw from our relationship! 

She even admits basically that she wouldn’t have stopped until they were lifting her body out with a crane had he not left but he’s still an asshole for not supporting her. Do you ever see those people who are like 600 pounds and can’t even wipe their asses themselves, much less go to Taco Bell to pick up another two dozen burritos? Well somebody is wiping those people’s asses and buying their Taco Bell for them. In the world of addiction treatment, those people are called co-dependents and enablers. In getting people off drugs and alcoholism, the enablers are often one of the most difficult factors in the equation to deal with, as they refuse to see their own role in the person’s self destructive behavior. Her husband refused to be an enabler and in the end, are they not both better off for it? Instead of the villain he has been portrayed as in the story, he’s actually the hero if you ask me. I hope he managed to find a non crazy waifu of his own.

111Jennifer’s husband before…….




akashic recordsJennifer’s husband today. Well played my man, well played. 


Boomers, Fags and Women BTFO

One of the things I find so lulzy is actual pictures of our opponents when they mobilize in the streets.

111Let’s just say, these guys today aren’t the commie street muscle of yesterday.

Our opponents only seem strong because they currently control the levers of media and politics but when it comes to their actual man on the street representation, they are a complete joke. 99% of the time, when you see these people you will notice that the vast majority are boomers, fags, women and a few low IQ groids thrown in for muscle. Sure, it’s bad these people have invaded our institutions and destroyed them but guess what: they are discovering that there are no safe spaces for them. We are everywhere and even in a place as pozzed as San Francisco, there are shitlords ready to show up and in a single instant, deflate their dreams of social revolution by lying in the street.

A man has been arrested after driving his motorcycle through a crowd of anti-Trump protesters in San Francisco.

What’s he going to be charged with? Driving his bike down the street?

Dozens of activists were staging a ‘die-in’ against President Donald Trump’s healthcare plans by lying in the middle of the road outside the San Francisco Federal Building. 

Just look at these faggots.

222The old boomer to the biker’s left rear as though he may be having a stroke. Turns out 70 isn’t the new 30 after all. 

In video of the incident, protesters can be seen lying or standing on the road with signs before a red motorcycle begins to drive up behind them.
Though it was only moving slowly, the motorcycle was being revved loudly and caused concern among the activists yesterday afternoon.

LOL One bike rolls through slowly, not striking anyone but it was revved which causes them all to shit their pants!


Many of the protesters were elderly or using wheelchairs since it was organised by Bay Resistance and Senior and Disability Action.

The boomers: their entire life has been spent trying to relive the glory of their youth protesting in the 60’s. Even when it’s to the ridiculous point of showing up in a wheelchair.

A spokeswoman for Bay Resistance, Emily Lee, said the driver was ‘definitely targeting us’, according to CBS.

Well it wasn’t real hard, you were laying in the street.

She added: ‘Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn’t stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way.’
Lee added that the man then turned around and began driving back into the activists before a police officer drew his gun and ordered him to stop.

222Our guys. 

111Their guys. 

The man is being held in custody but no charges have yet been made.


The cops are trying to figure out what they can charge him with so the boomers, fags, women and low IQ browns and blacks won’t whine at them. Yet, what are they going to charge him with? Driving down a street with a motor vehicle? This took place in San Francisco and it doesn’t get anymore pozzed than that. So what does this mean? I’ll tell you what it means: all your safe spaces belong to us faggots!









Jews Train Their Pets to Attack Whites: Cry Six Million Tears When They Get Bit

Whether it’s inviting Moslems into Europe or agitating SJW Marxists on college campuses, the Jews never seem to consider the possibility that their trained attack dogs will turn and bite them one day. Just like when they advocate and turn a profit by bringing Moslems into Europe and then complain about muh antisemitism when everyone in Europe including these same Moslems they brought in wind up hating them, now some of their SJW pets are turning on them. I’ll tell ya, it’s like a second Holocaust.

At The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington, an angry mob descended upon Bret Weinstein, a professor of biology and evolutionary studies. As Weinstein recounts:

In a widely disseminated video of the first recent protest on May 23, an angry mob of about 50 students disrupted my class, called me a racist, and demanded that I resign. My “racist” offense? I had challenged coercive segregation by race. Specifically, I had objected to a planned “Day of Absence” in which white people were asked to leave campus on April 12.
Of course the only reason these kikes are worked up about this, is one of their own got lumped in as being “white”.


On this Day of Absence, unlike in previous years where people of color removed themselves from campus to highlight the importance of their presence…..

And nobody noticed except in that the campus was more peaceful.

…….in 2016, organizers “invited” white persons to leave campus.

Is it really an invite when you are being forced to leave?

Weinstein politely but cogently declined this directive via an email sent to the entire staff and student body of Evergreen. The result was an angry mob that forced the professor to hold his class in a nearby park off-campus. As the New York Times reported, “the final days of the term [at Evergreen] were marked by riot police officers, barricades and metal detectors.”

How many white professors have had to face this same shit over the years? Yet now that a Jew has been lumped in with “white” it’s like another Holocaust. Stay with me kids, the lulz are only just beginning.

On June 7, this letter was posted on Medium by an anonymous group of Jewish students at Evergreen. It accuses Weinstein, a progressive Jew, of “positioning himself as a Jew to invalidate the claims of racism being raised against him” and using his “invocation of his Judaism as a prop upon which his anti-black language and behavior has rested.”


Do you want to know why Jews won’t ever just go to Israel and leave the rest of us alone? This is why. Because they do what they do no matter what and left to their own devices, will actually start jewing over their own. This is what it looks like when parasites start trying to feed off one another. The college campuses now are so jewed over that it would appear they’re running out of white people to jew over so their actually even starting to turn on their fellow tribe members.

It also accuses Weinstein of using his Jewish identity to “support white supremacy.”


Yes folks, we’re actually at the point where Jews have consumed the American university system to the extent that they are accusing other Jews of supporting white supremacy.

555                                   Take this you white supremacist bigot! 

How is it that Weinstein’s Jewish heritage, which he never explicitly invoked, now finds itself in the center of a conflict about privilege and mob mentality?

It’s a complete mystery!

For Jews, the Evergreen incident underlies a profound psychological anomaly that is at once new and ancient.

Indeed. This is that dicey time of transition. You see, when Jews are implanting themselves in your society, they play the “white like you Goyim” card so that the people don’t recognize them as a parasite. However there comes a time after flooding a country with other races and agitating those other races against the native white population that being “white like me” becomes more of liability than a asset.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Jewish question in the age of identity politics.

The Jewish questions you say? LOL Yeah, we know all about the Jewish question kike.


On college campuses, a spectre of hostility is raising its ugly visage between the proponents of identity politics, intersectional social justice and Jewish civilization

Who are the proponents of identity politics and intersectional social justice? Jews, of course only now some of their brown and black pets are starting to look at them as “white”……….oy vey!

In identity politics, these attacks emerge thinly veiled under the new, Orwellian sheen of social justice on one side and the increasingly visible white nationalism at the other.

Don’t you just love how the Jews cause all of these problems and then when it starts to blow back on them, they step back and act as though they know nothing about how they came about? It’s like how they say that often an arsonist will show up in the crowd to watch the house burn in the fire he set.

At the speartip of those hostilities lies the reasoning of “privilege,” the thrust of which violently excludes both Jews and reason itself from the identity politics on the right and left.

If you’re having a hard time following this, don’t feel bad. It’s Jews we’re talking about so that’s to be expected. Basically, the kvetching boils down to if whites benefit it = privilege and should be opposed but if Jews benefit it’s not privilege because they are chosen and thus, it is good.

Here, the safety of Jews to determine their own identity increasingly finds itself in a minefield of anti-Semitism, illegitimacy and resentment.

Yeah and what’s really amazing is you Jews keep finding yourselves in that same minefield historically over and over again. The double kicker is it’s you kikes who are the ones laying the mines!

111                                                Joel Finkelstein is perplexed at these latest developments that have nothing whatsoever to do with anything the Jews themselves have done. I wonder if he’ll get around to mentioning the Nazis?

This use of privilege, vis-a-vis Jews, relies on tropes so redundant and ancient you’d almost wish the anti-Semites would start finding new material.

So Jews create the white privilege narrative and when it gets turned around and used on them by the very people they’ve armed with it, the problem is anti-semites.

Claims of privilege and Jewish manipulation have provided the eternal weapon against the Jews; anti-Jewish antagonists weaponize privilege until Jewish ashes rise up from ovens.

LOL What’s that? You thought he was going to get through this without bringing up Hitler and the Holocaust?


As Hitler, dispensing with reason and Jews together, best articulated: “the anti-Semitism of reason” must lead “to the systematic combating and elimination of Jewish privileges.”

Which we all know translates into “We need to turn all of these kikes into something useful………..like lampshades and soap.” Oh just wait, the jewing is just getting started!

Through arguments of Jewish privilege, Nazis boycotted, divested from and sanctioned Jewish businesses

College kids attacking white privilege on campus = great until they turn on the Jews then they too are Nazis!

It was privilege that the Communist Russians decried as they murdered, deported and redistributed the wealth of “corrupt bourgeois (Jewish) capitalists”

Yes, he’s actually claiming that Jews weren’t a part of the Communist revolution but were instead, the victims of it!

222                                                   I just don’t know Shlomo, I just don’t know. 

…claims of privilege allowed Iraqis to violently expel and appropriate the wealth of Iraqi Jews in an age where most of Iraq’s banks and transport companies relied upon them….

Jewish bankers: the ultimate victim over and over through history and all they were ever trying to do was help.

…..it was privilege that the Spaniards reviled as The Church tortured and murdered Jews throughout the Inquisition.

Wow, sure seems to me like everyone winds up hating you Jews all the time, all over the world throughout history. Do you think it might be something to do with you?

What is eminently clear, given our history, is that projections of “privilege” historically constitute the exact mechanism to deprive Jews of needed protection.

If you’re not doing anything wrong but only helping a society, why would you need protection?

From the standpoint of intersectional justice, the logic therefore follows exactly: The Jewish identity comprises the unique intersection for which the leveling of privilege itself underlies a genocidal form of oppression.

Don’t strain yourself trying to actually find the “logic” in this statement. It’s a Jew, there is no actual logic. The idea is to keep you so confused that you have no idea what the hell is going on but the Jew must somehow be the victim of it. After all, it’s easier to just go along with what they’re saying than to spend countless hours talking in circles with them. These kikes have turned this social justice nonsense loose on us as yet another mechanism to destroy our societies and institutions all while protecting themselves from criticism by pretending to be one of us and reminding everyone daily of the sixty trillion Jews who were gassed to death by Adolf Hitler in WWII. Now however, their little army of social justice groids, meskins, brown desert people and even fellow Jews are starting to turn on them as being white like us. This leaves the Jew in a sticky spot: to go ahead and fully pull off the white like me mask and risk retaliation from the remaining white population or try to continue to play the role of fellow white traveler while openly agitating these other races.

7777                                                                                                 Decisions……..decisions.