The Fearfulness of the Random

I saw that we had another school shooting today. This will of course lead to more demands for gun control from the left and defensiveness from the right. Everyone will disagree on what must be done but the one thing they will agree on is that someone has to do something. Why? What makes these things so terrifying to people on so many levels? I mean sure, a school shooting is dramatic but you still have a much greater chance of coming to harm by walking into any random area occupied by blacks than from going to school. Yet, it’s terrifying to the people on a much deeper level than say, run of the mill black crime. Why? Because it all seems so……..random.

around-blacks-never-relax                                                            This is easy enough to understand. However what if you find you can’t relax anywhere?

We live in a society that is fueled by celebrity. Look at people such as the Kardashians who have zero acting talent, no singing talent, no creative ability whatsoever and yet they are at the top of the pop culture dung heap. Now the average people see this and they want to be a part of it too. They want to be somebody. This is why you see so many people, especially women posting all of their drama on social media. It’s like their own little piece of “being somebody”. Society has told the people that if you’re not a celebrity than you’re not important, even though celebrities actually do less to contribute to the well being of a society than the guy who makes the rounds twice a week and picks up your garbage.

With all of this having been said, what’s the best way to be a real celebrity? I mean sure, you may max out your previous “likes” on Facebook with some personal drama or something but when it comes down to it, nobody outside of your usual social circle knows who you are. Enter these school shootings. If you want to be guaranteed a spot in the limelight then here you go. Now granted you may correctly point out that it’s not exactly a position of high esteem here. You will be roasted as a terrible person and actually be vilified by everyone in the country. However it doesn’t matter. What matters is that everyone in the nation knows who you are. Think back to the Columbine school shooting. That was in 1999, almost 20 years ago. Do you remember the names of the shooters? Of course you do, we all do and that’s the real point.

111Sure they may have been total faggots but what’s important is they are famous total faggots. 

Thus you have the trap. It’s not as though the media can avoid reporting on these things when they happen and yet, it’s unavoidable in doing so that they grant a sort of celebrity status to those who perpetrate them. Add in the number of young men who have spent their entire childhood on some sort of mind altering medication because their single mom and teachers wanted them to behave more like little girls  and you have a recipe for more of this to come and no clear remedy to stop it.

The thing that makes it so frightening is that you can’t predict where it’s going to be next. Now you’re starting to see the next phase of this I believe in these bombs that are being set off in Austin Texas. Now granted, we have no idea what is going on with this but one thing is clear: the police have no idea who it is doing it or what their motivation is. I read where the police are begging the perpetrators to call 911 because the police are ready to hear their grievances. Yeah, that’s some serious Dick Tracy work right there. “Hey mad bomber, please call us and give us a clue as to who and where you are so we can catch you”. Not to totally dog on the cops here as the fact of the matter is random attacks are the hardest to solve.

If a woman turns up murdered the first thing the police do is look to her husband, boyfriend or ex and nine times out of ten that’s where they find the murderer. If she’s a known mudshark even more so.


Why? Because it’s not random. There’s ultimately a motive and usually that motive is something pretty damned personal to make you want to kill someone. If you had a rich parent that you wanted to kill off in order to get your hands on the inheritance, no matter how careful you are they will be able to look through the facts of the case until they find something they can hang you with. The thing is this is because they have a place to start from. Now let’s say instead of a rich relative or a bitch ex wife you just decided to start going around murdering random people walking down the street alone. Age, race, gender none of it mattering just random people. Now you’ve got a whole other ball game. The police have nowhere to start from. There’s no relative or spouse for them to look at and start trying to find a way to link them to the murder. These cases can be almost impossible to solve unless the perpetrators themselves actually come forward either to give a manifesto or to boast about what they’ve done.

This is what a society in decline looks like and it’s only going to get worse. There is so much wrong and the rot goes so deep that in order to actually fix this you are going to have to fundamentally change multiple aspects of our society in order to do so. A great starting point is an honest discussion as to the role that the Jews play in all of this. As things continue to break down and what little trust and cohesion that is left dissolves the levels of out of the blue violence will continue to escalate until we reach the official tipping point called chaos. Then things get really interesting.


Stupid Mud Shark Slut Cries Six Million Tears Over Being Shamed for Being a Mud Shark Slut

There’s several different kinds of stupid in this world. There’s stupid and then there’s mud shark stupid. I’m serious. I have to put mud sharks on the same level with people who would intentionally stick their arm into a meat grinder just to see what happens. Mud sharkery used to be quite a bit more rare than it is now and make no mistake, it’s nowhere near as prolific as the Jews want you to believe it is. The reason? Social shaming. You see, it’s not necessarily that women years ago were somehow better than women are today. It’s just that there was an immense amount of social shaming heaped upon degenerates such as mud sharks so sluts tended to try to stay away from the black muh dick. Sadly, much of that social shaming seems to have faded away and as a result, we see more sharks with nigglet spawn in tow. Except apparently in Texas. I’m proud to say in Texas, we still do slut shark shaming.

mudshark barbie

A mother of black and white twins has revealed how strangers struggle to accept that her sons have the same father.

No, the only person struggling here is you, trying to get people to pretend that all is well in your mud shark world.

Amy Keller, 36, of Spring, Texas, passed on her fair complexion and blonde hair to her son Holden, while her other son, Hayden, inherited his African-American father’s darker hair and skin tone.

It’s a miracle! One child came out human while the other one……..not so much.

111One of these two children will grow up having poor impulse control and violent tendencies. Can you guess which one? 

The father is not involved in raising his 15-month-old sons and Amy admitted that she has received abuse from some people who question whether the boys are brothers.

Whoa! What? The black baby daddy dumped a load of ape seed in the white womenz then disappeared? Who could have seen this coming?! I feel so bad for this poor woman. If only there was some sort of pattern or something that could have given her fair warning that this would happen.

She said: ‘In public people sometimes stop us and completely avoid the fact that they look so different. Others are amazed by it.

‘Some people ask me really rude questions like “Are you sure they have the same dad?” I’ve had some abuse in Facebook mum groups.

‘I once posted a photo in one of them of the boys with the caption “Their features are starting to look identical”, and people started commenting “They’re not identical”, “How can you say they’re identical?” “Are they even twins?”


Ouch! That truth burn though!


‘It does hurt me and it does get to me.’

Good. I’m also grateful that you’re sharing your story for the world to see. I of course realize that you’re only doing it for signaling points but the fact is, this can help serve as a warning for other would be mud shark sluts.

She admitted she is worried about how the boys will be treated as they get older, adding: ‘It’s not such a big problem now because the boys are so young, but I do worry about when they grow up a little bit and start to recognize their differences.

Oh the oblivious world of the mud shark. Listen darlin’, you’ve got waaaay more to worry about than how other people will treat them. Assuming your little nigspawn doesn’t kill you I suggest you go ahead and start a fund. You know, like how some parents start a college fund for their kids early on only for you it will be to cover future costs such as lawyers, parole and restitution for the future victims of your little social experiment’s crimes.

She said: ‘Holden has blonde hair and fair skin like me – I think my family is mostly of Scandinavian and German descent.

‘Hayden is darker skinned like my ex-partner, he’s African American. Unfortunately he’s not in the picture anymore and I’m raising the twins on my own.


“He’s not in the picture anymore” said every mud shark slut ever. Don’t you just love how these single moms try to parade around as though they are sooooo brave? Look at me look at me! I fucked a nigger and now I’m raising my nig spawn all on my own! Please give my Facebook post a “like”.

‘As they’ve gotten older their differences are so striking, sometimes people don’t even believe they are brothers.’

Oh you think the differences are striking now? LOLOLOL Wait until the arrest warrants start arriving.

‘Hayden is completely fearless,’ she said. ‘He is a little daredevil. He’s the first one to leap off the couch and to jibber jabber with anyone who will listen. He’s so outgoing.

It’ll be the same when he grows up only the jibber jabber will be rapping and he’ll be holding a knife.

around-blacks-never-relax                                                              Mommy, I’m home! 

Amy, a veterinary technician, said she is aware she will have to one day have a talk with Hayden about having a different skin colour to the rest of his family.

Sit down son, I have something to tell you: you’re a  nigger.

She added: ‘They have no awareness that they are any different from each other now. The boys’ dad isn’t in the picture and that’s unfortunate, but it’s his choice.

Yeah guess what: pretty much all blacks make that same choice. Perhaps you should have thought about that before jumping aboard the muh dick train.

‘My family is Caucasian so I do know there will come a time when I will have to have a talk with Hayden.

Your family should have nothing to do with you. I saw some mud shark slut the other day and I thought to myself, ‘This is why the Moslems have honor killings’. I think if a man has a daughter and she runs off and mates with a primate, he ought to have every legal right to drown her in his bathtub and bury her in an unmarked grave.

‘But I just hope to build the foundations of love and acceptance which will hopefully help him through any issues he has.’

anime vomit

Yes, you’re so brave. Actually, you’re heroic when you think about it. I mean sure we used to call people who made actual amazing accomplishments heroes but not anymore. Now sluts who screw niggers and inevitably wind up raising their nigglets all on their own are heroes. I pretty much blame this change in the hero paradigm on the Jews. I couldn’t find a verifiable picture of this skank online, only the pics of her nigspawn that she’s spammed all over the internet. However I’ll go out on a limb and assume she’s a fat disgusting slut, as most mud sharks are. Well guess what: once you go black we don’t want you back. I’m glad that people say rude things to you and in fact, I hope more of them do so. I hope random internet Nazis find your Facebook page and spam it with mud shark memes. I mean sure, it’s too late for this particular mud shark but if even just one Aryan Princess can be saved from taking the black exit of no return, surely it’s worth the cost.


No Show Shade This Week

pepe in the morning

It’s not very often that I fail to get a show done. However this week I simply wasn’t able to come through. I have been extremely sick since late Friday afternoon and am still sick as of Monday. I was hoping I could soldier through it and get it done Sunday but it just wasn’t happening. As much as I hate missing a show I refuse to basically phone one in just so I can say I got it done. I realize this is just one small show on this vast web of tubes but I take a lot of pride in putting out the best quality that I possibly can and as sick as I am, that just wasn’t going to happen. I’m sure I’ll be back on my feet by next weekend and we’ll have a sure enough top shelf Thoughts of the Day ready to go on Tuesday. Thanks for bearing with me. First the kikes shut down my Paypal and now this. It’s been a rough week.

School Walkout Protest: Black Edition

We’ve been treated to a ton of coverage of this completely spontaneous absolutely grassroots student anti gun protest for several days now. I don’t know how many of you have ever actually tried to organize anything but let me tell you, it’s a huge deal. I’m not even talking about something big, it can be something as simple as organizing a wedding reception or a family reunion. Yet, we’re supposed to believe this nationwide school walkout was just a completely online random thing because these students are all collectively outraged because the adults in this country won’t give up their second amendment rights. Yeah, right.

You may not even like guns or own any guns but trust me, this is important for you as well. Why? Think of it this way: do you remember when Twitter and Facebook were running around banning us Nazis and all of you nomie conservatives shrugged it off because you told yourself that we were probably all just paid by the Democrats to make you look bad or some other such nonsense?


Do you remember how we told you that it wasn’t going to end with us being banned? Tell me, how did that turn out and who wound up being correct? Well it’s the same thing when it comes to this gun stuff. You may not care about guns and in fact, you may think that some form of gun control is absolutely reasonable. Yet here’s the thing: you either have Constitutional rights or you don’t. Trust me, these people will stop with the second amendment just like they stopped with banning the Nazis from Twitter. Yeah, that’s a nice first amendment you’ve got there, it’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.

Back to the topic at hand: we had this nationwide school walk out where kids were by and large afforded the opportunity to get out of class without getting in trouble for it. Somehow we’re supposed to be shocked that they jumped on the chance. This was organized nationwide and yet the media has been very selective in which protests get coverage and which don’t. As a Nazi I find this to be very racist. So in the name of equality and fairness I present to you a more, shall we say diverse look at the school walk out protests. 

Two Tennessee schools sparked outrage during nationwide demonstrations against gun control on Wednesday,

Teenagers at a ‘peaceful’ protest at Antioch High School were seen tearing down an American flag during massive brawl.


around-blacks-never-relax                                                              Where da protest at?

They walked out of class along with thousands of others around the country to demand stricter gun legislation in the wake of the Parkland massacre.

Well that’s the narrative. However the reality is that anytime you have a congregation of blacks milling about, the outcome is all too predictable.

111                                                                                  These “teens” are just upset about gun violence that culminated in a shooting at a predominantly Jewish school. Honest. 

According to a student at the school, Antioch High School had planned to have 17 minutes of silence to remember the 17 people slain by Nikolas Cruz at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last month.

Metro Schools released a statement on Wednesday condemning the videos that were posted.

‘At MNPS, we respect the right of our students to advocate for causes that are important to them,’ the school said, WSMV reported.


How about instead focusing on teaching them to read? Oh yeah that’s right, this is niggers we’re talking about here so it would be a waste of time anyway.

‘Unfortunately, some students on our Antioch campus today chose to protest in ways that significantly disrupted school operations and threatened the safety and order for other students and staff within our school.

So the school decides to disrupt classes in order to stage a political protest (which by the way I have no idea how this is legal) then when the inevitable chimp out went down they whine about disrupting school operations. Yeah whatever.

222                                                                               Whatever that is with the green hair was seriously there to get their learnin’ on. 

‘The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Inappropriate behaviors that threaten school safety will be handled immediately and firmly in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and MNPD.’

What does the Code of Conduct say about students just getting up and leaving class for no actual reason?

‘We understand that our students may be feeling lots of emotions……..

Nah the emotions felt by the vast majority of this crowd can be summed up with “ooga booga” and “Muh dick”.

muh dick                            The emotions this teen is feeling, you can’t even………..

We encourage parents to talk to your child(ren) about how they may be feeling, and the importance of expressing themselves in appropriate ways while at school.

Oh FFS what woman wrote this drivel? If she went to the zoo and saw the gorillas fighting one another she would probably demand the zoo keepers sit down and find positive ways for the primates to express their anger. Of course yet another documented example of blacks being blacks can’t be presented without some sort of counter narrative of “White people too!” so let’s see what they’ve got………..

Meanwhile, a video showed the students at Centennial High School waving the Confederate flags towards those at their school who participated in actions.

Three white students can be seen holding a Confederate flag, briefly, before the clip goes out.


Yeah that’s it, that’s what they brought to the article to counter any negative reaction you may have to seeing blacks behaving as they always do; white people waved a Confederate flag. But of course we all know that Dylan Roof used a Confederate flag to strangle six million innocent black people to death in a church while they were busy worshiping Jesus so really when you think about it, the Confederate flag may actually be more dangerous than guns themselves.

It’s truly a freeing thing once you stop going along playing make believe with the narrative. We all know what this is: the Jews organized these so called spontaneous grassroots protests in an attempt to get stupid altruistic white people to take more action which runs counter to their own well being. Blacks who participated did the same thing that blacks always do when they congregate in a group. Well I hate to break it to you kikes but every day more and more of the Goyim are knowing. They may have not put their finger on you yet but we all know it’s a matter of time before that happens. The only question is whether or not you are able to flood our countries with enough blacks and browns to outnumber us sufficiently to escape unscathed. It’s a race to the finish and it looks as though both sides will be going all in.

Is it Time to Take a Queue From the Left?

pepe scope

Thoughts of the Day returns this week with your humble host discussing the things nobody else wants to discuss. Ok, well maybe other people do discuss these things but let’s face it, nobody does it like the Shade. Our main topic this week is the left and how the left as a whole is a diverse group which believe it or not is actually a strength for them. Yeah I know, I cringe at that word the same as the rest of you but there is a certain truth to the statement that diversity is one of the things that makes the left stronger than us. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down so that you’ll know exactly what I mean. However I can’t say that’ll necessarily make this pill any easier to swallow. We’ll also touch on Trump news for the week and of course we round out the show with the Church of the Lampshade, where we’ll be discussing the exclusivity of forgiveness.

Lots of fun and fashy time folks. Don’t miss out! Supper is ready so come and get it!

I Can Almost Make Out a Pattern Here….

It’s been said that women ruin everything. While I don’t necessarily disagree with this statement, it’s actually only about 88% correct. I mean sex without them is pretty shitty. They’ve perfected the art of having babies which we could never do, so there is that. Not to be a stickler for detail but a more accurate statement would be “women ruin everything when they attempt to replace men”.

However all of this isn’t to say that there isn’t a group that literally ruins everything. Guess who it is………come on now guess. I’ll give you three tries but the first two don’t count.

National Geographic acknowledged on Monday that it covered the world through a racist lens for generations, with its magazine portrayals of bare-breasted women and naive brown-skinned tribesmen as savage, unsophisticated and unintelligent.

Oh wow so National Geographic, the classic magazine that introduced us all to the rest of the world back in the old days before internet has finally realized the error of their ways. I mean come on, how dare they portray naked jungle people as something besides being totally our equal. I wonder who brought them to this eye opening moment?

‘We had to own our story to move beyond it,’ editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg told The Associated Press in an interview about the yellow-bordered magazine’s April issue, which is devoted to race.


OMG! You mean to tell me…………’s the Jews again?!  I……..I…….just can’t believe it!

An investigation conducted last fall by University of Virginia photography historian John Edwin Mason showed that until the 1970s, it virtually ignored people of color in the United States who were not domestics or laborers.

That’s some serious sleuth work right there, let me tell ya.

He also found it reinforced repeatedly the idea that people of color from foreign lands were ‘exotics, famously and frequently unclothed, happy hunters, noble savages – every type of cliché.’

Yeah that’s because they were and largely still are. I mean sure, sometimes you see them wearing clothes designed by white people but if we quit sending them those clothes, then back to the animal skin loin cloth it is.

For example, in a 1916 article about Australia, the caption on a photo of two Aboriginal people read: ‘South Australian Blackfellows: These savages rank lowest in intelligence of all human beings.’

Can you believe this?! A magazine actually used to print *gasp* the truth! I think I’m going to faint!

333                                                     Just the same as you or me, nobody can deny it. If you do deny it, then the Jews will call you names. 

In addition, National Geographic perpetuated the cliche of native people fascinated by technology and overloaded the magazine with pictures of beautiful Pacific island women.

I don’t remember any beautiful Pacific island women. Besides, isn’t this statement itself racist? How dare the author imply that Pacific island women are more attractive than topless African nigger bitches?

This examination comes as other media organizations are also casting a critical eye on their past.

The New York Times admitted that most of its obituaries chronicled the lives of white men, and began publishing obituaries of famous women in its ‘Overlooked’ section.

They chronicled the lives of white men because that’s the group that has the greatest accomplishments.

In National Geographic’s April issue, Goldberg, who identified herself as National Geographic’s first woman and first Jewish editor, wrote a letter titled ‘For Decades, Our Coverage Was Racist. To Rise Above Our Past, We Must Acknowledge It.’

female le“We’ve” been terribly racist over the years and it’s time that “we” acknowledge it…………and by “we” I actually mean “you stupid Goys”. 

When I first started coming over the the fash side, I was initially like, “Yeah these guys have some points but I think they may be a little far out there with this constant Jew stuff”. However, after having these kikes pointed out to me time and time and time again the pattern was undeniable. That’s when I earned my first Swastika pin.

‘I knew when we looked back there would be some storytelling that we obviously would never do today, that we don’t do and we’re not proud of,’ she said.

Don’t you just love how this rat kike automatically speaks as though she is your moral authority?

Mason said he found an intentional pattern in his review.

‘People of color were often scantily clothed, people of color were usually not seen in cities, people of color were not often surrounded by technologies of automobiles, airplanes or trains or factories,’ he said.

Yeah that’s because they lived in backwater African shitholes. The only time they have those modern things is when white people showed up and brought them. Thus, it’s not exactly an accurate representation of their native culture to show them playing with the white man’s toys now is it?

So if National Geographic is no longer going to bring us photography of the backwater shitholes in the world so that we can see them without worrying about catching some sort of exotic disease, then what’s the point? I mean this is akin to the recent announcement that Playboy won’t be doing nude photo shoots anymore. It’s not as though anyone ever read the damned thing for the in depth political commentary. So let’s follow along here: National Geographic puts a Jew in charge, the Jew immediately destroys the magazine’s entire purpose of existing and makes a big show over “Muh racism and inequality” because the magazine previously illustrated the world as it is and not the edited Disney version. So what now? What does Ms. Goldberg plan to promote with the magazine going forward?


Well, that answers that now doesn’t it?





More “White women please mate with black men” propaganda. At what point does it become so obvious that everyone no longer tries to deny it? I mean seriously, they promote the exact same shit over and over every single time. “But but but Grandpa Lampshade, Mr. Shekelberg who runs the corner jewelry store doesn’t promote this stuff so not all Jews……..” yeah fuck right off with all of that shit. I am 100% done with dealing with people who will cling to the make believe fantasy that Jews don’t push this in every single corner of our society. If you can’t see it now, then what’s it going to take? I can picture some Jew parading a black dude into these people’s living room in order to force them to watch it mate with their white daughter and they would still be like, “Muh greatest ally… pastor says…blah blah blah blah”. That is about the only way they could be anymore upfront about their agenda than what they are now. So yeah save me the little spiel about how not all Jews are like that. As a group, yeah they’re all like that…..and they ruin everything.



Putin: “Maybe the (((Russians))) Hoaxed Your Election”

I’m not going to lie. I often get accused of being a Russian bot. I guess they’ve finally figured out “Nazi!” isn’t exactly having the desired effect. This is of course silly because I’m obviously not a Russian bot but some days, I really wish I were. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Jews may be behind alleged meddling in the U.S. presidential election.


Well hell, this is exactly the pick me up I needed today. After waking up Sunday morning to discover my PayPal had been shut down (due to being a Russian bot I guess) I was feeling a big down. Then I come in today to find this story in my inbox. I gotta tell ya, feels good man.

In an interview broadcast late Friday, Putin was asked by NBC’s Megyn Kelly whether he condoned the electoral interference by 13 Russians named in an indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Have you ever heard of the term “Sympathy sex”? I think Putin doing these interviews with Megyn(a) Kelly is the journalistic version of that.

“Maybe they are not even Russians but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked; maybe they have dual citizenship of a green card; maybe the U.S. paid them for this. How can you know that? I do not know either,” he said.

le nervous                                                                      Did he really just………………..yes he really did!

Putin’s PayPal is history, I can tell you that!

Speaking to Israeli daily Haaretz, lawmaker Ksenia Svetlova called on the Israeli government to condemn the comments.

LOL Shut it down! Shut it down! Sorry Schlomo, it’s hard to shut down an entire country. Especially one with nukes.

“Maybe the Jews meddled in the U.S. elections. Maybe the Jews rule the world, maybe the Jews slaughtered Jews in Poland – all of these claims have one root cause – a hatred of Jews,” Svetlova said.

Yeah I agree, there does seem to be a recurrent theme all through history all over the world of people winding up hating the Jews time and time again. I wonder why that would be? I mean think about it: the problem surely can’t be with everyone else.

Ronald Klein, a chief of staff of vice presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, called for Jewish supporters of Donald Trump to pressurise the White House for a reaction to the remark.

le at the table                                     Convene the council! 

Sometimes the “NAJALT!” crowd will actually have the nerve to come up on Grandpa Lampshade with some lame shit like, “Well there are Jews who support Trump so it’s not all Jews who want to destroy white society”. Tsk tsk tsk. This is called “covering your bases”. You see, when as a people you have a history of everyone on the entire planet at some point or another winding up hating your guts and wanting to stuff you in a fake shower room and hose you down with bug spray you at least learn to try to be sure you have a finger in everyone’s pot. This is all in order to try to more effectively shut down anyone criticizing you for the things that you as a tribe do. In some circles this criticism is known as anti-Semitism but for the layman we just call it “telling the truth”.

“Every Jewish supporter of Donald Trump should be pressing the WH to see if the President agrees with his friend Putin on this statement. And every Jewish person resisting Trump just got another reason to fight even harder,” he tweeted Saturday.

Wow, real subtle there Schlomo.

In a June 2017 interview with the network, Putin had compared accusations that Russia interfered in the election to anti-Semitism.

“It’s like anti-Semitism,” he said, comparing Russia’s critics to people who would say things like “the Jews are to blame.”

putin anime girls

“The Jews are the real anti-Semites”…..I like it! Hell it’s way better than the lame ass “The Nazis are the real Communists” meme these Kikes and their shabbos lackeys have been trying to circulate.

After having read this story I’ve come to the conclusion that even though I’m not a Russian bot or a Russian agent of some sort, I really do want to be. Alliances change all the time when you look back over history. I think it’s time to put the past behind us and for Russia to form an alliance with the modern day Nazis. It really makes sense when you think about it. Our long term goals of stopping these kikes and saving modern white society obviously line up with one another. I don’t even care if I have to register as a foreign agent or some shit. I don’t know what the current exchange rate on Rubles is but come on Vlad show some love and send some of that love Grandpa Lampshade’s way. The only thing is you’ll have to use Bitcoin as my PayPal is gone and I suspect that if you would check your email once in awhile you’ll discover that yours is too. Oh on another note (since we’re allies and all now), I keep getting these pop up ads when I’m trying to watch anime or Korean drama saying “Hot Russian singles” live in my area. Can you check into that as well while you’re at it? Because I’ve looked and have yet to see a single one. It’s much appreciated. Now let’s stand the world on its head. This alliance is the alliance to end all alliances. Once and for all, we’re going to set things right and we’re going to stop these kikes.