Even Though They Will Argue With You

Raising kids is hard, believe me I know. You deal with the constant system used to indoctrinate them into the lie of racial equality. When they are teens they become convinced that you just don’t understand that things are different now and you are stuck in the past. All of this can lead to a situation where you can be made to feel awkward or uncomfortable telling them the truths of this world but as a parent, tell them these truths you must. Even though you cannot force them to accept these truths, it is still your responsibility to give them the information and hope that they live and mature long enough to come to see them for the reality that they are. This is a story that happened some time ago but there was an update in the news. It’s heartbreaking to imagine what this girl went through and there is nothing that can be done that will bring her back. Yet at least perhaps as a parent, especially if you have a daughter her story can serve as a warning to reinforce to your daughter that no matter what the Jewish establishment tells her, no matter what is portrayed on TV no matter how cool these guys may seem at the time, the number one safety rule must never should cease to be first and foremost in their minds.


The FBI expanded their search in Georgetown County in South Carolina to a wooded area in the case of Brittanee Marie Drexel who was allegedly gang-raped, murdered then fed to alligators.

It’s nice to see that when not working to reveal the identity of some guy who sent a picture over the internet that a Jew claims without proof to have caused him to have a seizure, the FBI still finds time to try and solve actual cases.

The 17-year-old from New York disappeared eight years ago while on spring break in Myrtle Beach. No arrests have been made in connection to her disappearance.


This pretty young woman made the mistake of sneaking off to go with her friends on spring break without her parents’ permission. Young people do stuff like that, hell I did lots of stupid shit when I was young. Her real mistake was that when she got there she relaxed around blacks and it cost her very life.

Drexel, then 17, traveled to Myrtle Beach from Rochester in 2009 with some friends without telling her parents and disappeared without a trace after leaving her friend’s hotel on April 25.

The Nirvana Fallacy aside, the fact of the matter is that if we didn’t have blacks in our society, this would have just been one of those incidences that resulted in her being grounded and scolded that one day she would look back on and shake her head at her own crazy youth. Instead she’s dead.

Seriously, can someone anyone explain to me in specifics what people such as this are ever going to contribute to our society?

In August 2016, an FBI agent gave the first detailed account of what authorities believe happened to the teen, based on an account from an imprisoned man who says he saw Drexel’s horrific last moments and made a jailhouse confession, according to the Post and Courier.

Be warned, it’s not for the feint at heart.

Police had previously said they believed that the high school student was held for at least three days against her will near McClellanville, as that is where they traced signals from her cell phone after her disappearance.

Three days. Three days being raped and tortured by these niggers and their homies.

111                                Believe it or not, there once was a time when white people defended their women against assault from niggers. 

Taquan Brown of Walterboro, told agents that he entered a ‘stash house’ in the days after Drexel’s abduction and saw Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, then 16, ‘sexually abusing’ her.
Brown said he then went outside to give Da’Shaun’s father, Shaun, some money, and saw the girl run from the house, but she was caught and ‘pistol-whipped.’
According to Brown, she was then dragged back into the house, and Brown said he heard two gun shots and later saw the girl’s body wrapped up and taken away.

We see what blacks actually do in our society. We read these stories over and over again and yet, nobody can ever tell us exactly what the trade of is. Ok, on the one hand we have to put up with them raping and murdering our people but what exactly is the upside? What do niggers bring to our society that we wouldn’t have without them except for these crimes? Do some blacks do positive things and contribute? Yes but white people would already be doing those things anyway so it’s not as though the few positive ones are filling some sort of role that we just can’t manage ourselves. It would seem to me that there is no upside at all to having to put up with these blacks.

Munoz said several witnesses said the teen’s body had been thrown in an ‘alligator pit’ and ‘eaten by the gators.’

Raped by the perps and then they took money from other random blacks so they could have a go at the white girl too then they beat her shot her and fed her to the alligators without a bit of feeling or remorse. This is what the reality of blacks in our country is. It’s not the lie that the Jews show on TV. It’s not the fantasy story of some magic negro in the movies it’s primitive pavement apes such as this. Every time some leftist or some Jew tries to shame you for being a racist hater, every time they try to tell you that you should get an education or out of your mom’s basement or some other snarky bullshit like that just remember this girl. All of these pansy assed white people who went along with this narrative and helped the kikes promote it while posturing as intellectually superior share in the guilt of this girl’s fate. I’m sure there were plenty of candle light vigils and balloon releases for this girl, that really helped a lot while she was being raped for the 11th time by some smelly nigger. People who claim to be sympathetic and to care will claim that Brittanee won’t be forgotten. Well let me tell you what: Brittanee won’t be forgotten. She will be remembered by the Nazis and her story will be etched in our hearts and seared into our memories. When the day comes and we hear the pleas to stop and not go so far and the relentless appeals to our humanity to show mercy we will remember Brittanee and how much mercy was shown to her. We will wield the sword (figuratively speaking of course) until our hands bleed and we will not stop and we will not show mercy until the blood of our people such as this young woman cease to cry out for vengeance. All your snark, all of your pseudo intellectual posturing and all of your cries about equality will matter not. The wave of collective anger will rush over these lands like a tsunami until all of the blood of our people that has been shed is washed away and the lack of justice in this land is purged. The day is coming.

We Live at Da IHOP Nigga!

Imagine going out with the family, perhaps you are traveling and in an unfamiliar area and you decide, “Hey, there’s IHOP. They’re pretty cheap and the food though mediocre isn’t bad. Let’s stop there.” You pull in and the hostess seats you but then you look around and see the place if full of blacks. Now you have to decide; do you get up and leave, even though you will be looked upon as an evil racist hater or do you just chill out and wait for the antics to start? Either way, just don’t relax.

Shocking video has emerged of a massive brawl between diners at an IHOP in Austin, Texas.

It’s only shocking to those who still cling to the fairy tale of racial equality.

6666                                       You also can’t have pancakes either.

A group of men and women all seem to be sitting around and enjoying their meal, but then a few customers start yelling at each other.

That’s how it always is with blacks: one minute you’re sitting around talking about gettin da money and some hoes and sheit and the next there is a chimpout going down.

Onlookers took out their phones to take videos or photos when three or four women started throwing punches and beating each other, all while yelling and repeatedly calling one another ‘b****’.

Ok dear readers of the Semitic Truth Center, we will pause here and before reading the rest of this article you are required to click on the link for the original story and watch the embedded video. Warning: you will be subjected to a flash of nasty nigger titties but this is all in the name of education.




gabriel dropout satainia



“We live nigga!” I think I even hear a “World Star” in there too. These blacks chimp out at the drop of a hat. What was the entire thing even about? Who the hell even knows? For that matter who the hell even cares? What matters is that I just wanted some pancakes and coffee and instead I got a room full of niggers.

gabriel dropout nasty coffeeTFW you’re just trying to enjoy a cup of coffee and there’re niggers four tables over. 

LaRon Perkins seemed to find the encounter hilarious, and posted the video on Facebook, saying: ‘It went down in Austin IHOP last night !! Bihh got to throwin plates from our table & all our s*** was free.’

Bix nood mufugha chimp out an we be gettin r sheit fer free n sheeit.

It’s not clear why they started fighting, but footage shows friends trying to keep the women apart.

My my, why in the world would these people who are obviously no different than you or I but for the color of the skin jump up and start fighting and throwing food?

111   If it weren’t niggers throwing food and plates and letting their nasty titties pop out it would be white people just like you and me. It’s called the nirvana fallacy. Look it up on Wikipedia. 

One of the women can also be heard saying ‘this is my city b****’.

Ever notice how niggers all have this picture in their minds that they are like Scarface or something?

222Don’t make me pop dez titties out in here bitch dis be my city! 


TBH, whenever I’m in an unfamiliar place and I’m looking for somewhere to eat, I always pay close attention to people walking in and around the parking lot before I even stop. For instance: a couple of years ago I was traveling and went through Memphis. Nothing but niggers, the entire city was like Niggoplis or something. I didn’t even stop for gas. This is a damned shame. Once upon a time our people built these once great cities and now, we can’t even enjoy a cup of coffee and some pancakes all because for some reason we are told that we have to have blacks in our society.


It’s Good to be Chosen

Do you know the difference between a run of the mill teen slut with a foul mouth and being an up and coming reality star set to make a million dollars before you turn 16? Being Jewish, that’s what.

Infamous ‘Cash Me Ousside’ viral sensation Danielle Bregoli was spotted flanked by a burly bodyguard while out grabbing ice cream, as it was revealed she could be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

Daddy’s name is Peskowitz. I’m sure that her rise to fame and somehow managing now to have a body guard and instant celebrity status has nothing to do with the fact that Jews completely control the entertainment industry.

111What’s that?! This girl is a kike? I’m totally shocked! 

Danielle, a 13-year-old who was made famous after a video of her saying ‘Cash me ousside, how bow dah?’ on Dr Phil went viral, took a trip to the Ice Cream Lab in Beverley Hills, California Wednesday.

America today: where Jew sluts make millions talking like niggers to send the message to white girls that the way to fame and social position is to act as low class as possible.

Danielle has cashed in on her viral fame by demanding thousands of dollars for appearances and ad placements on social media.

13 year olds don’t demand and get what they want, someone sets it up for them. You don’t just demand thousands of dollars and people are like, “Oh well ok since you demanded it here’s some money”.


The teen, who already has an estimated net worth of $200,000, can make up to $100,000 on product ads and is charging up to $40,000 for meet and greets.

Product ads?! What company wants this kosher slut out there representing their brand? I can’t even have regular run of the mil ads here at the Semitic Truth Center because then it would be demanded that I be shut down and the companies advertising be boycotted because truth speech = hate speech and yet this girl magically is already raking in the cash. It’s an amazing ((coincidence)) I tell ya.

Danielle has been doing ad placements on Instagram with the likes of Postmates and Fit Tea – a video ad that’s already been viewed more than 6million times.

I tell ya, there are some days I just want to burn it all down.


She’s being paid $40,000 to appear at Rolling Loud Music Festival in May, where she will also being thrown a 14th birthday party. To top it off, the festival is also giving her a cut of the ticket sales, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Meanwhile people who work for free to try and stop the destruction of the greatest race to ever walk the earth face constant harassment and threats of jail time. I may need to drink this weekend.

Paired with the possibility of getting her own reality show, Danielle’s projected funds for the year are adding up quickly and could head into the millions by the end of the year.

You people may snicker over the fact that I watch nothing but Korean historical dramas and Japaneses subtitled anime but at least I don’t watch this shit. American TV is nothing but a race to the bottom.

the king's face crown prince                                       No, not even now will I watch this Jew’s reality show. 

The teen rose to fame after a fiery performance on Dr Phil where she propositioned the audience to a fight by telling them to ‘cash me ousside’.

Just like all of the anti Trump protests, it just happened 100% organically by happenstance and luck. It was probably God doing it since she’s part of the whole chosen race.

111                                                                                         Let me tell you what actually happened Goyim: when this girl appeared on Dr. Phil, the countless talent scouts out there immediately recognized her natural born talent! If you shiksas want a shot at your own reality show and fame someday, you had best act just like her! 

Danielle most recently caught the public’s attention again when a video was posted online that showed her and her mother struggling in footage captured by a friend with their cell phone.

Is there any doubt that if she were older we would have already been treated to a sex tape?

111                                                                                         See this Goyim? She’s getting the money. Don’t you want to get the money?

What you have to understand is there aren’t secret Jew meetings where they sit around planning the downfall of white society. You have to get it through your head: these Jews are not white people like you and they don’t think/empathize like you do. These things that they promote and do that destroy our societies are all a part of their genetic behavior, no different than blacks and crime. They will do this even if on the surface it seems as though the results will be detrimental to them, they literally just can’t help it. What can be helped is we as a people need to recognize these kikes for the threat that they are. After all, they haven’t been kicked out of 109 countries over the years for no reason. The clock is ticking down on 110 and never again.

111Danielle in a few years when her 5 minutes of fame is up and she’s aged a bit. 

Residents of Chicago Flee Black Violence, Study Blames Not Enough Immigrants

It’s amazing how hard the media will twist itself in knots to avoid the obvious truth. Anyone with half a brain can read this story and spot right off the bat that people are trying to get away from blacks and the violence that always accompanies their presence. Yet, the story is full of jewspeak experts telling us all sorts of reasons why people are fleeing the black plague. Once again, a classic example of them telling us to ignore what our eyes and our instincts tell us to be true and instead trust their so called experts.

More people are leaving Chicago than any other major US city, new census data released Thursday shows

The reason why is a complete mystery.

The new coincides with a frightening rise in murders in the Windy City. Last year, Chicago’s murder rate surpassed 750 homicides for the first time since the 1990s, and it’s on track to have a similarly deadly year in 2017, with 127 deaths already.

Wow, that’s a lot of murders. Who is doing all of this murdering? Surely since this story brings up demographics they will tell us what segment of the population is the driving force behind all of this violence, right? …………….Right?

111I mean sure, these guys were technically criminals but they weren’t going around murdering anyone. 

In January, President Trump threatened to send in the National Guard if Chicago didn’t ‘fix the horrible “carnage”‘.

I’m sorry but I call ’em like I see ’em. President Trump, the only way this would be effective would be if you have the Guard round up all of these blacks and send them to Africa.

However, the exodus appeared to be a trend for the Midwest in general, with many leaving other area cities including St. Louis and Cleveland.

Mmmmm the Midwest in general? Both of those cities you mentioned are cities with a high black population. I think a more accurate statement would be “…with many leaving other areas that have lots of niggers.”

around-blacks-never-relax                                                                  And don’t buy a house either. 

Meanwhile, the South and Southwest regions saw the most gains. Two Texas metropolitan areas – Dallas and Houston – reported the biggest numeric increases between July 2015 and July 2016, adding more than 100,000 residents each.

This is actually much more telling than it may initially appear and BTW doesn’t bode well for Texas. Dallas and Houston (talking the cities themselves, not the suburbs) are high density nigger areas. Since nobody in their right mind would flee one crime ridden nigger area for another nigger area that means that it’s not necessarily just white people fleeing the black plague. It would appear that even blacks don’t appreciate the fact that they can’t relax around other blacks. This also means that if this is the case, Houston and Dallas will see huge upticks in their crime rates now that they are seeing this influx of more niggers. Of course, all of those who track these crime statistics will claim to be completely baffled by the cause. We saw the same thing back when Hurricane Katrina happened, all of these New Orleans niggers came to Houston and Dallas and there was a huge increase in crime.

There are wide-ranging reasons for the shifts….

Not really.

….from families’ concerns about violence and schools…..

But what is the reason the violence has gone up and the schools have gotten shittier? The answer is staring you right in the face: the white people left and there are nothing but blacks left.

…….to dwindling immigration and fertility rates.


LOL So everyone is fleeing Chicago because there aren’t enough Meskins there! Let me let all of ya’ll in on a little secret that these great proponents of diversity don’t want you to know. You see Grandpa Lampshade has spent time among the diversity. Contrary to what the average leftist would have you believe, I do not live in a secluded compound mumbling to myself about the world outside. I deal with different races of people on a daily basis and I can tell you this with 100% certainty: Meskins hate blacks worse than the most racist of racist white people ever could. Did you know that the notorious black South Central LA area is now run by Meskins? As to the reference to fertility rates, this only applies to the white population. There isn’t anyone out there who thinks that blacks just aren’t having enough babies. The problem is there aren’t enough white people to pay for dem programs.

Meanwhile, Arizona’s Maricopa County had the highest annual population increase, gaining over 81,000 residents, followed by Harris County in Texas and Nevada’s Clark County.

The Maricopa County increase is the white people, mostly older and fleeing to a warmer climate that they hope will be mostly black free. Harris County Texas is Houston, this is where the plague of black locusts are moving to.


Families leaving Chicago cite the nearly-broke city school system that’s closed over 50 schools since 2013 and a soaring violent crime rate with more than 760 homicides last year, the most in two decades.

The root cause! When do we get to hear about the root cause?! The schools didn’t just become violent non functioning shit holes over night for no apparent reason. What’s the reason? You know the reason. You knowit, I know it, everyone reading this article knows it: blacks.

City demographics experts add in longstanding economic trends like fewer entry level jobs and a sagging industrial core, along with the dismantling of dense neighborhood-based public housing.

Again, they give you bits and pieces but they do so in a manner where it is supposed to be as confusing as possible so that you don’t put the puzzle together. Dismantling public housing = schemes to move blacks into white neighborhoods. Well it turns out that when white people come home after a long day at work, they’d like to relax in relative safety instead of wading through packs of porch monkeys hanging out on the sidewalk blaring African beats and throwing their malt liquor bottles in his yard. In other words: they want to relax and there just ain’t no relaxing around blacks.

222Honey! Someone stole the kids’ bikes again! 

Lower immigration rates also have impacted the Chicago region’s dwindling population. Immigration, particularly from Mexico, was the key factor behind most of Chicago’s population growth in the 1990s.

Yeah well there’s even a saying they have in Spanish: “Nolo relaxo around de negros”.

The predominantly Democratic state’s first Republican governor in a decade, Bruce Rauner, has repeatedly blamed historic fiscal mismanagement and a lack of business-friendly laws for the decline, with companies choosing to set up shop in Texas and Florida over Illinois.

Tax cuts! That’s why businesses are leaving! It couldn’t perhaps be the fact that most businesses……..oh I dunno….maybe they think it’s bad for businesses if they’re getting robbed all of the time and their employees get shot walking out to their cars at night.

In return, Democrats in charge have pointed fingers at over two years of state budget gridlock during the Republicans tenure.

“State budget gridlock”, that’s an interesting term. Let’s consult the Grandpa Lampshade Dictionary of Political Speech to see what that means. Hmmmm ah here it is! “State budget gridlock: the condition or state of being caused when leftist politicians discover there are no  longer enough white people left to pay for welfare programs for the sub IQ African population.”

multi-smugYa’ll didn’t even know I have my own dictionary, did you? Grandpa Lampshade has all sorts of stuff. 

Demographics experts said one of the drivers behind the population change around the country could be more young people moving than before.

LOL Now it’s the young people. Anything but state the obvious.

Young people are historically more likely to move around, but the recession put the brakes on the migration.

But wait, I thought earlier you said the problem was not enough Meskins?

Rolf Pendall of the Urban Institute’s Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center called the trend ‘a pent-up demand to migrate’

No it’s a pent up demand to get the hell away from blacks.

But for Chicago native Marissa Marshall, the issue was squarely violence.
She told the AP that she decided to move when she heard dangerously close gunfire in the rough neighborhood where she found affordable housing.
The 29-year-old, who’s pregnant with her fifth child, relocated about three years ago to a St. Louis suburb where she more easily found jobs and a home where she felt it was safe to send the kids outside.
‘I have boys and I didn’t want to raise them in that environment,’ Marshall said. ‘It is easier to go outside of Chicago to get help than stay in Chicago.’



And here it all is in a nutshell. Marissa (notice how they didn’t pick someone with a name like Shanequa) is fleeing the all black neighborhood where if good boys aren’t being gunned down for the color of their skin, they’re busy killing each other. She’s taking her five future thugs with her to another area where there are still enough white people in the vicinity to collectively pay so she can “get help”. As more and more blacks congregate in this new area, more and more white people will flee the rising crime and constant hassle of being around blacks. The blacks will then dominate the area completely and will spend their spare time killing one another and complaining about failing schools and how there just isn’t enough money for dem programs. Wash, rinse and repeat. There can be no long term solution until we address the long term question: what the hell do we do about these blacks?

In a Bold Move, the French Attempt to Attack Belgium

In a move reflective of rising tensions on the European continent, the French were caught attempting to attack the citizens of Belgium in their own country. Now that the French have been caught red handed doing this, it is impossible to see a way in which outright war can be avoided. It is possible that the French planned this attack in retaliation for the brazen attack by Belgians in Paris last year. I am currently pressing all of my anonymous sources to verify whether or not that is the case. Where does this all go? How can we avoid war? It’s not as though these nations can sit back and watch while their own citizens aren’t safe while walking in the streets of their homelands.

A French -Tunisian has been arrested after trying to drive a car loaded with liquid gas, assault rifles and knives into a crowd of shoppers in Antwerp in an attempted terror attack.

A French-Tunisian? What the hell is that?

Belgian police arrested a man named as Mohamed R, 39, on Thursday after he tried to drive into a crowd at high-speed in a shopping area in the port city of Antwerp at around 11am.

Oh……..then it was the Moslems again. Ok, well never mind all of that war talk earlier. When I saw that the French had pulled off this attempted attack, I just naturally assumed it was an actual French man but it’s a Moslem again so no biggie. Everybody just go back to what you are doing.

111                                                                                                           What GPL thinks of when you say “Frenchman”

222What “Frenchman” now means in current year.

The suspect, who has not been confirmed as a Muslim but is named after the religion’s prophet and is said to be of North African descent, was wearing camouflage when he was arrested.

Sometimes these articles catch me off guard when all of the sudden they hit you with a whole bunch of LULZ in one brief paragraph. The suspect isn’t confirmed to be a Moslem so don’t go assuming he’s a Moslem but his name is Mohamed so there is a slight chance he’s a Moslem. Oh and BTW he’s from North Africa but he’s totally French. He was so smart he even thought to wear camouflage clothes……..in the middle of the city while driving a car.


‘The suspect is Mohamed R, born on May 8, 1977, of French nationality and a resident of France,’ the statement said.

Yeah it was a Moslem again but he was born on the magic dirt of France so he is just as French as any white Frenchman and to say otherwise is pure hatred.

The driver sped off after Belgian soldiers, who have been deployed around the country to assist the counter-terrorism fight, tried to stop the car.
‘A short while later, a rapid intervention force from Antwerp police was able to stop the car,’ the statement said.

The Moslems flood in with impunity, the police run around mopping up after they kill us, our so called leaders speak empty words about our values and being on guard against hate while our militaries train for some sort of imagined Russian invasion. Does this all sound like utter insanity to you? Well it is insanity and it’s what you get when your nations are controlled by Jews.


Theresa May: If We Stop Allowing Terrorists Into the Country, the Terrorists Win

This is so stupid. Seriously, I am so sick of every time there is a terrorism pulled in a (formally) white nation, we hear this stupid line spouted off about our values (which are never actually defined) and how we have to keep letting these people into our countries or somehow they win. Can you imagine if any other war had been fought that way? Can you imagine if Stalin (may he rot in hell) said, “If we don’t let the Wehrmacht come to Moscow, Hitler wins!”

Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed the UK will ‘not give in to terror’ following a ‘sick and depraved’ terror attack in London today in which three people and a terrorist were killed.

Everything the leftists says is always a lie. She says “We will not give in to terror” all while submitting to these Moslems by letting them flood in and take over the country. How is this not giving in? She is literally saying that we will not give in to the terrorists by trying to stop the terrorists. What goes on in the minds of these liberals?


Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after chairing a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee, Mrs May paid tribute to the ‘exceptional men and women’ of the police force who responded to the attack.

But these attacks are completely avoidable though. I mean, you literally let the army march into your country and take over. How does this bitch have the nerve now to posture as some sort of brave leader standing in the face of an enemy assault when she and all of the others just like her though their corruption and incompetence allowed the invaders in to begin with?

Mrs May said that any attempt to defeat the values that Parliament stands for was ‘doomed to failure’.

Really? Exactly what are the values of Parliament? Allowing Moslems to infinity to come into Britain? Because if the values of Parliament are anything other than that then I would say the Moslems are currently kicking your ass.

111Against the onslaught of Moslems that she and her allies invited into the country, one lone cat lady stood tall….

And she vowed: ‘We will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.’

Your governments are your enemy. Your governments have sided with the invaders. The traitors in your own countries opened the gates for the invading army. The sooner you realize this the better off you are. Let me break her statement down into real talk:  “We will all move forward together” = there is no way we are even going to consider not allowing more Moslems in, much less do anything about the ones already here.        “Never giving in to terror” = we will continue to make speeches, hold candle light vigils and releasing balloons. Flags on our Facebook profile pages will be encouraged as well.                                                                                                                                                           “Never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart” = the real problem isn’t the terrorists, it’s the native British who complain about the terrorists and who have the nerve to point out that it’s all Moslems doing the terrorism.

The UK’s terror threat level would remain at ‘severe’, Mrs May said.

If you quit allowing third worlders into the country, you could probably lower that a bit.

She praised the bravery of the police officers ‘who keep us and our democratic institutions safe’.

LOL  You’re kept safe right up until some Moslem decides to run you over or stab you.

‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected, to the victims themselves and to their families and friends, who waved their loved ones off but will not now be welcoming them home.

Let me be clear, these politicians don’t pray, ever. If they did then there would be an outside chance that God would speak to their hearts. If God did decide to give them a spiritual word do you know what it would be? It would be something like, “Shut the hell up, quit bothering me and defend your people. Why are you talking to me when you have an army? Oh and BTW, Hitler was right”


‘For those of us who were in Parliament at the time of this attack, these events provide a particular reminder of the exceptional bravery of our police and security services who risk their lives to keep us safe.

Yes, your lives. When this went down, you weren’t out in the streets getting run down by diversity or getting stabbed by a raving savage. You were being safely whisked away in a limo. So as to all of this “we” and “us” you keep referring to, fuck right off.

‘Once again today, these exceptional men and women ran towards the danger, even as they encouraged others to move the other way.’

Translation: “Once again men ran toward the danger that I caused while myself and other treasonous cowards ran away.” .

Mrs May added: ‘That they have lost one of their own in today’s attacks only makes their calmness and professionalism under pressure all the more remarkable.

No, what’s remarkable is that the police and military in all of these western countries keep following the orders of so called leaders who are obviously hostile to the native citizens that they are supposed to be charged with protecting.

‘The location of this attack was no accident. The terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital city where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech.

It just also so happens to be full of Moslems so in that way you’re right, it’s no accident.

111With all of this great diversity of Moslems that are now in London, this terrorism comes as a complete surprise. 

‘These streets of Westminster, home to the world’s oldest parliament are ingrained with a spirit of freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the globe.
‘And the values our Parliament represents – democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law, command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere.

Britain, this is your leader. WTF is this crazy old cat lady even saying? She’s just rambling gibberish of feels words and it’s as though we’re all supposed to feel motivated or something…I guess?

111It’s like one day entire nations woke up and were like, “Hey you know what would make this place more exciting? If we put a bunch of obviously insane old cat ladies in charge!”

‘Let me make it clear today, as I have had cause to do before, any attempt to defeat our values through violence and terror is doomed to failure.’

BTW, it’s not an accident that they never define exactly what “our values” actually are. The idea is that you will just figure that these people mean the same thing you would mean when they say that. These people’s values are destroying the native populations of white countries and replacing them with hostile third worlders. The ones who aren’t eliminated will be relegated to some sort of slave class paying for their overlords. So you see? Do you get it yet? When people like Theresa May say that the Moslems aren’t going to defeat their values that’s because they are working toward the same goal: your destruction.


Music Negro’s Feels Hurt by Police

The police spend all of their time chasing blacks around who commit all of these crimes. However do you know what another word for chasing could be? Hunting, that’s what. These police are hunting these good boys down for no other reason than the color of their skin. Well, this time they nabbed a musical negro and let me tell you, he’s feeling some feels.

Wyclef Jean opened up about the terrifying moment he was detained by deputies from the LA County Sheriff’s Department in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday.

He was just sure they were fixing to gun him down. In the heat of the moment, he wasn’t sure if it was a good move to say “hands up don’t shoot” or not.

The 47-year-old singer and producer was returning to his hotel following a session in the recording studio when the car he was being driven in was pulled over, with the make and color of he vehicle being similar to the one an armed robber was driving in the area.

And let’s not leave out the fact that anyone reading the article knows with 99% certainty that the suspect the police were chasing was black.

111Deze feels mane, you jus dun know. 

Wyclef said however that the suspect’s vehicle had a paper license plate, which his did not, but still the deputies ordered him out at gunpoint.

Yeah well, I’m pretty sure that paper is removable.

The two deputies did not tell him their names or why they were holding him explained Wyclef, who said he began to fear for his life.

I’ve been pulled over by the cops before. I can’t recall them ever formally introducing themselves.

222TFW dem police don’t even know dat u a star. 

He then added that in his mind it was clear that he was targeted because he is a black man.

But why though? I mean the whole skin color thing doesn’t really make sense. Perhaps they target blacks because they are doing all of the crimes? Oh and the fact that your car matched the description of the suspect vehicle might have something to do with it as well.

‘I’m automatically rushed, when I’m rushed guns are drawn, the moment this happens I say, “I’m going to sue the LDPD” because I’m in shock and awe,’ explained Wyclef of being pulled from the vehicle.

Ima gonna gets da money.

Wyclef said that he then identified himself but the deputies did not tell him their names, and instead put him in handcuffs and loaded him into the back of their police car.

LOL “Hey mane I’m Wyclef something or other”…….into the cop car. The cops had no idea who he was. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t either so I looked up one of his music videos.


No, I did not make it through the video. In fact, I didn’t make it past the part where he’s humping the girl in the plane. When I called him a musical negro, I was being overly generous. I shall try not to repeat that mistake in the future.

He also admitted he did not have his ID on him because it was back at his hotel, but said he told officers he would gladly get it for them as they were outside the establishment when they pulled over his car.

Niggers with warrants always have some sort of story as to why they have no ID on them and cops hear these stories a hundred times a day.

‘I have family on both sides of the lens but I got a chance to see what happens with a citizen versus a police firsthand, and I have to tell you, I was scared for my life’

But I thought you was all thug and sheit nigga. Dayum so the cops pulled you over and you done pissed your pants and sheit. Of course I don’t think he was really afraid for his life or anything, I think he saw a chance for free publicity and some $$$ from the taxpayers (don’t they always?) So the cops are at fault here for not knowing that he was some sort of negro who sings through a computer for the Jew run music industry. I mean sure they chase countless blacks around daily for all of the various crimes they commit but they should also be up to date with who the latest celebrity negros are and not being able to recognize them from among all of the other negros is racism pure and simple. Of course the real question that they don’t want us to ask is what the hell do we get out of having these blacks in our society? I mean I’m pretty sure just about anyone can sing through a computer to sound like a thug robot or something and even if that is some sort of special talent that only blacks have, it hardly seems worth it to have to put up with all of these crimes that they do non stop. Which all begs the next question: what the hell do we do with all of them?