Free Speech Rally a Bust?

So today was the day for a “free speech” rally in Boston. Honestly, I hadn’t even heard about this event until a couple of days ago. Leading up to this event, we were warned over and over about how authorities were worried about violence breaking out such as at Charlottesville. So I’m reading about the event as it unfolds and honestly, it looks like virtually none of our people came. In fact, if the stories I’m looking at are anywhere close to accurate, it looks like a class reunion of the Tea Party.

 Thousands of anti-fascist protesters are marching through the streets of Boston in protest of right-wing activists hosting a ‘Free Speech Rally’ on Saturday.

There’s no way for the media to frame the debate now besides basically saying that the left is now protesting against free speech. Mmmmmm winning.

111What do we want?! Free speech shut down! When do we want it?! Right now! 

Only a handful of attendees could be spotted against the swarm of counter-protesters who chanted loudly as they made their way towards Boston Common.
Organizers of the rally had attempted to distance themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others who fomented violence in Charlottesville last week.

And your turn out was shit as a result LOL

However, opponents of the right-wing have taken over the event, chanting anti-Nazi slogans and waving signs condemning white nationalism, in order to stand against what they think could turn into a platform for racist propaganda.

Since we stand for the preservation of our people and a future for our children, it stands to reason that these people are protesting against that. In other words: they don’t want white people to have their own nations. They want white people to basically live like some sort of endangered species world wide.

222Scary people. It’s a good thing we didn’t show up LOL

The small right-wing group huddled in a circle at the park as barricades fenced them off from the thousands of counter-protesters who came to drown out their event.

This proves that all of the energy is with us. All of the enthusiasm and dedication lies in our ranks. The organizers of this event made it clear they didn’t want our ranks present and it looks as though they got their wish.

333Well at least nobody is calling us a racist or a Nazi. Oh wait……

Chris Hood, an 18-year-old Boston resident, said: ‘The point of this is to have political speech from across the spectrum, conservative, libertarian, centrist.
‘This is not about Nazis. If there were Nazis here, I’d be protesting against them.’

Wow Chris, honestly I’m shocked you didn’t get a better turn out than what you did, what with those convictions and all. “This is all about freedom of speech but if Nazis were here, I would be joining the people on the other side of the barrier” This is what is referred to as “low energy”, sad.

Boston’s Democratic mayor, Marty Walsh, and Massachusetts’ Republican governor, Charlie Baker, both warned that extremist unrest wouldn’t be tolerated in this city famed as the cradle of American liberty.
Walsh has asked counter-protesters to avoid Boston Common, saying their presence would draw more attention to the far-right activists.

But they’re not far right activists. They look to be some Tea Party retreads and a few guys who don’t realize that the whole Ron Paul thing died out years ago. I’ll be honest and perhaps I’m being a bit of a conspiracy tard here but this whole thing looks like it was arranged to try to make the left look better. Think about it: the last couple of actual confrontations we’ve had, the left has had their asses handed to them. We’ve had the numbers, we’ve had the strength and they’ve looked like the social outcasts that they are. Now all of the sudden, we have this event where only a few dozen people show up and stare at their cell phones, while the left magically turns out in numbers they haven’t been able to muster in decades. Instead of rushing the barricades and attacking as they’ve done for years, they’re doing their whole peaceful counter protest routine.

pepe tinfoil hatI dunno, smells kinda fishy to me. 

Either way, again this shows that all of the momentum and energy is with us. The old fake “Don’t tread on me or my wife’s son” movement is dead and over. I will be talking about what I think we need to do as far as these rallies moving forward on the next show. Understand this: we accomplished what we wanted to with Charlottesville which was to prod our enemies into overreacting and it’s worked out spectacularly. Media narratives aside, the American people are viewing these leftist agitators who are now going full onslaught on this tearing down statues thing in an extremely negative light. The trick now is to keep them agitated enough where they keep lashing out but not be so prominent ourselves as to give the public the attitude of “To hell with all of them!”



It’s the New Normal

In Europe, the people are told that living with being stabbed, run over by trucks, shot and blown up in what was once their own base is now the new normal and they just need to learn to live with that reality. This is of course a lie. The very statement in and of itself is a contradiction. If it were “normal” then how is it “new”? What they are actually saying is that they have no plans to stop flooding Europe with Moslems so the native population can just get used to it. 

Terrorist attacks using vehicles such as in Barcelona are ‘becoming a new reality for Europeans’ according to experts.

Well hell, it comes from an expert. No reason for us to question it so we had just better learn to live with it.

Nathalie Goulet, a French senator said: ‘Someone who gets in their car and crashes into a crowd, unfortunately we need to learn to live with that……..

Wait. The “expert” is a woman politician from France? I’m sorry but I’m going to need someone with a little more expertise to convince me before I’m ready to hand everything over in the name of inevitability.

111Even if I wasn’t against women in politics (which I am) I would damned sure be against women who look like this being in politics. 

The latest attacks in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils on Thursday has left at least 14 dead and 100 injured.

Yes but what we really need to talk about are Nazis who dared to get a permit and hold a rally against tearing down historical statues! These same Nazis then had the audacity to not let themselves get beaten up by the Marxist street muscle that was shipped in.

Goulet, the French senator, sits on a parliamentary panel tasked with analysing jihadist groups.

Why can’t we have a panel tasked with shipping them out of Europe?

222It’s the new normal Goyim. This is what progress looks like. If you can’t see that you’re obviously a bigot. 

She says that one of IS’s goals is turning the western world against Muslim minorities in their countries and using anti-Muslim rhetoric is playing into their hands.

Yes that’s surely their plan. The only way to foil their plan is to keep letting Moslems blow us up, run us over and stab us in our own countries. If we were to do something like run the Moslems out of our own countries, that would be stupid and play right into the Moslem’s sinister plan! Ok, so this bitch is an expert. Surely that means she at least has some advice for us in dealing with this, right?

Goulet suggests: ‘You need to look at the reality. Telling people that banning Muslims…or closing mosques will resolve the problem is lying.’

Wait. What? That’s it? Her answer to this as an expert is that we can’t even talk about banning Moslems or closing mosques?

Paris, Berlin, Nice, London and Stockholm have already seen extremists drive vehicles into crowds.
Experts say that these such attacks are now a new reality for Europeans.

It’s not extremists. It’s brown desert people and black Africans. I guess I’m considered an extremist now and I have no plans to run anyone over or hack them up with a machete.

The Radicalization Awareness Network, an EU research body, warned last month that 1,200-3,000 jihadists risked returning to Europe after fighting in Iraq and Syria – out of an estimated 5,000 who joined the terror groups there.

Wow. If there was only some way of keeping them from returning. Surely there must be some sort of way that we can stop this current “new normal”. I mean if it’s new that means it wasn’t normal previously. What was different? It would seem to me that if before you brought the middle east and Africa into your country you didn’t have a problem with these things happening that a logical conclusion would be that if we shipped the middle east and Africa back to their own countries that the situation would return to………well normal. Make no mistake, these people know this as well. They may be evil but they’re not stupid. Which leads us to the only other logical conclusion: they’re doing this on purpose.


Loser Mitt Romney Leads a Suicidal Cuck Charge

You know it’s bad for the Republicucks when their standard bearer is a heroic loser. However it is appropriate. The Republicucks’ role has always been to go down in noble defeat so that the Marxists agenda could march forward unabated. As they spiral down the drain to irrelevancy they are now trying to lash out at the guy who was able to do what they couldn’t: win.

Mitt Romney, the failed 2012 GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor whom Trump has bashed relentlessly for more than two years, lashed out against him on Facebook for what he said was a hamfisted message during Tuesday’s press conference – and demanded a full-throated apology from the president.

Apologizing in the context of doing it before your enemies is just another form of submitting. Romney is demanding that Trump submit before the Marxist left and we all know how that always turns out. I wish I could say I was surprised but I’m not.

111How many successful presidential runs did you make Mitt? Oh yeah LOLOLOL

Trump on Monday firmly condemned neo-Nazis and white supremacists whose violence over the weekend in Virginia led to three deaths. But a day later he equivocated, saying ‘both sides’ of the clashes there deserved blame, including leftist counter-protesters.

And we all know the left can never be guilty of wrong doing………ever.

‘The president must take remedial action in the extreme,’ Romney wrote on Friday. ‘He should address the American people, acknowledge that he was wrong, apologize. State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville.’

This traitor is demanding that Trump lie and blame the people who had the legal right to assemble and pardon the actions of those who showed up without a permit for the sole purpose of attacking those people exercising their legal first amendment rights.

‘Testify that there is no conceivable comparison or moral equivalency between the Nazis–who brutally murdered millions of Jews and who hundreds of thousands of Americans gave their lives to defeat–and the counter-protestors who were outraged to see fools parading the Nazi flag, Nazi armband and Nazi salute.


Oh hell, this guy is an idiot. No wonder he couldn’t win no matter how weak his opponent. So let’s get this straight: Adolf Hitler came back from the dead and led the rally at Charlottesville and the only thing that kept him and his evil henchmen from turning another six million jews into lampshades and soap right then and there were the heroic fighters for freedom: the Marxist left street thugs. Honestly, observing this level of stupidity actually makes me glad the the African beat him.

‘And once and for all, he must definitively repudiate the support of David Duke and his ilk and call for every American to banish racists and haters from any and every association.’

If we had an actual media instead of a jew run monopoly which works as the propaganda wing for the Marxists, they would have asked ol’ Mitt who gets to define what constitutes being a racist and (LOL) a hater. Seriously, this guy ran for President of the United States and he is calling for “haters” to be banished. The follow up question should be “Banished to where?” Where do you want to banish these people who are so called “haters”? Is there an island somewhere? Europe is out because you and your ilk have decided to give that to the blacks and middle easterners as well. Looks to me like you’re running out of places to banish white people to. Surely you’re not suggesting banishing them from the planet entirely because that would be like, genocide and shit.

Public comments on the Facebook post ran nearly universally against Romney on Friday, with Trump supporters writing they were ‘disappointed’ and that they had ‘lost all respect’ for him.

Wow, it’s like a flashback from Romney’s Presidential race.

One of Trump’s newest detractors, South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott, said in a Thursday interview with VICE that the president’s comments show that his ‘moral authority is compromised.’

Oh hell. Tim Scott eh? Sounds like he must be a high authority when it comes to morals.

Tim ScottWhere fore art thou oh magic negro?


So let’s get this straight: we keep pointing out that this conflict is largely a racial one. The response given to prove us wrong is to drag out the one black Republican to attack the President that the white people support. Now there’s some winning strategy for you!

On Thursday another GOP senator, Bob Corker of Tennessee, warned that Trump has not displayed the ‘stability’ or ‘competence’ needed to succeed in the Oval Office.
He also said Trump ‘recently has not demonstrated that he understands the character of this nation.’

No further evidence required as to whether or not these people live completely insulated from the rest of the nation.

And on Friday morning the Republican leader of the Senate, Kentuckian Mitch McConnell, backed up colleague Jeff Flake of Arizona – whom Trump had labeled as ‘toxic’ a day before.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks about the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election in Washington.Before Trump, this was the face of the guys leading the opposition to the left. Shit, we’re lucky we’re not already living in a communist hell hole. 

Flake took Monday to bash Trump on immigration, calling for changes to the president’s plan that would severely limit legal immigration.

Yes of course, this makes perfect sense. What many of you didn’t realize is that Arizona is actually suffering from a shortage of meskins. Flake is bravely standing at the forefront of addressing this dire problem.

Writing in a New York Times op-ed, Flake agreed with Trump that ‘it is right to give priority, through a point system or otherwise, to those who have skills and abilities unique to the new economy.’
But he also insisted that low-skill laborers should be welcomed equally.
‘[T]here must always be a place in America for those whose only initial credentials are a strong back and an eagerness to use it,’ Flake wrote.

555Get a load of this faggot. 

Do you notice anything missing from Senator Flake’s comments? Yeah, the American worker, that’s what. There are a finite number of jobs in the country. Thus, it stands to reason that for every person you import, you increase competition for these limited number of jobs. Corporate America loves this, as it artificially drives wages lower and nothing says “Muh free market” like low wages and high corporate profits.

All of these old “conservatives” are an endangered species. As the political sides are drawn up with the middle being crushed, there is no room left for these people who have filled the role of fake opposition. These people will be replaced one by one, either by hard right candidates or Marxist candidates. Traitors like Jeff Flake have decided that the turning point is reached where he can safely jettison the white population in favor of the vibrant brown one. He’s wrong. Even if they are successful in replacing the white population, the vibrant browns will elect vibrant brown people, not white traitors or jews. This is the reality of the situation and the fact is, that regardless of the outcome of all of this, there will be no place left in this nation for traitors and losers like Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney. It’s ok, they won’t be missed.

Trump’s Rodent Infestation May be on the Way of Working Itself Out

When it comes to Donald Trump, we’ve gone through spells of loving him and spells of hating him. However we’ve managed to stick with the guy more or less so far. However even during the times when he makes us proud there has been one troubling aspect of his Administration: it’s rodent infestation. And to be clear here, the rodents I’m referring to are rat like jews.

444                                                   A classic specimen of Rattus oyveyicus. An infestation of this particular rodent will cause information leaks, shekels missing as well as the loss of your dignity, culture and if not dealt with eventually the loss of your entire nation. 

At times it has been beyond frustrating to see the Trump Administration flailing around trying to figure out where these damaging leaks are coming from, who is undermining morale in the White House and who it is that seems to be sabotaging the President at every turn while the whole time he’s surrounded by Jews. How does he have a blind spot this large when it comes to these kikes? Why the hell did he let his daughter marry one of them? Does he not realize he might as well have let her marry Ezekiel Elliott?

AP REDSKINS COWBOYS FOOTBALL S FBN USA TXI’m be up in da White House and da white womenz muffughas. 

We were the most vocal supporters of the President both during the campaign and after taking office and yet the one thing he doesn’t seem to be listening to us on is when we keep pointing out the obvious correlation between the problems his Administration is having and the number of Holocaust survivors he has surrounding him. It doesn’t take a lot of study to figure out that if Trump is going to make any headway in making America great again, he’s going to have to do something about these jews who are undermining him at every turn and yet, he seems to be completely blind to this. Well, I have good news folks. It would seem that Trump’s based behavior itself may be going to work toward dealing with his rat infestation indirectly, without his ever having actually acknowledged the problem at all.

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s turnabout on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has rocked his administration, leading to rising speculation that some top officials may be looking for a way out.

Don’t panic, this is good news. As it turns out, many of these so called top officials are actually jews. Thus, this possible turn of events could equate to even more winning!

A parade of business executives broke ties with Trump on Wednesday, a day after he blamed white nationalists and counter-protesters in equal measure for the weekend clashes that left one woman dead.

I covered this yesterday. If you missed it you should check it out as it was really lulzy if I do say so myself.

555LOL Seriously, who would take business advice from this guy?

Now, frustrated aides could be next. Trump’s remarks have left some wondering if sticking by the president comes at too high a cost to their reputations.

Well considering the thing the media is going on and on about now is that Trump pointed out the obvious truth of what occurred at the rally, I would say he won’t be losing much if they split.

“A lot of us joined this administration thinking we could bring to it the experience and expertise that the president didn’t have an opportunity to gain in his business career, and to encourage some restraint in what he says publicly and to our allies,” said one senior official who is contemplating whether to resign.

Translation: these rat jews were just sure that even though they hadn’t anticipated Trump winning, they were confident that they would be able to get their hooks in him once he was in office and control him like the shabbos goy puppets that came before.

222There ain’t no brakes on this train kikes and if there were, they would be made from parts harvested from a Mengele experiment. 

“After yesterday, it’s clear that there is no way for anyone, even a Marine general, to restrain his (Trump’s) impulses or counter what he sees on TV and reads on the web.”

Am I the only one who finds it funny that the President is the one who is elected to be in charge and yet we keep reading all of these article bemoaning the fact that nobody can keep him under control? Sort of makes you wonder who’s been pulling the strings on all of these other clowns we’ve had before doesn’t it?

It was hoped that retired General John Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff, could impose some form of discipline on Trump that his predecessor, Reince Priebus, could not.

Seriously, Trump is the boss. The boss doesn’t hire someone to supervise the boss. Have these people no idea of how the real world even works?

But Kelly stood with his eyes fixed on the floor when Trump veered off-script at his Manhattan office tower on Tuesday. The president accused the protesters, who rallied against neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, of being “very, very violent.”

But it’s the truth. There really isn’t even anyone claiming it’s not the truth. The media is just running around making a ton of noise hoping that nobody will notice it’s the truth.

The exodus of executives sparked talk that Gary Cohn, Trump’s top White House economic adviser and a key liaison to the U.S. business community, might resign in protest as well.

OMG! If Trump loses this jew, how will he ever continue?

333                                                           Looks totally trustworthy to me. 

Cohn, who is Jewish, was upset by Trump’s remarks, though he is remaining with the administration for now, sources said.

I’m sure he feels as though we’re on the verge of yet another Holocaust.

Cohn, along with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, stood by Trump during his remarks at Trump Tower on Tuesday. Cohn in particular looked self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Nah fam. Nobody was more uncomfortable looking than Steven Mnuchin. If you’ve watched the video (and I’m sure by now all of you have) the look on this jew’s face was priceless. I know the Holocaust is a hoax but if it weren’t a hoax, Mnuchin had the exact look on his face that a jew would have while standing in line for the gas chambers.

444                                                            It’s ok Steven. I hear that if you walk backwards really slowly, nobody will notice and you can escape. 

David Shulkin, U.S. secretary of Veterans Affairs, told reporters on Wednesday that as a Jewish American, he was “outraged” by neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups and felt obligated to speak out against them.

When are jews not outraged? Serious question.

“I am not going to condone in any way the behavior of Nazis. I believe this clearly cannot be tolerated,” Shulkin said when asked about whether it was appropriate to compare the actions of the white nationalists to the protesters opposing them.

Yeah we don’t care whether you condone us or not kike. I have a news flash for you: you are not our overseer regardless of what you may think.

Cohn, who came to the White House from a successful career at Goldman Sachs Group Inc, is mindful the effect his Trump tenure could have on his professional reputation.

His reputation with who? When you say “Goldman Sachs” to the average American, they automatically have a mental picture of a blood sucking leech. Like if you were giving them one of those ink blot tests where you say the first thing that comes to mind, if the ink blot looked like a blood sucking leech they would blurt out “Goldman Sacks!”

“He’s worried about his reputation being trashed, which is much more valuable to him than anything else,” the former administration official said.

Don’t worry, your reputation as it is will remain the same with us no matter what you do. Kike.

Cohn has served as a point man on top White House priorities such as tax reform and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, but both of those efforts have been muddled by Trump’s increasingly combative relationship with Congress, one that was strained even further by his comments on Charlottesville.

Don’t you just love how jews are never at fault for anything? Cohn was hired to get these things done, it’s called delegating. Every single ruler, boss or CEO in the world does this. This jew fails to get much done and yet it’s not his fault, he blames the boss who hired him.

Cohn’s departure would further set back those efforts and perhaps give the upper hand in the White House to a group of advisers seeking to scale back foreign trade, said a Wall Street executive who asked not to be named.

Who the hell is talking about scaling back foreign trade? I have a newsflash for you: trade is supposed to go both ways. As things have been since the 1990’s, trade has been redefined to mean we send all of our jobs, manufacturing capability and money overseas while we import cheap shit that breaks in a week.

“Gary knows he’s a moderating influence,” the executive said. “It may give you short-term satisfaction to see Gary go, but it may be bad for the country in the long term. The calculation is: What do you think is best for the country versus what’s best for Gary?”

The jews: they never miss an opportunity to tell us how horrible our lives would be without them leeching off of us.

8888Yeah I don’t know what we would ever do without you merchant. 

Steve Bannon, a White House senior adviser with close ties to far-right groups, told the American Prospect in an interview published Wednesday that he constantly butts heads with Cohn over issues such as trade with China. “That’s a fight I fight every day here,” Bannon said.

It’s easy to pass over little tid bits such as this and miss a bigger point. One of the key things Trump was elected to do was address the trade imbalance with China and yet it’s clear from the above quote that these jews are constantly trying to get him to jew us over on this. Love him or hate him, it’s clear that Bannon is the only one in the White House who is reminding the President who elected him and I’ll tell you this, it damned sure wasn’t the jews.

Trump thinks highly of Cohn and has spoken often of the financial sacrifices he made to leave Goldman to join the administration. He is widely considered to be a leading candidate to chair the U.S. Federal Reserve should Trump choose not to retain Janet Yellen.

Yes, in case you live under a rock, Janet Yellen is also a jew. Jews run our entire financial sector including controlling our money. Yes, the #2 person at the Federal Reserve is also a jew. In fact he’s the former head of the Israeli Central Bank. In a sane world, people would find this troubling but in ‘Murica! we think nothing of it because the jews are our greatest ally ever.


In the meantime, Cohn has to decide whether he can stick it out. Another Wall Street executive told Reuters that Trump’s remarks may prove to be too much for him.

So in other words, the only reason this kike is sticking around is so he can get the job running the Fed. There’s some kosher loyalty for you. I’ll tell you what, I hope Cohn does leave and I hope he takes an entire bevy of his kosher kin with him when he does. It would look like those movies you see where rats are jumping off a ship. In our case, the reason the ship is sinking in the first place would be because these rats have been chewing holes in the hull, all the while telling us how we just can’t stay afloat without them. Of course most of the talk from these jews about bailing is all a bluff. It’s sort of like how they all whine about anti-semitism but they won’t ever go to Israel. In their heart of hearts, they know a parasite can’t last without a host and they damned sure need us a lot worse than we need them (which is not at all). Trump should totally troll this kike by encouraging him to stay on only to yank the rug out from under him at the last minute and appointing a non jew to run the Federal Reserve. It would be more lulzy than a fake shower room full of bug spray.











Welcome Newcomers

pepe tending his memes

I’ll be honest, traffic here at the Semitic Truth Center is booming this week. While some of that new traffic no doubt consists of butt hurt shitlibs seeking the high of being triggered by reading my dank material, I’m sure most is from those seeking out informative material and great bants in this new era of massive shut downs. Thus I would like to say welcome to all of you who have sought out this place. I’d like to let you know that content us usually a bit more forthcoming than it’s been this week. As you all know, there has been a lot going on and on top of this my normie job has had me swamped so I’ve been unable to put the amount of content out that I usually do here. Bear with me and hopefully soon content here will be coming out at the normal pace that it usually does.

Trump Strikes a Nerve

It’s funny how the truth strikes such a nerve in a world where we are all told we must submit to the never ending lies. Trump came out and held what was supposed to be a press conference on infrastructure. Instead, the ((media)) wanted to talk about nothing but white supremacists (whatever that is). Having finally gotten enough, the President went off script and literally went off, pointing out the truth that everyone in Washington wants to pretend doesn’t exist: the people on the right had a permit and were exercising their constitutional rights and were attacked by the left. The way it’s supposed to work is the left tells us what to think and no matter how big a lie it is or how ridiculous it may be, we are supposed to submit by agreeing with them. Sort of like how they keep telling us over and over that Serena Williams is hot when she actually looks like an angry male gorilla.

111You know you want to hit it Goyim. 

Well the Republicans of old are lining up ahead of the leftists to defend their Marxist street muscle. You’ve got both Bush’s (yes Bush Sr. is still alive, who knew?), McCain (I love you Tumorchan!), Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and on and on all falling all over themselves to denounce “racism”. It’s not really hard to see now why none of these people have been exactly what we would call effective at stopping the left over the years, is it? If you summed up what all of them are saying it would sound something like this: “White supremacists (whatever that is) are always evil and if we label anyone a white supremacist then it doesn’t matter what the left does because the left is always the good guys. So if someone is a white supremacist and the left burn their house down and kill their family that’s ok because white supremacists are evil and not American.” The media keeps pointing to the fact that so many of the rally goers showed up wearing helmets and carrying sticks and such, claiming that this is proof that they showed up for the purpose of attacking innocent peaceful leftist counter protesters, completely ignoring the fact that they showed up this way because of all of the countless times the violent left have attacked them before. In the thick of all of this Trump said it: the leftists attacked the right who had every right to be where they were.

6666      How ya like me now bitches?

Of course Trump padded his statements with things such as “violence on both sides” but by then it didn’t matter. You see with the left, complete and utter submission is always what they demand and they didn’t get it. Oh and in case you haven’t noticed, the people it’s always demanded from are white people. The fall out and kvetching are reaching historic levels. Trump had apparently set up some sort of business council that was supposed to be doing something (no idea what) and the filthy rich CEO’s all resigned in protest of Trump pointing out that the left can actually be guilty of something. Let’s pause for a moment to see a sample of the great loss to the cause that the President has suffered with these resignations.

222Jamie Dimon, head of JP Morgan. Those who follow the financial sector are quite familiar with ol’ Jamie. He defrauded investors out of billions a few years ago and in what came as a shock to pretty much nobody, got away with it. 

333The head of the AFL-CIO union. You know how we have guys who get accused of larping as Nazis because of the way they dress when there’s a rally? Well this guy apparently has been larping as Jimmy Hoffa his whole life. Imagine someone showing you this guy’s picture and then handing you a multiple choice question as to what he does for a living:                                                                                A: Florist                                                                                                                                          B: Mailman                                                                                                                                      C: Loan Officer                                                                                                                              D: Union thug

444The head of Under Armour. I remember when Under Armour first came out, I thought “Oh cool, undergarments that are like armor or some shit” then I found out that it’s just overpriced regular undergarments marketed to niggers. 


Well there ya have it, I guess Trump is really finished this time. Losing this top shelf list of high intellect, his grand plans for the economy are surely finished now. So let’s review: the Republicans who have been ensconced in power for decades who always tell the rubes back home that they are on their side but mysteriously haven’t ever been able to stop anything that the left wants, these corporate leaches who make billions by siphoning the American people dry like ticks along with the usual leftist suspects are all falling over themselves to denounce……………………….white people. Oh sure, they’re trying to color it up as something different. They’re trying to say that it’s all about “hate” or “bigotry” but considering that I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that none of these bastards live in the hood with the niggers they claim to love so much I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s all bullshit and what they really mean is white people exist for the sole purpose of supplying tax money to keep the blacks appeased and to be used as livestock for the big banks and corporate America to fleece so that people like Jamie Dimon can buy a new yacht next year. Now’s the time white America to make your choice. Do you have a voice or are you just livestock? The left may scream and try to intimidate you but in the end, the actual choice remains yours. 666




All New Levels of Shutting it Down


How do you know you’ve moved from a fringe movement to becoming an effective political force? When they can no longer ignore what you’re saying and doing. When the establishment can no longer blow you off as a few fringe cooks living in their mom’s basement. When our enemies can’t compete in the arena of discussion because we stand on the ground of truth, they have no other option than the same options Marxists have always gone to: shutting down the opposition. BLM has attacked numerous white people over the years including murdering white cops and nothing. Why? Because it’s their guys. However now that our ranks are growing and we’re making our presence felt, the word terrorism is being thrown around right and left. As of now from what I understand, Radio Aryan Chat was attacked and taken down. Daily Stormer is down. This space is up for now and traffic is spiking. You wanted to know what the path to winning would look like? Well, nobody said it was an easy road, that’s for sure. Stay tuned folks, things are just getting interesting.

Oh and by the way, if any of you wind up sharing a room with me at Guantanamo Bay, I call top bunk.