One thought on “It’s Tuesday”

  1. Thank you for the show!
    My guide to lure normies:

    Me: so, what do you think about media? The content in your telly.
    Normie: I hardly watch tv or listen radio.
    Me: why?
    Normie: because everything is shit there.
    Me: alright. What about economics? Has the capitalist world order worked as you hoped?
    Normie: ummh, no? Everything what comes to money, basicly sucks. 1% owns more then rest 99%.
    Me: yes. What about politics, do you think your goverm…
    Normie: …all politics and politicians and goverment and, and SUCKS! It’s all bullshit.
    Me: do you know who runs the media? Dominates the economics? Is behind the political super powers?
    Normie: no?
    Me: the jews.


    Normies basicly allready despises everything that jews control. Just open the curtain guys, open the curtain.

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