For Those of You Who Welcome More Immigration: This is Your Future

I honestly don’t understand these delusional people who think that bringing people from the underdeveloped world (read third world shitholes) to the west will magically make them just like us. It is nonsensical on its face but that doesn’t seem to stop them from feverishly hanging on to their delusions taught to them in the cult of equality. Here’s just a small sample of the many joys your diverse future will hold, should Nazis such as myself not be victorious in stopping this insanity.

A woman has said she was forced to withdraw rape allegations against four of her husband’s friends after being humiliated by police.

The alleged attack happened in Kerala, southern India. When it was reported to police, the woman said she was asked by an officer: ‘Which one of them gave you greatest pleasure?’

Seriously feminists, you are really going to miss the white male patriarchy when it’s gone. You are looking at going from the insanity of regretting having sex = rape to actual real rape = “which one pleasured you more”. Don’t sit there and say, “That won’t happen here because we have a different legal system”. Do you know where that different legal system came from? White men, which you are working feverishly to replace with these third world dudes. Guess what: when you replace the white men you replace the entire system that they put in place. You will have the new “which one gave you the greatest pleasure” system. Count on it.

6666White men call it rape. Moslems call it being a slut who deserves 100 lashes.


She said that while her husband was away, four of his friends came to her home, claiming he was in hospital.

They took drove her to a spot outside the city, she claims, where they took turns to rape her, NDTV reports.

Referring to two previous murders of women who were gang raped, activist  Bhagya Lakshmi wrote: ‘She told me it’s fortunate that Jisha and Soumya died or they would have to face repeated humiliation.’

Now I know some smug shitlib will read this and snark, “Heh these are Indians, not Moslems.” It doesn’t matter because Islam is just a reflection of racial identity and let’s be honest, there’s not much difference racially from street shitting Indians and Arabs. The end result for your country will be more or less the same. So is this what you want? Because the laws, customs and culture of a nation, the nation itself is made up of the people. If you replace the current people with a foreign people, your country will wind up looking just like the country the foreign people came from. Make no mistake you have to choose: cling to your delusions of equality or stand aside and support those who are trying to preserve western culture. If you choose the former, you will wake up one day to a brand new understanding of what a real rape culture looks like.


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