Filthy Jews Allow Hate Speech You Get Sued Long Time

Aren’t you so glad you have democracy and freedoms? Why you can say anything you want to in the West and not worry about getting into any trouble as long as you don’t hurt any feels or complain about being genocided. Have we hit the wall of absurdity yet when we have a gook prosecutor in Germany claiming that the kikes at Facebook aren’t doing enough to shut it down? If not, then we have to be close. 


German prosecutors are investigating Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg over allegations that the site failed to remove racist posts.

Attorney Chan-jo Jun has filed a complaint to courts in Munich alleging the company broke national laws against hate speech and sedition.

Facebook’s rules forbid bullying, harassment and threatening language, but critics say it does not do enough to enforce them.

You already can’t mention anything about Jews on Faceberg without being shut down completely, now this gook says they’re not being strict enough. This is such an obvious ploy. Look folks, read between the lines. The Jews want to do an even bigger shutdown push and are using this gook German prosecutor as an excuse.


The site has also been accused of failing to staunch a tide of racist and threatening posts on the social network during an influx of migrants into Europe.

Now why would there be a rise in so called racist posts after your country has been invaded by the third world? I’m skipping the “threatening” portion all together because we all know that this is utter B.S.. They always claim there are all these threats but we never actually see any of them. Strange, isn’t it? Still even if that were true, why are we not allowed to ask “Why”? If multiculturalism is our strength, why are people reacting so negatively to it? It has reached the point now where they aren’t even trying to hide that you are going to be forced out of your own countries, they are just telling you to shut the hell up and accept it.

Jun has compiled a list of 438 postings that were flagged as inappropriate but not deleted over the past year. 

So there are millions of posts on Facebook and this guy spent a year to come up with 438 that he himself has arbitrarily deemed to be inappropriate? This guy gets paid for this? Has he spent the entire year going through random Facebook posts looking for offending posts? Of course he hasn’t. He has undoubtedly been forwarded the offending posts by (((third parties))) who monitor such things.

They include what some might consider merely angry political rants but also clear examples of racist hate speech and calls to violence laced with references to Nazi-era genocide.

Translation: Merkel in a gas chamber memes. These kikes are really losing their edge. They used to be better at this. Again, why? Why are people reacting this way? If these people were sincere in what they claim they are doing (hint: they’re not) they would stop and ask why this is happening. Instead, they are just going all out to shut it down while they double down on flooding your country with the Middle East and Africa. This whole sham of framing this like Zuckerburg and his merry band of kikes are the victims being sued is a big red herring. You know these Jews aren’t going to face any sort of penalty for hate speech. This is just to make it appear as though they had no choice but to shut it down.


A rash of online abuse and violent attacks against newcomers to Germany accompanied the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants last year, which led to a rise in the popularity of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and has put pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel.

You see Goyim? These “newcomers” are the victims here. Victims of online abuse and violent attacks. They are all good boys who didn’t do nothing. They would already be perfectly integrated but for the hatred of white people for the color of the skin. Thankfully, you have gook prosecutors who scour Facebook for Nazi memes who can then turn around and assure the Jews that not only are they not doing a bad thing by shutting it down, they actually need to shut it down more than they are now. These people are all playing a game on you but thankfully, it’s not really that difficult to see through. I have never even bothered to get on Facebook. Hell, I can’t keep an account up on Twatter. It’s the same old story, they can’t defeat our positions of truth so they have no other choice but to shut it down and demand that we be good Goys and shut up and let them genocide us in peace. Well guess what kikes: it’s not happening.



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