Would You Could You on a Train?

Answer: no but you’ll be in front of a train if you relax around blacks.

A 30-year-old woman was taken into custody after allegedly shoving a 49-year-old woman to her death in front of a moving train at a busy New York subway station during an argument.

Witnesses said the suspect had been arguing with the victim and looked ‘proud’ as she was led away by officers at the Times Square-42nd St station on Monday. 

As of this writing, they hadn’t identified the victim so we don’t know if she was white or not. This would explain the “completely random act of senseless violence”. Well, that and…


‘What happened here today is tragic,’ Joseph Fox, chief of transit for the New York City Police Department, told reporters at the station.

One man’s tragedy is another man’s vibrant diversity. Ah yes, another day in the fun filled world of living with blacks. One minute you’re standing on the train platform, the next you’re catching a train…literally. If you look at things logically instead of allowing yourself to be manipulated emotionally then you have to ask yourself; exactly what are we gaining in our society by having these blacks here? What do they contribute to our society that is so great as to make the outbursts of random violence and crime totally worth it? Turn your emotions off and really think about it in a logical, detached fact based way. The bottom line is you can have a harmonious high trust society or you can have blacks. Choose one.


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

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