Troll President

After being told for months that it can’t happen, after being told we couldn’t do it, after being talked down to that it’s impossible, after a non stop barrage of shame words we’ve done it: Troll President.

6666            This is your President now.


I stayed up late last night and was on the live stream with the best shitlords out there and what we witnessed was historical. As soon as they called Florida for Trump it was over, the rest was desperate denial. They showed the crowd of degenerate feminists with their dyed hair and low T manlets with their neckbeards at Hillary’s HQ and they were literally in tears.

7777This is what reality crashing into your delusions looks like faggots.


I’ll admit, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. In everyone of those tear streamed faces I could see the smug snarky shitlibs on Twitter who kept telling us that Hillary was inevitable. I could remember all their little snarky remarks after each debate of , “How does it feel now that Hillary just won the election ha ha”. Well, who’s laughing now faggots?



The only thing sweeter than this was the expressions on the face of all the media people on TV. There was so much hand wringing and so much desperation to find some way to figure out how this wasn’t really happening. I found it quite funny that the shitlibs on the ground at Clinton HQ were even able to let it sink in they’d lost more easily than the media and it’s no wonder, the election of Trump was a crushing blow against the Jew run media. You see for the media, it wasn’t just a case of the kosher approved candidate they pushed lost it was the reality that their control of the narrative is largely lost. This is a fact that we’ve known for sometime but they have remained in denial about. Throughout this campaign we witnessed time and time again the media throw out one of their slanderous stories that would have worked back when they completely controlled the narrative only to see it torn apart on the internet within 24 hours, the personal information of the liar who brought the story out put out there for all to see as well as which part of the Clinton machine had paid them off. Yet through all of this, the media has remained in denial that they had lost control of the narrative. After last night, denial was no longer possible.



From here we press forward. People are now unafraid to say things they would have never dared utter just a few short years ago and this is because of us. We have pushed the narrative so far to the right with our extreme badthink that now these things are acceptable and guess what: we’re not finished. We’re not done pushing the narrative. We have made  it where white people are just beginning to think maybe it’s ok for them to look out for their own collective interest, just like everyone else. That’s nice but it’s just the beginning. We will push and push the truth until people are openly discussing things such as why we are required to put up with these blacks in our society when they contribute absolutely nothing positive. We will drive the narrative until the public no longer has to use terms like “globalist bankers” but instead will be saying “these Jews”. Think we can’t do it? Well just remember: a few short months ago people thought Hillary was inevitable and the white man would never make his voice heard in an election in America ever again. Don’t think we’re going away now that the election is over Marxists, we’re just getting started.




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