Yeah Sure You May Have Won but it Really Really is Over For You Haters Now

Another day another lame piece written by a bitter feminist about how we really really are finished now. These are the same people who told us Trump would never get the nomination, never win a single state and never win the Presidency. These are the same people who have spent countless hours online telling us our opinions are hated and irrelevant. One of the things I’ve come to realize from dealing with these people is that they live in a world of self delusion. If reality crashes through that bubble then they simply create a new delusion to explain the reality.

A VICTORY FOR Donald Trump is a victory for his supporters. Among them are voters who feel disenfranchised and overlooked, who fear their way of life is disappearing. But they also include a noisy minority of misogynist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic racists who made ubiquitous on social media during the campaign.

Ah nice. I’ll translate; “Yeah ok maybe not ALL of you Trump supporters are all these names we on the left have continually called you for over a year but some of you definitely are! If you are one of the ones  that I now begrudgingly admit might not be what I myself have been calling you all this time, you should immediately feel ashamed of those who really ARE this way and disavow them immediately! It’s for your own good and I definitely have your own good in mind.”

This group, known as the alt-right, grew from an obscure white supremacist think tank.

Yeah no it didn’t. Why are you so afraid to mention the Daily Stormer bitch? I mean, as far as scary factor it would add more sensationalism to your article, yet you won’t. Why? Is it perhaps because you’re scared to death that people may actually go there and be exposed to some hard truths?

 Yet perhaps paradoxically, their future looks iffy.

The alt-right is over: the version #50,485

On the one hand, for the alt-right and white supremacists, that affirmation is cause for them to celebrate: what was once only said on the fringes and behind closed doors now appears to be part of mainstream discourse. (See Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tweeting in jubilation at Trump’s ascendency.)

Yes, it’s called winning. It’s what happens when white people decide to quit jacking around listening to Marxist Jew lies and start standing up for themselves.

Yet even as a Trump presidency appears to increase its influence, the alt-right is bound to falter. The half-life for extremist groups is short: the alt-right has a good chance of fracturing into oblivion. Or it could just fizzle: that’s what happens when you no longer have anyone in power to yell at but your own champion.

Wishful thinking framed as dialectic. How original.

But Taylor is right about one thing: “For the next four years, these ideas will have to be discussed with much more openness, and frankness.” Because the alt-right’s talking points—Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and racism—are crucial motivators for many people who bore Trump to office.

It’s called racial identity politics. It’s literally what ever other single race on the face of the planet practices but it’s only evil when white people do it.

The consequences of having those ideas percolating through the national discourse are already being felt on a person-to-person level.

The mask these people wear is paper thin. YOUR ideas aren’t allowed. YOUR ideas are dangerous. If our ideas are so backward and unnatural, why must you people demand they be shut down and silenced?

“Kids have been catching hell because other kids’ parents say, ‘We’re against political correctness,’” says Painter. “That means you can act on your hatred.”

So speaking the truth = hatred. What people like the author of the article have failed to grasp is that now everyone is waking up to this line of bullshit and guess what: now they don’t care if you call it hate. Point out that blacks are low IQ and prone to crime and you will scream, “HATE!” However now nobody gives a shit anymore. So what do these people do? Double down on screaming hate. It’s all they can do. They’ve got nothing else but nobody cares anymore.

It’s not just anecdotal: the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks extremist groups, says hate crimes, domestic terrorism rates, and hate group membership have all risen over the past two years

So you quote a Jewish supremacist group as a legitimate source to claim that whites are white supremacists. Here’s a little mental exercise for you: if what the SPLC says is true, why is this happening then? Why are white people suddenly flocking to hate groups? Why are the Black Panthers not considered a hate group but the Daily Stormer is? There must be some reason. Just saying, “These white people are just hating for no reason whatsoever” really doesn’t make much sense. Of course, it’s not supposed to make sense. As usual with these intellectual light weights, it’s all about the feels.

It’s how the KKK rose to power in the South during and immediately after the Reconstruction period.

The KKK rose to power due to Jews flocking to the south and plundering it for everything they could and picking the meat off the carcass all while turning the niggers lose to run rampant. It’s a funny thing: when you attack a people they might actually organize and stand up for themselves but this is only considered noble if the Jew, blacks or any other racial group do it.

That same move into the mainstream is typically a precursor to dissolution, not more power. “The Klan dissolved pretty quickly, mostly due to internal bickering,” says Phyllis Gerstenfeld, a criminal justice professor at California State University, Stanislaus who studies extremist groups.

6666                                                                                                                                 Your hatreds are all over now Goyim.


That kind of self-destructive discord is a very common trajectory for extremist groups throughout history, and there’s no reason to believe that the alt-right won’t follow it.

That kind of self-destructive discord is very common because Jews usually find a way to infiltrate those groups and sew that discord but I have news for you kikes: we’re on to your games now. We have no plans to let you in our groups when you come around with your, “Hey, we’re one of you goys” routine.

7777                                                                                                       Just one of the boys.


“If you look at how they operate, they don’t get along well with others. Including each other,” Gerstenfeld says. So it may not be long before the alt-right’s troll army turns on itself.

I love how these people have no clue as to what we’re doing. She uses the term “troll army” so I know this fat Jew bitch reads Daily Stormer, yet she would rather convince herself that what we’re doing out in the open we’re not really doing, we’re actually just going to turn on each other and fall for the usual Jew tricks.

  the movement may soon find itself with a messaging problem. “Their whole attraction is they’re fighting to regain power,” says Gerstenfeld. “I don’t think they’ll do a good job spreading that message when they are in power and there’s nothing to fight against.”

In power? LOL Wut? Trump is just a stepping stone for us. We’re not even close to being in power….yet. Don’t worry, you’ll know when we are as you’re getting either a free train ticket to camp or you can pay for your own plane ticket to Jew Israel.

“People will stop caring,” Gerstenfeld says.

Wishful thinking really is a destructive thing. It keeps you focused on how you really really wish things were instead of dealing with practical solutions for dealing with how things are. Luckily our side has started figuring that out.

The Trump administration is not the early days of an alt-right America. It’s the beginning of a fringe group’s fall.   

Oh you people have no idea what is coming. You thought that if you could defeat Trump we would just go away but you were wrong. Now that Trump has won you believe that we will go away and your are still just as wrong. You see, we have a long term agenda that goes way beyond a single election and whether you realize it or not, people like you are helping us more than you can know. We will keep doubling down and you people, right on queue will keep pointing and calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist hater and we  will keep this going until everyone really is a racist hater. Then the fun really starts.

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