The Feels That Racism Makes You Feel You Can’t Even

In the continuing coverage of the outburst of pure racism from the election of Donald Trump, hajis are in fear for their lives everywhere they go. If only there was somewhere on the planet where they could go and not be subjected to this harsh racism. Some region of the world where they themselves are the majority and don’t have to face these attacks of pure unadulterated hatred.

A Muslim teacher was told to hang herself with her headscarf in a frightening note which said it was no longer ‘allowed’ after Donald Trump’s election win. 

Mairah Teli received the frightening order in an anonymous note left in her classroom at Dacula High School in Dacula, Georgia, on Friday.

6666                                                                                         I swear, don’t these “victims” all look exactly the same?


‘Mrs Teli, your head scarf isn’t allowed anymore. Why don’t you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it,’ said the message.

The 24-year-old teacher said the note was a result of Trump’s election victory and an indicator of the escalating racism it has triggered. 

Wow so not only did she receive this note of pure unadulterated racism, she even knows the exact cause of the hatred: Donald Trump. Allah must have told her.

‘I’m a high school teacher and sadly this anonymous note was put in my classroom today. 

No what’s sad is you are in my country and not in your own you stink monkey.

Spreading hate isn’t going to “make America great again,”‘ she said in a Facebook post about the incident. 

No but exporting haji filth like yourself will!

6666LOL Yeah this looks totally legit. Did she write it with her left hand to throw people off the trail? If the note is legit then she should be fired as a language arts teacher if her students can’t do any better than that.

The local school district told The Atlanta Journal Constitution it was determined to establish who had written it.

Yeah well if they do, I bet we won’t ever hear about it. Hint: see first picture above.

Scores of other racist incidents have been reported across the country since Trump triumphed over Hillary Clinton in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 

The white man awaketh!

In Redding, California, high school students distributed ‘deportation’ fliers to Latino students and others built a human wall preventing their Hispanic classmates from walking the halls of a different school in Dewitt, Michigan. 

Isn’t it funny, the kids forced to actually live with the diversity are the most woke? Strange isn’t it?

Neo-Nazi websites are relishing his win, telling frightened blacks and females they ought to be ‘afraid’. 
One encouraged his followers to troll them into suicide. 

LOL Yo Andrew!



Swastikas appeared in graffiti in Philadelphia and reports of individual muggings, attacks and threats against Muslims and other minority groups are rife. 

Wow it would appear that the election of Trump has caused black crime to disappear overnight! The swastikas are an added bonus! This is what I call winning!


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