Globalist Shills Get Their Jimmies Rustled Over the Possibility That the Gravy Train Has Ended

Globalist shills around the world are slowly waking up to the fact that a new day has dawned and the gravy train is coming to an end. Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and we’re already winning as he has indicated he plans to pull out as quickly as possible for the Paris Climate hoax agreement. Mary Robinson wept. 

The United States would become ‘a kind of rogue country’ if it pulls out of an international agreement to combat global warming, leaving the world more vulnerable to droughts and other climate extremes, warned Mary Robinson, a former Irish president and human rights advocate.

This hoax is so sloppy, even its proponents can’t keep the terms straight. The last I checked Mary global warming is out and climate change is in. They had to do this when they were forced to admit that New York City is (unfortunately) not underwater and we have been in a global cooling trend for quite some time. The only warming trends noted were where hoax scientists had placed thermometers above their stoves.

‘It would be a tragedy for the United States and the people of the United States if the U.S. becomes a kind of rogue country, the only country in the world that is somehow not going to go ahead with the Paris Agreement,’ Robinson said in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation on Sunday.

The one thing women fear on a fundamental level is not being a part of the collective. You can see this projected here on a international scale in the form of, “You wouldn’t want to be excluded from the international group think would you?!”

The deal aims to hold climate change to ‘well below’ 2 degrees Celsius of warming by moving the world economy away from fossil fuels

An international agreement to control weather patterns. Sounds totally legit.

The agreement provides for $100 billion a year in international funding from 2020 to help poorer countries develop cleanly and adapt to the already inevitable impacts of climate change.

Wow. $100 Billion that’s some serious coin. Where is the bulk of this money supposed to come from and how much of a cut of this money do people like Mary Robinson stand to get? You have to love these Marxists, they try to act like they are trying to help the poor (always with other people’s money) but in the end they’re just looking to line their own pockets.

Robinson, who now runs a foundation focused on seeking justice for people hit hard by climate impacts despite having contributed little to the problem, said she was confident other countries would continue their backing for the accord regardless of any action taken by the United States.

So in other words: she stands to profit from the agreement going through and all that money starting to flow. She’s now trying to play like she’s not pissing her pants over this but we all know the bulk of that money was to come from the U.S.. If Trump cans it the deal is effectively over. When they talk about America being essential to the agreement because somehow we’re more culpable for climate change what they really mean is we’re the ones with the deepest pockets.

‘I don’t think that the process itself will be affected (if) one country, however big and important that country is, decides not to go ahead,’ she said on the sidelines of U.N. climate talks in Marrakesh, due to end on Friday.

Good, then there shouldn’t be a problem right?

But a pullout could mean a ‘huge difference’ to already difficult efforts to gather enough international finance to help poorer countries develop their economies without increasing their emissions, ‘which is what they want to do’, she said.

As we used to say back in the day: Whoomp there it is!



‘The moral obligation of the United States as a big emitter, and a historically big emitter that built its whole economy on fossil fuels that are now damaging the world – it’s unconscionable the United States would walk away from it,’ she said of the threat to withdraw from the Paris deal. 

And here’s the emotional appealing to some sort of vague moral obligation. Just take a moment to think what these people are actually saying: because your country has done better than all these brown and black countries it is your moral obligation to give them all your money. In fact, the reason they’re poor in the first place is because your country has done well. If the human race survives for another 200 years people will look back at the era where women were actually allowed leadership positions as the era of insanity.

However, Robinson said she sympathised with Americans who had lost their jobs in polluting industries such as coal, many of whom supported Trump in his election campaign.

Yeah, nice afterthought Mary. Thanks.

‘Clearly they’re hurting at the moment,’ she said, calling for assistance to help such workers retrain and win new jobs in a clean energy economy.

I’m still waiting for the day when they tell us exactly what this “clean energy economy” is. I mean, I want an actual definition.

‘But it’s not a future to go backward into coal and have higher emissions in the United States,’ she warned. 

‘The impact of that will be felt by poor communities and poor countries all over the world.’

More emotional appeals. If you don’t give us the $100 billion dollars, the poor all over the world will suffer because you have cheap electricity.

As a U.N. envoy for El Nino and climate change, she said she had been in dry regions of Honduras where women told her they no longer had water as a result of worsening drought.

Honduras doesn’t have water because they don’t have a population with a high enough IQ to know how to drill wells to get to it. It’s not because of the emissions from my Harley or my pick up.

If the United States backs away on adopting clean energy, it also would be handing China the leadership role in a key new industry, she said.

This one has to be right up there with, “If you fight the terrorists they win!”

‘That’s not what so many states, businesses, cities and academic communities and local communities want in the United States,’ she said.

Translation: that’s not what the Jews want.

‘People in the United States have to get up and make a big noise, and business in the United States has to make a big noise about this,’ she said.

As always when dealing with Marxists, the threats come real soon after the shallow emotional appeals. She is calling for the Marxist street muscle to get out there and start burning bitches down. These people are really starting to wake up to the reality that the free ride is over. Their time is passing. They had it made for awhile but as usual, they overplayed their hand and now they are flinging about wildly trying to hold on to power. However, it’s too late. The dawn of Nationalism is rising.

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