Why is Anyone Obligated to Take Them In?

When dealing with the invader crisis, cucked out governments always seem to operate from the premise that these people have to go somewhere other than their own country. Why is it that some white country is obligated to take these people in? Once again we see governments acting as though these are extremely complicated questions when the answer is quite simple: send them back.

Australia’s prime minister said on Monday resettlement to the United States of many of the 1,200 asylum seekers held in detention camps on Papua New Guinea and the Pacific island of Nauru will begin after President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration in January

If this were a dating scene, Australia would be the cute girl shit testing alpha male Trump. I’m betting on Trump passing with flying colors.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Sunday that the United States had agreed to take a “substantial” number of those held on Manus Island and Nauru. Many of them are Muslims who have fled conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So we’re supposed to fly these people in from the other side of the world? This makes absolutely no sense. Why would we do that? When you  talk about “refugees” you think of people fleeing across the border into neighboring countries due to wars and  conflict, not being flown in from the other side of the planet. This isn’t refugee relief, it’s population replacement.

The resettlement deal with United States came after Turnbull’s government agreed in September to accept people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as part of Australia’s annual intake of 18,750 asylum seekers, to support a resettlement plan for Central Americans drawn up by Washington.

FFS our governments have become completely non-functional. So Obama agreed to take in more Moslems by flying them in from the other side of the planet and in exchange Australia agreed to take in Guatemalans that we fly to the other side of the planet and give to them. LOL Wut? Makes no sense right? Well it doesn’t make any sense unless the whole plan is to replace the native white populations with whatever brown people you can find. This way they can claim, “We’re not taking in any Guatemalans!” but leaving out that instead you’re bringing in Moslems. The end result winds up being the same: no more white country.

“It looks pretty clear that the resettlement deal was done as a quid pro quo after Australia agreed to resettle Central American refugees,” said Peter Chen, professor of political science, University of Sydney.

“But by holding off and starting the process in the expectation that Hillary Clinton would win the U.S. presidency, it gives Trump the ability to reject the deal.”

The plan was that Hillary would be elected and the white population replacement program would continue unabated.

Should Trump veto the deal with Australia, the detainees would be left with the choice of returning to their home countries or remaining in Nauru or Papua New Guinea.

In a world that made sense, returning them to their home countries would be option number one in every instance. Why the hell are these people agonizing like that’s the worst thing to do? These people have no human right to live in whatever country offers them the most free everything forever they can get.

A veto would force Turnbull to search for another country willing to take them while facing growing outrage both at home and internationally over the treatment of the refugees.

Translation: Jews will whine and complain about muh human rights when it comes to the poor refugees. Someone remind me again how many refugees has Israel taken in? Oh yeah that’s right, none. You think it’s an outrage that these people will have to choose CHOOSE whether to stay laying around the camp or go back home? If I were in charge the choice would be much clearer for this trash.




Turnbull said he remained confident that the new U.S. administration would stand by the deal, stressing that it didn’t require any increase in the United States’ annual intake of asylum seekers.

You know what I think the U.S. intake of annual asylum seekers should be? Zero. Why is any white country obligated to take any of these people in? They have zero skills, zero education and will do nothing but commit crimes, draw welfare and have countless kids that will then be cemented in as “citizens” and be that much harder to uproot and get rid of later. This is all a part of the plan: get these people here and have them keep reproducing like the roaches they are so that then Jews will whine that “but but but they’re Americans!” and that we can’t possibly get rid of them. Never lose sight of the fact that the long term goal of these people is to replace the native white population. It’s not an accident it’s not a natural disaster. They are spending who knows how many millions if not billions of dollars to fly them in! We are facing genocide in our own countries and it’s a deliberate calculated plan.

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