Twitter Barreling Over the Cliff



As you all know, I have been banned from Twitter multiple times. The last time after only three days. After the last time I figured it was time to move on, as I could see where this was headed. Now they are cranking up the ban machine and purging accounts right and left. This was always baked into the cake. Our opponents cannot oppose us with facts so they always wind up at trying to shut us up. However now we are seeing an acceleration in the shut downs. Part of this is retribution over Trump’s victory on November 8th. It’s no secret that we have used social media very successfully in getting our message out there even in the face of their attempts to marginalize and shut us up. Now that we have propelled Trump to the Presidency they are angry and lashing out in fear. Again, we knew from the start that this was going to happen. Still, strictly from a business perspective, it is amazing to watch a company whose stock prices are already suffering and who can’t find a buyer appear to be committing ritual suicide right before our eyes. In what world is it good business to throw out as many of your customers as you can? These social media companies live and die by the number of subscribers they get and Twitter is currently throwing out as many as they can. It shows that no matter what the purpose of your organization, whether it’s a business, a church, a civic group or whatever once it becomes sufficiently converged by Marxists the original purpose of the organization goes out the window. Once the convergence is complete the sole purpose of the organization is to promote Marxism and nothing else, even at the cost of the very existence of the organization itself. You see this time and again, whether it’s converged churches whose membership roles dwindle to the point that empty pews turn into shuttered doors or companies like Twitter that no longer care at all about keeping a customer base. Now if you’re a normie you are probably like, “Oh come on Grandpa Lampshade, you’re a Nazi of course people with badthink like you are going to be banned” but now you are already seeing them move on to the (shall we say) less hard core segment of the alt-right. Then next will be the normie conservative types and the final stage will be when they start banning their own for not being politically correct enough. Marxist purges always work this way. I keep reminding all of you: this is the same ideology that has marched countless people to the ditch over the years. Now they’ve put on nicer sounding terms like “politically correct” or “social justice” but don’t kid yourself these people would giggle with glee to watch you take a bullet to the back of the head. So now Twitter if officially fully converged so it’s fate is sealed. Once the organization no longer fulfills the purpose that made it successful to begin with it will die, then the very same Marxists will move on to the next thing to try and converge. Always be on the look out for them and when they come around posing as being reasonable and just wanting to add some reasonable restriction on what is and isn’t acceptable, don’t give them an inch. These people have shown themselves to be experts at purges. It’s time we learn to start doing a little purging ourselves.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Barreling Over the Cliff”

  1. I am in the same boat. Banned and banned, now I am done once and for all with twitter. I went so far as buying a 60 dollar Iceland domain name and setting a blog/website up hosted in Iceland. If you have a .com .net .org or any American domain name the government can seize your domain name as well.

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