NATO Fags Enter the Acceptance Stage of Grief

NATO should be abolished. It was created to oppose the Soviet Union (which I like to refer to as the Soviet Onion kek) which ceased to exist years ago. Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has been in search of a reason to exist. It’s not hard to figure out why, it’s been a lucrative operation for both nations and individual people. Now that Trump has been elected, the free ride is over and these people know it. 

Donald Trump is right to demand that NATO members spend more on defence, the alliance’s chief has said.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg voiced confidence in the US president-elect’s commitment as he urged other countries to contribute more.

What he’s really afraid of is Trump will pull the plug on this useless money pit all together. Russia isn’t threatening any of it’s neighbors, this is just an excuse to not have to spend money on their own defense budget.

He pointed out that only a handful of the 28 members were hitting the target for 2 per cent of GDP to go on military spending – a small group that includes Britain.

As a result they are relying too heavily on America to pick up the slack.

Oh and he just recognizes this problem right now, after years. Glad to see he’s caught up. The real question is what is the biggest threat to say, France’s national security? Is it Russia or is it the Moslem hordes that are invading?

6666The Russians aren’t coming. The real threat to Europe has already crossed the border and looks like this.


Mr Stoltenberg said he had yet to speak to the new commander-in-chief, but would tell him that increasing European defence spending was one of his top priorities.

“Please don’t dissolve this money pit! I’ll do what I can to get the other members to help pay for it” The thing is the European members pretty much know there isn’t really a reason for NATO to even exist, they’ve just hung on to it because it’s been a money maker for them. The less money you have to spend on national defense the more money you can spend to import Africa into your European countries so they can pay the pensions.

Pointing to failing states in North Africa, the threat from ISIS, and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, he said: ‘You have to increase defence spending when tensions go up.

All three of these things he points to as though they just fell out of the sky and happened on their own, NATO itself had a hand in creating. They know this of course and with Trump telling everyone we’re not going to do anymore war to infinity with no benefit to ourselves, they can see where this is headed.

At a mini-summit with EU leaders in Berlin today, outgoing US President Barack Obama urged them to work with the Trump administration to resolve the conflicts in Syria and eastern Ukraine.

Again, work with Trump to solve these problems that they themselves created on purpose. NATO has been a helpful way for the ZOG to have a fig leaf of “international consensus” when they launch new wars for Israel. However now Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t plan to keep launching new wars that just make things for everyone worse. This leaves NATO officially out in the cold. It is long past time to not only put this horse out to pasture but dig the ditch and throw it’s dead body in once and for all.


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