Fatal Bus Crash Story

By now you are all aware of the story about the fatal bus crash. A bit more information has come out so I thought it worth sharing and giving the GPL take on it.

The last words of a driver before he sped round a curb and crashed a school bus, killing five children and injuring 23 more, were reportedly: ‘Are y’all ready to die?’

The mother of three children who were on the bus – including one who died – said her daughter revealed what Johnthony Walker told them right before the crash.

Honestly, my first reaction when I saw this story this morning was who would hire this guy as a school bus driver?



I mean seriously, this guy showed up and was like, “I be wantin a job drivin da bus niggas” and someone made the decision of, “Yeah great, you’re hired!”

Walker, 24, is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide as well as reckless driving and reckless endangerment after the crash on Monday afternoon.

But his mother Gwenevere Cook claims that Walker is a responsible father and called her immediately after the fatal crash to tell her what happened as he helped rescue the children from the wreck.

Has there ever been a black mom who admitted that her son was anything but a shining pillar of the community?

‘He’s never been in trouble before. He is a respected young man, grew up in Chattanooga and is liked by everyone,’ she said.

In other words….a good boy din ever do nuffin.

On Tuesday, Zyanna Harris, 10, Cordayja Jones, nine, and a girl called Zoey were identified by family members as three of the five Woodmore Elementary students who died in Monday.

Now I know any normies who happen to be reading this are assuming that Grandpa Lampshade is taking an opportunity to be a racist hater hating on the color of the skin for no reason but keep in mind: almost if not all these kids were blacks. And you people think I don’t have a heart…SMH.

Craig Harris, whose daughter and stepson were both on the bus, told ABC’s Good Morning America that he doesn’t know Walker, but has seen him drive faster than he should on numerous occasions.

Harris added that he also tried to be around in the afternoons as Walker would sometimes drop his children off at different spots on his street.

I know I shouldn’t laugh but he would drop the kids off at random spots? LOL Wut? Could the school bus company not find any old black guys to drive the bus? The story says a private company owns and operates the school buses. Let’s hear from their spokesman.

David A. Duke, the CEO of bus company Durham School Services, issued a statement on Twitter saying the company was ‘devastated’ by the accident and is working with police and school officials to investigate. 

6666                        If THIS David Duke were doing the bus driver hiring, this whole incident could have been avoided. 


Federal records show the private company has had 142 crashes resulting in injuries – and three deaths – in the past two years, according to the Tennessean. 

Overall, Durham has been involved in 346 crashes, 201 of which were towaway wrecks, in the past 24 months.

I dunno fam, sounds like a less than stellar record to me. Perhaps it has something to do with their hiring practices.

On Monday night, hundreds of people lined up to donate blood at hospitals and some donors were asked to make appointments for Tuesday.

6666Actual picture from the story of people lined up to donate blood. Notice anything strange?


So you go through the entire story and it’s nothing but blacks. When you get to the part where people are lined up to donate blood in an effort to help these kids what do we see? Like magic the first white faces appear. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not downing on these people for donating blood to help little black kids, I’m really not. What grates me is the fact that throughout the entire story everyone is the victim (obviously the little black kids really are the victims) including the bus driver who reportedly yelled at the kids asking them if they were ready to die. I’m sure there will be lots of law suits filed to collect money but who are the folks lined up to do what they can to help these kids who look nothing like them and will probably grow up hating whitey? That’s right, white people to the rescue again and just like in every other instance, we won’t even get a thank you.



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