Black Friday

One of the most dehumanizing things that you see on display in America is this black Friday nonsense. Coming  back into town yesterday evening I drove past the Walmart and saw that the parking lot was completely full. I have often pointed out that in the capitalist utopia of America today, we are nothing more than livestock whose sole purpose in life is for those who rule over us to milk us for shekels and make themselves richer and richer. They charge you a ridiculous amount of money to be born and a ridiculous amount of money to bury you when you die. Everything else in between amounts to being a wage slave and fighting over cheap made crap from China as though your life depends on it. When you look at the pictures of people on black Friday, this takes on a literal meaning. People are lined up like cattle outside the store. Then when they open the doors they jostle into one another like cattle being herded through the chute to go inside and spend more money they really don’t have on cheap made crap that won’t last that they really probably don’t even need. The black Friday fun doesn’t just stop there though; it takes on an even more fun and exciting angle when the term takes on a literal meaning by throwing in the vibrancy. Because as well all know, you can’t have any sort of big gathering of blacks without some surprise outbreaks of violence. Let the fun begin!

around-blacks-never-relax                                                                  Ima getting my shoppin on muffugha.


Two people were shot dead and two others were injured in three separate incidents in New Jersey, Nevada and Tennessee as Black Friday shopping kicked off.

I wonder what races were involved in these? SMH there I go being a racist and assuming that random shootings more than likely involve blacks.

A man was fatally shot and his brother was wounded in a shooting outside of a Macy’s in New Jersey on Friday morning while another was shot dead in an apparent road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Nevada on Thursday.

A fourth person suffered a gunshot wound on Thursday at a mall in Tennessee as shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.

Sure you might get shot and killed but it’s totally worth it to grab up that $2 off item from China that you didn’t even know you needed yesterday!

A 20-year-old Atlantic City man was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene while his 26-year-old brother, from Clayton, was shot in the leg and listed in stable condition at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

Officials did not immediately say what sparked the shooting or if they had any suspects. 

I always think it’s funny when police officials are at a complete loss for an explanation of motive when it comes to a shooting. It’s always a tip off that blacks are more than likely involved. When it’s white people, 90% of the time the motive becomes clear right away. With blacks, it’s always a complete mystery because to come to the conclusion that they are genetically predisposed to outbursts of violence over the smallest things would just be pure racism.

Meanwhile in Nevada on Thursday, a person was shot dead in a road rage incident in a Walmart parking lot in Reno, police said.

Ok, I’ll admit as I read through this I thought, ‘Ok this one might possible be an angry white guy.’

Police and the FBI are investigating the Thanksgiving shooting as authorities search for a dark-colored Toyota Camry or Corolla that was driven by a driver described as a light-skinned black male.



LOL Guess not.

In Tennessee, a man suffered a gunshot wound after shots were fired at Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis on Thursday around 11.15pm as shoppers were looking to score Black Friday deals at the mall.

I drove through Memphis while traveling last year. 0/10 could not relax. It’s a total shit hole which as we all know means all blacks.

6666I just don’t understand this Grandpa Lampshade guy. What could he possibly mean that this entire black Friday thing is an illustration of our lives as livestock? 

6666Chill out and get dem bargains muffugha. 


Video apparently recorded inside a Walmart in Bainbridge, Georgia, showed shoppers fighting over towels that were on sale for $1.60 during the Black Friday rush on Thursday.

At one point, one woman so eager to get her hands on a power of towels fall into the box. 

It’s just like when they’re looting, it really doesn’t matter what they’re grabbing they just go into a frenzy. Now let’s switch back to the ecnomics angle of this madness.

With increased confidence in job security, wage growth and soaring markets, shoppers are planning to spend, spend, spend over the holidays. 

Wage growth? LOL Wut? I just love media stories that highlight how completely detached from the reality of the day to day lives of average working people these folks are. Somehow you are supposed to believe that the stock market going up = you are doing better because economics.



They also estimate that holiday sales will grow 3.6 percent on last year – bringing a $630.05 billion boon to the economy.

Does it ever strike you as funny that every year we hear how all this shopping frenzy is this big boon to the economy? Yet when it is all over with, you find that you are even more broke than you were before with nothing to show but some cheap made Chinese crap. This ties in with the notion they perpetuate that GDP growth = life is better for everyone when the truth is, GDP growth = debt growth which means the Jews’ usury scam can go on a little longer. They whip these events up and ingrain them into our culture to make you feel as though you must go out and spend this money even if you don’t have it by putting it on your credit card. Of course, this means ridiculous interest rates and entrenches you deeper into your position as a debt slave. Let’s face it: for the Jews this IS boon to the economy.

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