We’re All Russian Comrades Now

The (((media))) continues to sell this notion that anyone who is opposing the Marxist agenda for our country are all just Russian trolls on Putin’s payroll. If this is so, would someone please tell Vlad my check is late, because I could really use the shekels. This ties in with the latest noise they have been making about so called “fake news” on social media. I knew the minute this fake news thing started circulating around that it was going to be some sort of effort to shut us down. Indeed, it’s become obvious that is indeed what it is.

Analysts have accused Russia of sponsoring the spread of ‘fake news’ on social media accounts to swing the US election for Donald Trump. 

Two separate groups have alleged that the Kremlin was behind Twitter and Facebook posts promoting anti-Hillary Clinton stories.

One told The Washington Post how the ‘propaganda’ was designed to chip away at American voters’ faith in democracy. 

Isn’t it funny how the people who are claiming to be so worried that the Russians are chipping away at people’s faith in the democracy are at the same time going on and on about how somehow Trump isn’t the real winner of the election because of the Russians? I guess we aren’t supposed to notice this because we are too busy out grabbing up those bargains on black Friday.

In a blog post titled ‘Trolling for Trump: How Russia Is Trying To Destroy Our Democracy’, analysts Andrew Weisburd, Clint Watts and JM Berger described how they began tracking social media accounts in 2014 when ‘organized trolls’ targeted posts which criticized the Russian-supported Syrian government regime.

Hmmm (((Weisburd))) and (((Berger))) eh? Surprise surprise Goyim!

The trolls worked alongside what the analysts called ‘honeypot’ accounts – fake profiles of young, attractive women eager to become involved in politics with American users.

Well hell, there goes all those fashy females I thought were following me. It turns out it’s just some hairy Russian in his mom’s basement. Thanks for letting me know media kikes.

‘Today, that network is still hard at work, running at peak capacity to destroy Americans’ confidence in their system of government. 

Americans already have like 0 confidence in the government. Exactly how are these people going about doing this? Are they the ones talking non stop about how somehow Hillary was cheated or that now the system should be rigged and the electoral voters should jew us all over by switching their votes to Hillary?

‘We’ve monitored more than 7,000 social media accounts over the last 30 months and at times engaged directly with them,’ the blog post read. 

Among ‘fake’ stories peddled by accounts with links to Moscow was one focused on Clinton’s apparent ill health after she fell ill at a 9/11 memorial event in September. 

Speculation grew over her condition after she appeared to faint on camera while getting in to her car. A string of stories ensued after the Democratic candidate appeared at other events fighting a lingering cough. 

It was later revealed she was battling pneumonia. Some outlets, however, picked up on claims she was suffering Parkinson’s disease or Syphilis.

The unfounded reports were then shared thousands of times on Twitter, said the experts.

Oy vey! The Goyim aren’t listening to our narrative….shut it down!



Another ‘fake’ story, according to the Post, told how anti-Trump protesters were being paid to appear at rallies.

Other American outlets, including ABC, reported claims from anonymous sources they had been paid to appear in protest against the businessman at the time. 

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that this entire article about fake news stories that they admit here were even covered (though in a limited sense) by the MSM is using a blog as their chief source of material? What elevates this into even more top kek territory is comparing the real world work we’ve done on the internet uncovering and exposing their lies being framed as somehow fake to this story about a poor Syrian girl who is begging for someone to come stop the Russians from bombing her ISIS neighbors in Aleppo. In this amazing piece we’re treated to a heart wrenching story about a little girl in Syria who has watched what she knows are Russian bombs killing her best friend  and is in desperate need of help who just also so happens to still have top notch internet service.

6666The only thing keeping me going while hiding in my bed from Russian bombs is being able to still update my status on Facebook. 


The entire piece is observably half assed propaganda that is designed to get the Goyim on board with the Jews’ goal of toppling Assad and helping ISIS, even if it risks a conflict that could escalate to global nuclear war. Yet, it is presented to us without any skepticism. We are supposed to have an emotional reaction and jump on board with yet another foreign policy that is absolutely counter to everyone involved’s interests except for the Jews.

6666It’s not like we haven’t seen this trick before. 


They’ve overused this tactic to the point that even the normies are becoming immune to it. Now they have the chutzpah to whine about our efforts online to expose their lies for what they are as fake news while bombarding us nonstop with this observably false BS. They so much want to turn back the clock 30 years to a time when they completely controlled the flow of information the people had access to. It was a the one unforeseen vulnerability in their democracy scam. Now that the cat is out of the bag and we have the internet, we are no longer captive to their propaganda to get the masses to go along with their own destruction for the benefit of the Jews. It’s a whole new world and their system of control is breaking down.






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