Another Edition of Excitement With Blacks

Man would our societies be dull and predictable if we didn’t have blacks living among us. Just think about it, you would go about your day to day lives with hardly any chance of sudden excitement. Do you want to know what blacks contribute to our society? Vibrancy! 

A Pennsylvania man who led police on a chase that ended with a fiery crash that killed three people in another car was likely driving more than 100 mph and had a suspended license, police said in a criminal complaint filed Friday.

Even trips to the grocery store are made more exciting with blacks.

Demetrius Coleman, 22, of Pittsburgh, is charged with criminal homicide, vehicular homicide, and aggravated assault with a vehicle among other charges in the Thanksgiving afternoon crash on a busy highway about 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. He remained in UPMC Mercy hospital in police custody Friday…

The name is of course a dead give away. What’s funny is the story doesn’t have his picture so I was having to do a Google search for him. You would be surprised at how many criminals there are by the name of Demetrius Coleman. Then gain, maybe not.

6666Such a shock and I’ll bet he was in the process of turning his life around.


Coleman was pulled over by East McKeesport police about 2:30 p.m. Thursday for making an illegal turn, then sped away when officers learned he was wanted for violating his probation for a felony charge of possessing with intent to deliver drugs, the complaint said. Specifics on the drug charge weren’t immediately available Friday because it was a court holiday.

“The problem is the drug laws! If we didn’t have all of these drug laws he really would have been a good boy who dindu nuffin”….libertarians.

Two adults and a toddler in the car Coleman hit at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and state Route 48 were killed when it burst into flames. The crash scene, in North Versailles, was about 2 miles away from the initial traffic stop.

6666Another white family destroyed in the name of the false god of equality. 


Tell me again altruists how the life of this nigger is equal to the lives of this white family.

Online court records show Coleman was on probation for a 2012 drug possession case when he was charged with drug possession with intent to deliver in March. He was sentenced to jail, but then paroled and had his probation on the former case extended.

If the only reason blacks are so over represented in prison is because of racism, why is it that this pillar of the community managed to receive parole? In a National Socialist state, people are held responsible for the areas they are in charge of. I’m not talking about holding the criminal in this case responsible that’s a given, I’m talking about holding the people who granted him parole and turned him out on the streets responsible. The blood of this family is on the hands of those who said, “Meh sure he seems like he’s turning his life around. Let’s let him out”. Can you imagine how much more careful they would be in making these decisions if they knew that if something like this were to happen they would be held responsible? But but but Grandpa Lampshade, if we did that hardly anyone would get parole! Yeah, that’s the idea.

As Locke crested a hill, he could see the roof of Coleman’s vehicle weaving in and out of traffic and approaching the intersection, where the light was red, the complaint said.

That’s when Locke saw a “large fireball and the telephone pole was immediately sheared in half and flipped over,” the complaint said. Police used a vehicle to push Coleman’s vehicle away from the burning vehicle, where a man was found lying outside, dead, with the woman and child inside the burning wreckage.

Yeah sure it sucks when your family gets burned to death but at least you aren’t a racist.

Paul Trammel, who lives nearby and rushed to the scene when he heard the crash, said police “should have backed off” because “they would have eventually gotten the guy sooner or later. … They had the guy’s license plate.”

From the name I’ll assume this is a white guy. Behold the cuck in it’s natural environment: blaming the police for the reckless criminal behavior of blacks. Because we all know if the police  hadn’t chased him then he wouldn’t have done anything and would have probably got his rap career off the ground and become a real contribution to society. Yeah sure a nice white family has been taken from society and we’ll never get them back but don’t worry there are countless more Demetrius’ out there to replace them. It’s time to stop being a faggot, stop making excuses for them and face the hard question: what exactly do we gain from having blacks in our society?


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