It’s Almost Like They Bring Their Way of Life With Them

The belief that the dirt in western countries is somehow magical seems to take a hit every day. The reality of the world is that people’s customs and religion are a reflection of their genetic racial make up. Thus, moving them to other parts of the planet doesn’t have any real effect on their beliefs or the actions they take. When you objectively think about it this would appear to be obvious on its face but this observable reality flies in the face of the “we’re all the same but for the color of the skin” lies the Jews have peddled to us over the years.

A father accused of killing his daughter was caught on surveillance video loading his revolver at a gas station the day before the shooting, a court has heard.

Jamal Mansour, 64, from Rocky River, Ohio, has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder and other charges stemming from the shooting of 27-year-old Tahani Mansour on September 27 in their family home.

Now, with a name like Jamal you might be thinking black but no, today’s winner comes from Jordan.



The father, a wealthy businessman, told a judge after his arrest that the shooting was accidental, however prosecutors argue the footage of him loading the weapon proves he had a ‘calculated plan’.

So much for poverty being the cause of crime.

Court records indicate Mansour said he shot his daughter ‘out of anger’. Authorities haven’t released further details about a potential motive.

Prosecutors allege Mansour shot his daughter three times in the head, once from just one-foot away, reports. 

Shot her three times in the head at point blank range while she was in bed and he thought he could claim it was an accident. LOLOLOL

During an arraignment hearing in September, Rocky River Prosecutor Michael O’Shea described the killing as an ‘execution’. 

The prosecutor’s description of the killing has raised the suggestion that it might have been an honor killing, but the suspect’s attorney, Angelo Lenardo, vehemently denied it, saying the very notion was ‘racist and offensive.’  

Pointing out the obvious is of course racist and offensive and of course there is no greater offence in the west than to be racist and offensive. Even shooting your daughter three times in the head pales in comparison.

Mansour, a married father-of-six and a grandfather, moved to the U.S. from Jordan in 1978, and owned several stores across Ohio.

Why did he have to come here? As far as the mid east countries go, Jordan isn’t exactly Yemen.

Records show that Jamal had previously threatened to commit suicide over Tahani’s work-related trip to Las Vegas. 

The station WOIO obtained a police report dated December 1, 2012, saying that someone had called the authorities saying that Jamal had threatened to take his own life if his daughter failed to return home from a conference in Las Vegas by 7am the next day.

Police officers performed a welfare check on Jamal, who denied ever threatening to harm himself but confirmed that he was upset with Tahani for going to Las Vegas. 

6666                                                                                         No mention of her mother in the article but I’m going to assume she was white as the daughter doesn’t show very many monkey characteristics. 


So Jamal’s daughter does to Vegas with her job and he knows that Vegas = slutting it up western style. What happens next? The same thing that happens in Jordan when fathers decide that their daughters are slutting it up: honor killings. It doesn’t matter if they have money and it doesn’t matter what geographic location they live in. This is the thing that so many of you miss when it comes to discussing the Moslem problem: the religion is simply a reflection of their own racial identity. If you brought in atheists from the same part of the world you would still wind up with the same vibrant results. The religion is simply the justification.

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