Unarmed Teen Shoots White Cop For No Apparent Reason

In a normal world, when there is a murder you look for some type of motive. Remember those detective shows and books you used to read where they had to use all of their investigative skills to track down the murderer and figure out the motive for the crime? Well those days are gone. With blacks you don’t have to have motive. It’s motive enough that they were slaves hundreds of years ago.

The man accused of shooting dead a Wayne State University police officer has been charged in the cop’s murder, according to Wayne County prosecutors. 

DeAngelo Davis, 31, has been charged with first-degree murder, murder of a police officer and gun crimes in the shooting of officer Collin Rose.

Even if they don’t include photos in the news stories, which in the U.S. they hardly do anymore, you can guess just by the name. One look and you know it’s either a star in the NFL or a criminal. Often times, both.

Davis allegedly shot Rose, 29, in the head at around 6.45pm on Tuesday a few blocks from the university’s campus. 

Rose was investigating possible thefts of navigation systems from vehicles near the school when he was killed. 

He was shot in the head as he tried to arrest Davis. 

But why though? You might wonder why someone would risk facing a murder charge vs fighting a charge over petty theft but with blacks, it’s all about the spur of the moment. One minute you’re trying to get paid so you can fund your rap career, the next you have to bust a cap on a popo.

6666Such a shame. He has the potential to contribute so much to our society. 


Wayne State University sergeant Cary Glazer said Wednesday he had previously had a run-in with Davis when he was patrolling around the campus in 2011.

A man walking in the street swore at him and told him to get out of the way. Glazer says he got out of his car and the pair struggled until other officers arrived.

He was just trying to turn his life around but the police just wouldn’t give him a chance and were always messing with him.

6666How can you suggest that this man is not exactly equal in value to the one who shot him?


The unpleasant truth is that you cannot have a high trust peaceful society and have blacks in it. The fact that you know this one black guy who is pretty ok is irrelevant. Yes, I also know blacks that I talk to from time to time in passing  (OMG a Nazi actually speaks with blacks…assumptions SHATTERED) that seem alright but that has nothing to do with discussing over all group behaviors. The truth is the truth and that truth says blacks and high trust society cannot coexist. That just leaves the unpleasant question of; what do we do about it?


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