How Are You Canadians Enjoying the New Canada?

Oh Canada, you were once like America to the north only colder. WTF has happened? I mean, I look around and America is a mess but at least we seem to be alarmed over it and trying to do something about it. Ya’ll on the other hand, seem to be plunging toward the abyss content in the feels your signalling gives you (I of course am not bashing those poor Canadians who are woke).

Meet the first television anchor to wear a hijab while reading the news at one of Canada’s major broadcasters. 

Progress at last! Now, you might think this seems like you’ve been invaded by foreigners who are changing the very fabric of what makes your nation what it is but you’re wrong. I mean sure your country will look more and more like Pakistan but it’s a small price to pay for diversity and these people are no different than you except for the color of the skin.

She created a buzz after the broadcast ended and she tweeted: ‘That’s a wrap! Tonight wasn’t just important for me. I don’t think a woman in hijab has ever anchored a newscast in Canada.’ 

Is this supposed to be a pun? I’m not sure because I really don’t do Haji humor.

Canada Anchor Hijab            Why would anyone suggest that inviting invaders into your country will make things different? 


‘I’ve talked to many women who are journalists in the U.S. who work behind the scenes and they’ve told me that they face multiple challenges trying to get on air,’ Massa said. 

‘They’ve been told because of their hijab, that’s not going to happen. That makes me really sad because they’re being held back by someone else’s idea of what the public can or cannot handle.’ 

Do they not have TV in Jordan? Do they not have TV in whatever desert stink hole you crawled out of? Of course they do but oh no, that doesn’t count, it has to be HERE. It’s not about what the public can handle, as though we are the ones who are just so full of racism and can’t handle seeing a Hajiess on TV, it’s that we recognize what an invasion looks like. Imagine for a moment that this so called “refugee crisis” hadn’t happened and instead, an alliance of Middle Eastern countries and Africans had invaded Canada and the U.S. and taken over. What, exactly would look different? They are shoving their customs and cultures down our throats and asserting themselves as the dominant culture. Honor killings are already a thing. What exactly would be different from an armed invasion? Oh yeah I know; in an armed invasion the governments and the people would fight and resist it. Thankfully in 2016 everyone has learned that if you just bring them in unarmed the populace will roll over and welcome their replacements with open arms. After all, the signalling points are so worth it.

‘I always wanted to work in broadcasting or media in some capacity, and my real desire was to be in front of the camera, but in the back of my mind I worried about whether I could make it very far in hijab,’ she said.

I’ll tell you just how far you can go in hijab: right back to Africa or wherever the hell you came from.

2222They’re smiling because they believe they are replacing you. 


Of course, she whines about all the hate she has received on Twitter. Yeah I’ll cry exactly six million tears for you, right after you get on the plane back to wherever the hell you belong. Seriously, look at her. I can’t tell what she is. I don’t understand how so many people cannot grasp the obvious reality that is staring them in the face when we tell them that bringing in the entirety of the the third world will change their country into the third world. They just look at you like you’re from Mars with these dead stupid eyes. Meanwhile they turn on the TV to watch what looks like Pakistan channel 9 and wait for the Moslem call to prayer quit blaring so they can listen to the game.

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