Marxists of a Feather….

Black Lives Matter is nothing more than yet another Marxist group funded by Jews to cause chaos and dissension in our country. I really hope that Trump winds up declaring them to be a terrorist group, not so much to shut them down but because that will open up a huge investigation into (((who))) is funding and organizing them.

Black Lives Matter has come out in support of communist dictator Fidel Castro following his death.

The movement posted said they felt an ‘overwhelming sense of loss’ of the death of the controversial former Cuban leader on Friday.

Of course they do. Of course most of these blacks don’t know anything about Castro but since whites don’t seem to like him, that’s good enough for them. I find it funny that they speak highly of Castro, completely unaware that Castro was able to keep relative peace in Cuba by keeping the black population in check from their usual chimp out behavior with brutal force.

They also thanked Castro for harboring Assata Shakur – a former Black Panther member and convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list – who they say ‘continues to inspire us.’ 

Shakur, who some described as the ‘soul of the Black Liberation Army, was linked to the ‘execution-style’ murders of four New York police officers between 1971 and 1972 which spurred a nationwide manhunt.

Still think it’s over the top to say BLM is a terrorist organization?

They also express their thanks for granting refuge to Michael Finney, Ralph Goodwin, Charles Hill and ‘so many other Black revolutionaries who were being persecuted by the American government during the Black Power era.’

Hill, another cop killer, was being hunted by police for the murder of a New Mexico state trooper when he hijacked an airplane from Albuquerque and flew to Havanna. 

His two accomplices Finney and Goodwin also fled to Cuba.  All three men were members of the Republic of New Afrika, a black power militant group that sought to turn Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina into a separate nation for African-Americans. 

I laugh every time I read something about blacks wanting a homeland in America. Blacks could go to Africa today and be welcomed and have an all black homeland overnight. Of course they never want to do this. The reason they want a black homeland in America is they picture themselves as having some sort of nation to themselves while at the same time, whites will somehow keep supporting them.

6666The Motherland calls! Best of all: no racism! 


They portray Castro, who ruled Cuba with an iron fist for almost fifty years until ill health forced him to cede power to his brother, as the ideal freedom fighter.

Why didn’t any of ya’ll seek asylum in Cuba though? I don’t really have any feeling one way or another when it comes to Castro. Honestly it’s a tiny island country and all these years the ZOG acted as though they were some sort of great threat, I always thought that was somewhat retarded. I do find it humorous that Castro was able to manage his poor county with all these blacks in it because he ruled with an iron fist and didn’t put up with any monkey business from blacks and these BLM tards are going on about how he was a great ruler and an inspiration. What people have to understand is that blacks will never stop complaining. They want a homeland but they want us to continue to support them because deep down inside, they know that without whitey they will starve to death within a year. So we’re stuck with this angry uncivilized segment of our population living among us who will never blend in and make a positive contribution. So the questions must be asked: what do we do with them?


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