(((Media))) Once Again Has to Try to Come Up With a Reason to Explain Away Observable Reality

So Trump comes out and states the obvious: that the Somali who attacked people in Ohio had no business being in America to begin with. As expected, the media is trying to make a simple observable reality into a complicated hard to understand problem that we should all defer to the experts to figure out the solution to.

Donald Trump weighed in on the Ohio State knife-and-car attack on Wednesday, tweeting that the assailant – Somali refugee Abdul Artan – should never have been let in the country in the first place. 

Artan, a student at Ohio State, was born in Somalia but fled to a refugee camp in Pakistan in 2007. 

He was fleeing the brutal  civil war in Pakistan. We had no choice but to bring him to America because our values and who we are.

In 2014, Artan, his mother and five other relatives were granted permission to immigrate to the US as legal permanent residents. 

I wonder exactly what are the requirements for these people to get permanent legal resident status. The form must read something like this: 1. Are you not white? 2. Are you from a poor country? 3. Sign here.

Authorities now believe that Artan may have become radicalized by ISIS propaganda, leading him to go on a rampage on the Ohio State campus earlier this week.  

Yes the problem is ISIS propaganda. The answer is very complicated you see. I mean, you have to start from the position of these people all have a fundamental right to come to America and work from there. So the answer is how do we keep them from becoming radicalized and killing us in our base once they get here. See Goyim? These are very complicated matters that you had best leave to the experts.

FBI agents continued to search Artan’s apartment for clues, but California U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said he had seen no evidence Artan was directed by or was in communication with any overseas terror organization.

Nobody could have seen this coming! Well, no one that is except for racist Nazi haters.

Facebook posts that were apparently written shortly before the attack and came to light afterward show Artan nursed grievances against the U.S.

So he flees from Somalia to Pakistan and then we have to let him in here and give him free everything because his situation is sad. The result? Grievances against us.

‘America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that,’ he wrote, using the Arabic term for the world’s Muslim community.

This is as good a time as any to remind everyone that my position as a National Socialist is that these people should be left alone and I absolutely oppose these wars in their country carried out under the false banner of democracy. These wars are only waged because Jew Israel wants them waged and they bring zero benefit to us. That having been said, these Moslems have zero right to be in our country. They only have the right to be left alone to live as they want in their countries according to their customs.

He also warned that other Muslims are in sleeper cells, ‘waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America!’

Let’s be honest here: every Moslem in the West is a potential sleeper cell. Isn’t this really what the media is telling us all the time? The message is that we have to let them in and then we have to be sure we don’t hurt their feelings because if we do then they will blow us up, stab us or run us over with their car (payed for by you) in our base and then the terrorists win.

Artan’s social media rants seemed at odds with the portrait of the young man painted by neighbors and acquaintances.

Ah yes, the inevitable part of these stories where they tell us this is all just a complete shock, as everyone that knew him thought he was a good boy who wouldn’t do nuffin. This is supposed to give you the impression that this is somehow completely random and we must have a problem with free speech due to “radicalization”. However, common sense tells us that the problem is obviously that Moslems might attack us in our base at any moment so really it’s a bad idea to bring them here in the first place.

Federal and local authorities have been grappling with the pervasiveness of Islamic State group propaganda. FBI Director James Comey said in May that there were ‘north of 1,000’ cases in which agents were trying to evaluate a subject’s level of radicalization and potential for violence.

Authorities will no doubt look to see if they missed any red flags that could have placed Artan under investigation. 

Yeah you missed a huge red flag: he was a Moslem from Somalia. You would think that when they are deciding whether or not to let someone into the country there would be some sort of cost/benefit analysis. However there must not be because I can’t see where there would be anything on the benefit side. Let’s try it via a hypothetical interview:

Grandpa Lampshade refugee admissions expert: “Ok Abdulah, I see here you want to come into the country from Somalia. What do you think you can offer us if we let you in?”

Abdulah: “I offer you that if you hurt my feelings at any time I will introduce you to jihad and I will definitely take some of that pesky welfare money off your hands.”

GPL: “MMM yeah well that’s not really a net positive. I’m looking at my paperwork and everything points to the fact that at the very least you’re going to drain our system of money and services and contribute nothing. Your IQ is 70 so any job opportunities are going to be limited as we already have an abundant supply of low IQ blacks”

Abdulah: “Job?!”

GPL: “Hmmm there’s also the fact that in the worst case scenario you might blow a bunch of us up in our base. Is there anything you can think of that would mitigate these negative risks that you can offer us by granting you entry into the country?”

Abdulah: “I vow to have at least 20 children. This will help you infinitely with your low population problem!”

GPL: “Well we don’t really have a low population problem Abdulah. Besides, what if you can’t find a suitable wife?”

Abdulah: “I vow I will have 20 children I promise you this! If I have to rape your sluts I will have 20 children by Allah!”

GPL: “Yeah ok well that’s going to wrap things up here. Go ahead and stand over in that line there.”

Abdulah: “Is that the line where I start signing up for free everything?”

GPL: “Why yes. Yes it is.”



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