Rendition #5,469 of The Russians Are Invading Ukraine

Those danged Russians and their aggressive behavior of moving troops around in their own country, it’s like they’re trying to pick a fight with NATO, who never did nuffin. This latest story is about how Russia is taking aggressive action in response to the innocent Jew run coup government of Ukraine who is simply firing missiles right next to Russian territories. Yet another obvious violation of our values.

Ukraine has begun two days of missile tests near Crimea in a move that has infuriated Russia in a fresh escalation of tensions between the two countries.

One of the things that is confusing in the article is they keep talking about all of these Russian troops occupying Ukraine’s territory and I’m scratching my head trying to figure it out. Then it dawned on me, they’re still trying to call Crimea Ukrainian territory. LOL This would be like Mexico still calling Texas their territory that is being occupied by America.

Relations between the one-time allies collapsed in 2014 when Russia seized Crimea and backed pro-Russian separatists fighting in eastern Ukraine

Ummmm no they collapsed when Jews in the U.S. financed a coup and overthrew the pro-Russian government of Ukraine in a violent revolution and installed a new government. A new government by the way that coincidentally just so happened to be comprised almost entirely of Jews.

6666   A word of advice to the Ukraine Jew government: if you piss this guy off the west is not going to come save you.



The latest development comes after it emerged Vladimir Putin has deployed 55,000 troops on the Ukrainian border in Russia’s latest muscle-flexing exercise.

I can’t believe it! Russia has the nerve to move troops around in it’s own  country while NATO has innocently overthrown a neighboring government and placed bases all around them. This aggression must end!

‘In Crimea, this figure is 23,000 troops, of which 9,000 are on the administrative border.’

But Crimea isn’t Ukraine anymore, loser.

Russia occupied the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 2014, the same year it launched a number of condemned attacks on the Ukraine. 

That’s funny, I seem to remember Crimea holding an internationally observed election and voting overwhelmingly to join their historical country Russia. I thought the democracy was the most important thing in the world, worth fighting endless wars for?

The fear is Russia will invade so it can take power of the land linking the mainland with Crimea where Ukraine believes Putin would set up an administration to bolster Moscow and shun the West.

This is so retarded. If Putin wanted to invade Ukraine he could be in Kiev in a matter of days and there’s nothing the Jew government or NATO could do about it. The fact is, Ukraine is a basket case of a country and nobody wants. They keep trying to bait Russia over Ukraine and every time Putin refuses to take the bait. The only thing that will make Putin invade Ukraine is if they announce they are granting them NATO membership. If this happens, Putin will have no choice but to invade and take it over, as having NATO literally on it’s border is a situation that cannot be tolerated, as it would put Russia in an indefensible position militarily. So far NATO hasn’t been stupid enough to go that route, thank goodness. What’s troubling is you have to figure the Ukraine kikes probably know their free ride on this little game will be more than likely over when Trump takes office, so it’s quite possible that they may go rouge in the foolish belief that if they kick off full on hostilities with Russia, the U.S. and NATO will come to their rescue. Let’s just hope we can ride this out until Trump takes office and can start straightening out this mess that has been created over the past 8 years of having an empty suite President who simply follows the random orders of his Jewish masters.


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3 thoughts on “Rendition #5,469 of The Russians Are Invading Ukraine”

  1. Great article! Thanks for the info on this. I appreciate you working stories like this!

    Hey also, just listened to your 11/29 podcast last night. Outstanding! I’m in for the fight. It’s scary, but I’m here to serve my White Brethren not the Jews. And you’re right, it’s going to get ugly, very ugly. But if we stay strong and fight together, with God on our side, the Jews will lose. Hail Victory!

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