The Proposition Nation Narrative is Collapsing

As I observe the goings on throughout the nation one of the things I observe is the Jewish lie of America as a proposition nation is on it’s death bed. This is a good thing and honestly long overdue. If you think the Founders who set the country up believed that America was an idea, you are out of your mind. Just think about it for a moment minus the emotionalism: your nation exists as an idea and anyone who subscribes to this idea is a part of your nation. This is logically impossible on it’s face. Yet so many people have bought into this and continue to cling to it. This lie has been used as an excuse to convince the people that their nation will not change by bringing in infinity foreigners, in fact we are told these people will make the country better because they are just like real Americans but for the color of the skin. Yet, people are shocked to find out that the majority of Moslems think they should have the option of being ruled by Sharia Law, blacks think they shouldn’t be arrested for anything ever and Cinco de Mayo should be a national holiday. A nation is not it’s government or borders on a map, it’s the people. This shouldn’t be hard to grasp yet for so many it seems out of reach for them to comprehend. Just think about it for a moment: why is Mexico Mexico and Japan is Japan? If everyone is exactly the same then shouldn’t these two countries be identical except for the color of the people?

6666I’m your seito kaichou now ese.



I always find it funny, as much as the left loves to praise the virtues of diversity, it is they who are diametrically opposed to diversity. Think about this for a moment: the left constantly says that diversity is our strength then out of the other side of their lying mouths tells us that we are all exactly the same except for the color of our skin and opportunity. According to these lying Marxists, the only reason an African has never rivaled the accomplishments of an Englishman is because of colonialism or racism or whatever ism fits the narrative that they want to push at the time. As a Nazi, I get called an evil race hater on a daily basis but the fact of the matter is, it is people such as myself who are the actual supporters of diversity. The vibrant (kek) cultures of Africa and Central America flourish to their full potential when left on their own to live peacefully in the manner they wish to live. The same goes for the Moslems. I don’t care if they let their women drive, throw homos off the tops of buildings or mutilate the genitals of their little girls before marrying them off to 70 year old men.

22222                                                                                                        MFW I get called a racist hater.



Now, if you are taken aback by this statement how can you then claim to support diversity? What most supposed diversity supporters really mean is, “We embrace diversity as long as it means these other people act just like white people.” Who’s the real racist now? When we follow the observable fact that a nation is what it is because a nation is the people, how are you surprised that when we import Somalia into Minnesota that Minnesota becomes little Somalia? Do you see how stupid this whole thing is? The anger with these people coming here and demanding free everything while they blow us up in our base and rape our women is rising, and rightfully so. However you should not forget who the target of your full anger should be: those who have insisted on and promoted bringing them here in the first place. Here’s a hint: it’s overwhelmingly Jews.

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