What Makes a Nation?

This question would seem to be a no brainer but strangely enough, there seems to be different ideas on the subject. Now, if you are a part of the proposition nation crowd, you believe that a nation is an idea and that the peoples of a nation can be swapped out with anyone as long as they subscribe to those ideas. For instance, if a Somali says that he loves the idea of limited government and the Constitution, than he can be swapped out with any native white person in America and there is no difference.

Abdullahi Ahmed Nor, a Somali journalist sentenced to a year in jail for interviewing a rape victim                                                        Ever since my young days in a hut I always dreamed of limited government and the Constitutional principles of America.  



This is one of the most absurd beliefs out there yet more pervasive than you might think. This view can also be lumped in with the idea of America is a melting pot and all the different races come here and blend together to become a new species: American. It comes as no surprise that both the proposition nation as well as the melting pot fairy tale can be traced back to Jewish immigrants.

generic-le                                             Surprise surprise Goyim! Your nation is an idea! 



Why do people cling to these obvious false notions though? Obviously Jews and immigrants would want to promote it, as it is in their best interest to do so. I get that but what about normie Goys? Why do they so often cling to this silly belief? I think one of the most annoying manifestations of this is when I see normie anti immigration types signal by saying they are only against illegal immigration, as long as the people go through the proper procedures to invade they’re good to go. After all, surely an invader with a piece of government paper is much better than an invader that just walked in, right? When you get down to brass tacks, these people are only one level removed from the full on open borders faggots. Whether these people have a piece of paper matters absolutely not. Further more, why is it important to bring in anymore people? Is America still a frontier that needs bodies to settle territory so as to take it away from the Indians? Adolf Hitler said that a nation is the people, specifically the race of people that makes up that nation. He likened it to a bottle of wine: the people are the wine, the government and borders are nothing more than the bottle. We are witnessing the tragic results of the stupid notion that anybody can come to America and be an American. We have had over 50 years of mass immigration and what do we have to show for it? Is America a better place now that we have all these new so called Americans? Of course not. America is more fractured now than at any other time in its history. Racial tensions are higher than they have ever been and deep down inside, everyone knows the race war is like a giant dry pile of kindling and everyone is just holding their breath for the spark that sets this whole thing off and burns down what remains of the country. I think some people choose to believe in these fairy tails because the reality of the situation we find our selves in is truly frightening. We now live in a country full of different races of people, none of which really like each other, scrambling for whatever resources they can get and all the while the government continues to bring in even more people to fight over these resources. The reality of the situation is that Jews are holding open the gates of the nation and waving the barbarians through and now, we find ourselves surrounded by barbarians. What should we do? Do we retreat and regroup? Do we stand and fight? The logical first step is to close the gates completely for all immigration. However how are you going to do that without dealing with the Jew who is holding those very gates open? Even if you are successful at getting the gates closed and stopping immigration, what do you then do about all of the people already here? It has become ingrained in the American psyche that once someone is born on the magic dirt of America they have a right to be here as well as all of their progeny afterward for eternity so the vast majority of the people are afraid to even consider this reality. So what then? Is there any chance that the new Haji Americans are going to integrate and suddenly become just like whites when we’ve already got a huge problem with the black population which has been here for generations who still refuse to integrate? The ugly truth is integration is literally impossible as it would require these people somehow abandoning their very genetic make up (as if that were even possible) and suddenly taking on the characteristics of the white population. Think I’m wrong? Then go spend Saturday night hanging out in the hood then come back and tell me again that I’m wrong. Unfortunately, Grandpa Lampshade doesn’t have all the answers to these questions. I do have some answers but not all of the answers.




One thing is for sure: closing your eyes and chanting, “Anyone can be an American” over and over will not change our situation nor solve this dilemma that we find ourselves in. It is nothing more than the equivalent of a child holding their hands over their eyes and hoping that the bad man won’t be able to see them and just go away. However, we are not children, we are men. Men who will be called upon to solve this huge mess not of our own creation. Men who will at some point or another, have to make very hard choices that will not equate to a happy ending for everyone involved. That’s not on us, as we are not the ones who created this problem. We are just the ones who will be stuck with solving it and solve it we will.

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One thought on “What Makes a Nation?”

  1. I can’t even go to the grocery store or Walgreens now without being triggered.When I put gas in my car, I keep my head on a swivel watching the beaner staring me down. Or walking to my car in the dark parking garage makes nervous as to who might be lurking by my car. Should I carry? No because if I do shoot a nigger then my life is ruined. $100K to a defense attorney, pasted all over the news as a racist, protestors at my business, my house vandalized. F that. Balkanize. Deport the Jews. Round up the Nigs, Mexi’s, Muds, etc. 2 Choices: Bus or Boat outta here or camps. No EBT, no nothing. Go F Yourself if you’re not White. DNA testing. Done.

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