America Has an Actual President. Apparently Chinks Didn’t Get the Memo

So the President of Taiwan gave Trump a phone call of congratulations and Trump, being the President in waiting did what you would expect the leader of a country to do when receiving a call from the President of another country, he took the call. The Chinks subsequently flipped out and the current African occupant of the White House bowed further.

The White House said Monday it is that it didn’t understand why Donald Trump upended nearly 40 years of U.S. foreign policy by speaking to Taiwan’s president.

Yeah this is a complete mystery. I mean, if I were elected President and someone came in and said, “Excuse me President Lampshade, you have a call from the President of Taiwan” my reaction would probably be, “LOL yeah tell her I’m busy. I’m way behind on anime for the fall season.”

Trump bit into the forbidden fruit on Friday when he accepted a call from Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen. His transition team is officially saying it was a ‘courtesy’ act. 

America is the greatest super power on earth that is willing to start WWIII with Russia to protect ISIS and human rights because of our values. However taking a call from someone not approved by China is forbidden.

A Washington Post report says Trump was spoiling for a fight with China. 

Why don’t they ever quote the Granpda Lampshade blog as a source? Am I really less credible than the Washington Post?




The Obama administration official warned Trump that he risked damaging U.S. interests and creating unrest in the Taiwan Straight, which separates the island from the mainland, with the gesture.

This may sound totally retarded to you but just remember; these are the same people that say if we don’t let the terrorists into our country, it will actually help ISIS and they win.

‘Some of the progress that we have made in our relationship with China could be undermined by this issue flaring up,’ Earnest said.

If we had a real media, they would have asked him to define exactly what progress the Obama Administration has achieved.

The White House says that two national security officials in the US talked to their counterparts and restated the Obama administration’s commitment to its one-China policy.

Did you also remind them that all of you faggots are leaving next month? You should have dropped them a hint that the next Administration will be implementing their IDGAF policy.

6666                                                                                         Herro Mr. Trump. We be friends rong time. 



Pence said it was a ‘courtesy’ call and Trump intends to ‘engage the world on America’s terms.’ 

Yeah and if you Chinks have a problem with it you can suck it.

‘It’s striking to me that President Obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba and be hailed as a hero,’ he said. ‘And President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from the democratically-elected president of Taiwan and it becomes something of a thing in the media.’




I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of Pence but he hit that one out of the park.

Earnest referred to Pence’s statement today and the conflicting report in the Washington Post that said claimed Trump had been planning the move since before he became the Republican nominee this year.

LOL Nobody cares about the fake news site Washington Post.

The People’s Daily said ‘creating troubles for the China-U.S. relationship is creating troubles for the U.S. itself’ and Trump ‘would greatly reduce the chance to achieve the goal of making America great again’ he continues down this path. 

Oh he has a plan to make America great again and guess what: it doesn’t involve you Chinks. Seriously though, the Chinese are so used to America having cucks, fags and low IQ blacks as President they are used to calling the shots and running over them. The higher IQ Asians understand that the game has changed and they can no longer dictate to America on their own terms. That’s why we saw Abe from Japan and now the President of Taiwan reaching out to Trump before he even takes office. Smart negotiators know that the first one to the negotiating table often gets the better deal. These Chinks have failed to grasp the changing paradigm and think they can still steam roll over us. Well guess what Chinks: the game has changed and you’re no longer calling the shots.


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