This is the Time to Double Down

The Pizzagate thing isn’t something I’m a part of investigating and I’m not trying to jump in all of the sudden and pretend that I am. I have my hands full with other areas on the Nazi front. However I do salute and appreciate the work that those who are digging into this story have done and continue to do. You will notice that Grandpa Lampshade doesn’t talk much about things that fall in the category of what some call “conspiracy theory” due to the fact that most of the things floating out there in that realm seem to be designed to be rabbit trails to keep people from getting to the heart of what is really going on: namely the Jews. However, I don’t think Pizzagate falls into that category. Sure all of the evidence is circumstantial but that’s the case in almost every criminal case. Believe it or not, real life doesn’t work like those TV shows like Law and Order. Almost all murder cases are brought up on circumstantial evidence, as there are very few times the perpetrator is caught on camera or there are eye witnesses. The latest push against us on all fronts, not just Pizzagate is this so called “fake news” narrative. This is designed to shut us down from the work we have been successfully doing on the internet of destroying the Marxist’s false narratives they  try to get everyone to accept and more importantly, our work naming the Jew. Now, they have tied Pizzagate in with this effort as well. The story they are peddling is that Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory that has already been debunked and only crazy people on the internet are continuing to insist it’s real. You will notice that they never explain in their articles exactly how the story has been debunked. The reason is obvious: it’s never been debunked. The fact that the (((media))) is running around claiming it has been debunked and investigated when that is an obvious lie is yet another piece of circumstantial evidence pointing to this being something very real. Just stop for a moment and flip this on its head and look at it from a completely different angle: if this is fake, then all of those cryptic emails about pizza, pasta and cheese have to mean that John Podesta really just loves his Italian food. So much so, that he discusses playing dominoes on cheese and slicing a single piece of pizza to share with everyone who is getting together because they only have one piece.

6666                                                                                                               Only a crazy conspiracy nut would think this guy is more than likely a child molester instead of someone who is obsessed with Italian food.



Also, the fact that this guy has sick “art” all depicting children being abused must also be chalked up to him somehow having unique taste in art. The fact that this pizza place was using the the exact same symbol that is on the FBI’s list of pedophilia symbols also has to be chalked up to pure coincidence. Look, if someone is telling you that they are right and you are wrong and for that to be the case, it requires you to suspend all common sense and discount everything your eyes are telling you, it’s a pretty good indication that they are lying to you and hiding something. Have you ever watched an episode of Cops and they catch a black guy with crack in his pocket and he tells the cop, “I don’t know nuffin about dat. Dez ain’t even my pants”? It’s just like that. There is no middle ground in this war we are in folks. Those of you who aren’t Nazis, whether you like it or not, you are in the same boat and on the same side as us Nazis. The fake news angle is their latest effort to put the cat back in the bag and regain control of the flow of information. It will fail. You see, the democracy sham worked well as a system for those who were in control but it had one inherent flaw: it depended on (((them))) controlling the flow of information. For decades, this wasn’t a problem as they owned all of the media outlets and you were dependent on them to get the information to base your decisions on. Now with the internet, that flaw has been exposed. This fake news attack they are launching is a desperate attempt to turn the clock back to a time when they controlled the flow of information and news. So what do you do? Do you back off? Do you get scared and let it go? No. Take it from those of us who are veterans in this struggle: now is the time you call their bluff that they are the ones holding a losing hand and you double down. Don’t cuck out. Don’t back off. Don’t go soft. You double down and hit them twice as hard. The actions they are taking aren’t a sign that they are on the winning end of this, it’s a sign of desperation.

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