Stay Cool Headed Out There

One of the big stories going around in the fake media (also known as the traditional media) is about this guy in Louisiana who shot the ex football groid. Whenever the media latches onto one of these stories I always view them with the backdrop of how many niggers shoot each other every single day and nobody cares. But oh, let a white guy shoot one and it’s headline news for weeks.

6666                                                                                          He was just a child. There’s no way he ever coulda done nothin. 



Now, none of us know the full details of what occurred during this incident and I mean none of us. That includes these media people who have all hopped on this case as a poor innocent negro (can there be any other kind?) who was shot down in his priime by an angry evil white man. When I first read this story and the media kikes were melting down because the Sheriff’s office had released the shooter as not a flight risk I thought to myself, ‘This guy’s going to have a hard time.’ Sure enough, now they’ve charged him with manslaughter.




Now, from time to time Grandpa Lampshade has been known to pack a little heat so I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss this topic. If you carry your weapon you need to know in the your mind, you need to drill it into your head to where it comes as second nature without thinking exactly where the line is where you are willing to pull your weapon and shoot. The sad truth is, even if you are 100% justified in your actions, the odds are your target is going to be a criminal black so there’s an ever increasing chance that they are going to try to hang you for it.  I thought I would share some basic pointers that might help keep you out of trouble in the future. Please note that I am not a legal expert and you need to be very aware of how the laws in your state deal with these sorts of things.

1. If you can leave, do so. If you are in your car and someone is standing on the street raising a commotion with you, leave. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, we’ve all been there but if you throw down on some groid when you had the option to simply drive away you are leaving yourself wide open for the JEWdicial system to hang you out to dry.

2. The line of “I was in fear for my safety” might work for the police but it may not work for you. It doesn’t matter if the unarmed teen outweighs you by 150 lbs and is being aggressive, if you shoot him you can bet he will be portrayed with pictures of his 5th grade graduation when he was 16 years old.

3. Don’t bluff. When I was growing up, my daddy always said, “Don’t pull your weapon unless you fully intend to kill them.” Don’t ever draw your weapon with the thought in mind that you will scare them off. There is a good chance that they will rush you and even though that might constitute self defense, if there are any niggers around you can bet they will claim that the poor innocent 30 year old teen had his hands up and was begging you not to shoot. If you pull your side arm, drop them.

4. Keep a cool head. Don’t panic. It’s true that you will be in a situation where you will have to make a split second decision and if you are armed, you don’t want to make that decision on an emotional level. I realize this can be almost impossible to do. That is why I said earlier that you want to go over and over in your mind before anything happens exactly what circumstances will have to take place for you to act. This can help keep you from making the mistake of hesitating and it costing you your life or letting the adrenaline get to you and going for your weapon too soon.

So what constitutes legitimate fear for your safety? The number one thing is if they are armed. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a gun. It can be a knife, a club, a baseball bat or some other weapon that you can reasonably interpret as a threat to your life. Honestly, the outcome of all of this will depend on a lot of different circumstances including where you are, if the incident garners media attention, what kind of prosecutor looks at your case, etc.. There are situations that will be grey areas. For instance, what if you have a group of groids surrounding you but none or them showing any weapons? 5 on 1 is definitely a situation that can cost you your life. If I was faced with a group of groids coming at me in an aggressive manner then I wouldn’t hesitate to defend myself. Look, as bad as it may be to go through the system that is packed with people who want to score political points by putting away a white man for shooting a black, it’s still better than being dead. As the old saying goes: it’s better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six.

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