You Cannot Believe Anything This Treasonous Bitch Says

There are traitors and then there are traitors . Angela Merkel belongs in the traitors hall of shame. This bitch is fully responsible for the influx of invaders into Europe. Now that it looks like her party is in danger of being tossed out, she is trying to offer the people a tiny crumb of empathy. Don’t believe her, everything she says is a lie. 

Angela Merkel has called for a burka ban after saying the ‘full veil is not appropriate’ in Germany.

Yes, forget the rapes, the murders and the terrorism. The problem is what kind of clothes their women wear. SMDH What the actual hell? Who cares what kind of clothes these people wear? We just want them gone.

In an astonishing U-turn, the German chancellor told her conservative CDU party conference that wearing the burka should be outlawed ‘wherever that is legally possible’.

What’s astonishing is that anyone believes anything that this lying bitch says.

It comes after the 62-year-old stressed her determination to ensure there is no repeat of last year’s huge migrant influx as she seeks a fourth term as chancellor.

Yeah but the thing is that influx didn’t just happen by accident. She literally invited them all to come to Germany and get free everything forever.

6666TFW you might lose your job after inviting invaders to take your country over. 



Merkel said she would back a nationwide ban just months after revealing that she believed the burka was a barrier to Muslim women becoming integrated into German society.

This is so stupid. Yeah if we just force them to wear different clothes, they will quite doing the terrorism on us.

6666    If we just force them to dress differently, they’ll quit doing terrorism and rapes on us.



She told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland in August: ‘From my point of view, a completely covered woman has almost no chance of integrating herself in Germany.’

But the Moslem women aren’t the ones raping and murdering our women. How exactly is forcing these women to not wear trash bags going to stop their men from raping and murdering our women?

Merkel came out fighting on the first day of her conservative party congress pledging to ban the burka and bring the refugee crisis under control.

Once again we see the same old tactic: create a problem then offer that you are the only one who can figure out a solution to this problem. Just don’t expect anything too soon because it’s a very complicated issue. This is easy. Look, she created this problem over night by inviting them all to come and live on welfare and have sex with white women. If it was that easy for her to create this problem then surely it can’t be that hard to solve it. You simply tell these people to leave and if they refuse you ship them out by force.

A 77 minute speech interrupted by minutes of standing ovations proved the most powerful woman on the continent still has what it takes to rally the faithful.

WTF is wrong with these people? They should be throwing eggs at her. BTW, don’t get any ideas that she has somehow seen the error of her ways and really intends to correct this problem. The word hedging starts almost immediately.

But the pastor’s daughter who was raised in communist East Germany pledged that every asylum application would be judged on its merits and that people would not be lumped into an ‘anonymous mass.’

So there are literally millions of these people who have flooded into the country. The German authorities have no clue where a huge number of these people even are but she’s going to go through each and every application to be sure that they don’t lump anyone in to an anonymous mass. Remember that phrase for future reference. If an army invades a country just say it’s an anonymous mass, not an army and we should talk with each soldier to be sure we don’t hurt their feelings. Oh and be sure and offer them sex with your women.

And she pledged that the law of the land stood above ‘any honour codes or Sharia.’

Reality begs to differ.

Mrs Merkel’s critical speech came as tensions continue to rise following the brutal rape and murder of a 19-year-old medical student by an Afghan refugee. 

Woops. Well nobody could have predicted it. Besides you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and what better way to scramble eggs than a good old fashioned rape?

She criticised the groundswell of Internet hate against migrants. She said that she often had the opinion that those who wrote them needed an ‘integration course’ more than the newcomers.

You see? The real problem is people bitching about these Moslems on the internet. This is why even though the German police are powerless to stop the rapes and terrorism, they have a special task force to crack down on people pointing out the truth online. Still think you have a voice in democracy?

She said the tasteless online attacks shocked and sickened her. ‘So say I, so say we; this must not be.’

She’s not sickened by your women being raped to death. No, what really bothers her is that people point out who is doing it on the internet. Look people, it’s not just Germany. Your Jewish owned and controlled politicians hate you. Get that through your heads, they hate you. There is no other way to look at this but as a deliberate action to genocide you out of existence. It’s not an accident. They’re not just naive people with good intentions. They hate you and they are inviting in people who they know will rape and murder you until you are a tiny minority in what was once your lands or better yet, completely extinct. Tell me again how you plan to fix this situation with the very system that is an essential part of implementing your destruction? You can’t and you won’t. So what is the answer? It’s more obvious than you think.






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