Pearl Harbor Day

I’ll be honest, by the time this post is done I am probably going to piss a lot of you off. Then again, rustling jimmies is kinda my thing, so there is that. Today is December 7th, Pearl Harbor day, famously known as the day that would live in infamy. The Japanese Imperial Navy launched a surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, killing over two thousand of our brave men in a sudden shocking wave of violence and fire. It was truly a horrific event. One minute these guys were going about their day and the next they were scrambling to defend themselves, put out fires and just trying to stay alive surrounded by explosions and chaos. These men fought bravely in a horrible situation that the vast majority of us cannot even imagine.

LandscapeTry to imagine that moments before you were eating breakfast and suddenly you are in the middle of this.



For those who survived, time is more relentless than the Japanese Navy. Every year there are fewer and fewer of these men left. Time demands that at some point every one of us will join those who died that day. For death is the one certainty that awaits all of us. By now you are asking yourself: “GPL, I thought you opened up by saying you were going to piss us off with this post? All this post is doing is making me swell up with patriotic pride.” Well, now we’ll get to that. You see, I am a stickler for facts and truth. At this time of year when we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor and those brave men who perished that day, I always here it referenced to as, “The day the Japanese attacked America unprovoked,” as though America dindu anything and for absolutely no reason one day the Japs were like, “Hey, wanna go bomb the Americans so we can fight a losing war with a country that is 50 times larger than us? LOL Sure why not.” The fact of the matter is, America was blockading Japanese transport ships on the open seas (considered an act of war) as well as sending “volunteers” to fight the Japanese in China. We also sent equipment, planes etc. to the Chinese theater and this isn’t even counting all of the munitions, equipment and supplies we were sending to the butcher Stalin in the Soviet Union. The elements in the Japanese government that wanted to avoid war with the United States at all costs was ultimately ousted and the hostile military wing that would ultimately bring about Japan’s ruin seized control. This took place in no small part do to the Roosevelt Administration’s moves of refusing to accept any Japanese attempts to negotiate a settlement and in fact purposely rebuffing them, which undermined these people and led to them losing standing. It is fairly well documented at this point that the U.S. already knew an attack of some sort was coming, though they didn’t know for sure when. Roosevelt was desperate to get the U.S. into the war but the American people had no appetite for it. This attack provided the opportunity that he needed. It wasn’t a coincidence that all of the aircraft carriers just so happened to be out for training that fateful day. By this point in time, it was pretty much known that battleships were obsolete and carriers were going to be the wave of the future. Battleships were really nothing more than big floating targets. Now, I’m not sitting here saying that the Japs were good boys who dindu nuffin wrong, not at all. However I hate the historical ignorance of claiming that the Roosevelt Administration were innocent babes in the woods who were just minding their own business until one day the evil Nips attacked for no reason whatsoever. America’s entering the war had us siding with Stalin who is responsible for more death than anyone involved even if the Holocaust were true. Real life is not TV where you have some sort of virtuous good guy who is fighting evil in the name of liberty and justice for all. Historical facts do not diminish the bravery of the men who fought and defended themselves the best they could that fateful day. However these historical facts are also a grim reminder that your leaders have no problem lying to you as a means to their own ends. Even if that means involves thousands of our own people dying in an unexpected horrific manner.






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4 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor Day”

  1. Glad you wrote this, Grandpa. Acknowledging the role of the Roosevelt regime and its (((backers))) in dragging America into WWII by studiously antagonizing the Japanese doesn’t detract from the valor of the Americans who went through the Pearl Harbor attack.

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  2. It’s that generations equivalent of our “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bullshit of this generation. Kike Lies to start a War for profit and to thin out the Goys.

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