The Holohoax

I thought I would take a moment to touch on the topic of the Holohoax. I’m aware that some of you who aren’t Nazis do from time to time listen to Thoughts of the Day as well as stop by this space so I thought it might be a good idea to touch briefly on this topic. If there is one thing that keeps people from taking a more serious look at National Socialism as a viable alternative of government after democracy gets done putting the shotgun in it’s mouth and pulling the trigger, it’s the Holocaust.



Now, this isn’t going to be a full on education course about the Holocaust, there is tons of material from very credible sources who have looked into this fable all over the internet so you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions. My intention here is to speak briefly to this topic as it pertains to modern National Socialism and to those of us who are Nazis in today’s day and age. The Holocaust is the most successful example of mass brainwashing in the history of the world. People have an automatic emotional response to this topic. If you are a normie, even right now you are probably feeling an unpleasant feel just from reading this far through this. Realize this, that emotional feel to what is nothing more than a topic about a historical event is your very first clue that you have been lied to and programmed to react this way. If this article was about say, the battle of Little Big Horn or the Trail of Tears, would you be having an emotional reaction to it? Of course you wouldn’t so ask yourself this, “Why am I having an internal emotional reaction to the topic of this historical event?” The answer is simple though unpleasant: you were lied to and Holocaust education was a brainwashing program with mental blocks built in to keep you from ever questioning it. Now, this isn’t to say that Mr. Smith your 5th grade history teacher was actually a secret government agent working to brainwash you. That’s just stupid. The fact is, Mr. Smith thought he was teaching you solid history because he too had been programmed to believe this historical event happened as everyone was told. People will point to the old pictures of Jews in the camps and proclaim, “Are you saying this didn’t happen?!” Of course not. I run in some pretty hardcore Nazi circles and I don’t know of anyone who denies that Jews were put into camps. That is simply a historical fact. “But what about this pictures of them starving and looking like skeletons? Are you claiming those pictures are fake?” The answer is again, of course not. What you have to realize is by the time those pictures were taken, the allies had bombed Germany to dust and there were no supply lines and there was no food even for the German people and you’re shocked that people in these camps were emaciated? Look, these camps were labor camps. Hitler was faced with dealing with the root cause of all of the problems Germany was facing and that root cause then was the same as it is now: Jews.




Jews had been expelled over 100 times throughout European history. Do you honestly believe that there was no reason? Hitler realized that simply booting them out to another European country was not a viable answer. This is why he actually worked with some of the Jews in the Zionist movement to try to perhaps get them their own country set up. However this was a long term solution when he faced immediate problems. Thus, many of these Jews wound up going to labor camps. These were labor camps, plain and simple. Ask yourself this: if Hitler wanted to simply kill all of these people, why did Auschwitz bother having a hospital, a commissary and an Olympic sized swimming pool? Why did he let these Jews set up bands and why did they bother paying them with camp money? This seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through if you simply wanted them dead. The Bolsheviks simply put a bullet in the back of people’s heads which was a much more efficient method. Now, let’s take a look at what the Holocaust story actually says from a logical perspective with no emotion attached to it. You are supposed to believe that Jews were shipped in trains (which they were by the way) to these camps even though fuel was a precious commodity just so then the Germans could go through this long arduous process of killing them in some weird round about manner. Now, as to this method of death, you are supposed to believe that these Jews were lead into fake shower rooms and gassed. In WWI chemical warfare was used by all sides so it’s not like Germany didn’t know what mustard gas was. Yet, instead of gassing them with mustard gas, they instead chose to use Zyklon B. What’s Zykon B exactly you ask? It was an insecticide. That’s right, bug spray. What was the primary use of this insecticide? Killing lice. Typhus was killing these Jews left and right so to try and prevent that, they were having to delouse everything. Again, sounds kind of stupid if their ultimate goal was to just kill them all anyway doesn’t it?  Now continuing on, after gassing six million Jews with bug spray, they then went on to turn some of them into human skin lampshades and made some of them into soap. Also, some had their heads shrunk for some reason, I guess just for the lulz. Now, if you’ve made it this far through this article and you’re a normie, this narrative that you’ve been lead to believe as gospel truth really sounds kind of stupid when you look at it logically doesn’t it? Of course, there is tons and tons more information out there, such as where did the six million bodies go? The crematoriums were small and used wood. It is a scientific fact that it was impossible to cremate that many bodies into thin air with the technology they had. In fact, it’s impossible with the technology we have today. Now, to question this obvious fairy tale will get you labeled as a “Holocaust denier”. This is no small thing as in many European countries you can be sent to prison for questioning any aspect of the Holocaust story. Think about that: prison for questioning any aspect of a historical event. Sounds kind of sketchy doesn’t it? Think of how the Jews use this label of holocaust denier against us: according to them because we don’t believe 6 million Jews were gassed with bug spray and made into lampshades that means we want to gas 6 million Jews with bug spray and turn them into lampshades. Sounds kind of stupid, doesn’t it? Here’s the thing: the Jewish question is a very real thing. The Holohoax serves the purpose of keeping you from studying and thinking about this very real problem. In fact, you aren’t supposed to ever notice who is the driving force that is destroying your nations today as it was the same driving force that was destroying Germany so many years ago. The good news is now they have a country and they have a place to go so there is no need for gassing sixty gorillion of them with bug spray. Unless there is some sort of shortage of lampshades that is.



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  1. It is absolutely a Money Grab by Kikes. If you read General Chuck Yeager’s Autobiography, he writes that after escorting the Bombers in P-51’s, they would take a 50 mile square area and strafe the shit out of everything. Trains, Trucks, Farmers in the fields etc. etc. The Concentration Camps were starved by the actions of the Allied Armies, hence the poor condition of the inmates when liberated.

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