It’s Almost As Though Changing The People Changes The Country

It’s funny, we’re told one of the reasons we have to wage endless wars in the Mid East is because the women there are oppressed. So what do we do? We bomb their countries and invite them to come live in ours where they can have the freedoms and democracy. What do they do when they get here? Demand to be ruled under Sharia law. 

The State Secretary for the Berlin Government, Sawsan Chebli, defended Islamic law saying it can exist alongside German law because it “largely regulates the relationship between God and man”

She also defended the headscarf as a “religious duty” and said there should be no problem with those who choose to wear one.

Sawsan Chebli, hmmm that doesn’t really sound very German to me. Let’s check….

6666               Damn, now I know why they make them wear bags on their heads. 



On Tuesday, Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller announced the new government consisting of Social-Democrats (SPD), Greens and the left-wing ‘Die Linke’ party that will rule Berlin.

He made the announcement that Ms Chebli, 38, would become the future state secretary in charge of federal government coordination.

Yes, let’s give a desert rat a prominent position in government, that will surely lead us further down the road to enlightenment.

9999                                      The cuck face is strong in this one.


It’s not too surprising, this Mayor is on the board of trustees for the  German Coordinating-Council for Christian-Jewish cooperation organisations. This is what you call one good Goy.

Ms Chebli grew up in a religious-conservative parental home with twelve siblings, and has repeatedly spoken out in favour of the headscarf and Islamic sharia law.

Here’s a wild thought: what if the reason these people all live like this in their own countries is because that’s the way they want to live? That’s scary because that would imply that if we bring them all here, they will just act the same way they always have only we will have to live among them.

While she said her father could not “read or write”, Ms Chebli still thought he is “more integrated than many functionaries of the AfD”, referring to the far-right party which is hugely critical about Angela Merkel’s refugee policy.

Did you read that? She thinks her stinking sand monkey family is more integrated than the native white Germans. So her illiterate dad and her 12 desert rat siblings are the real Germans now and it is the native people who need to integrate with them. This highlights once again what many of us have been saying: when you mix two opposing cultures, one will dominate and one will have to submit. What you are seeing here is Islam asserting it’s dominance. Can Western countries resist? It’s hard to say as that would involve standing up for and asserting the dominance of their own culture and Jews have convinced them all that their own cultures either don’t exist or are responsible for all of the evils that ever took place on the entire planet. This is a battle of cultures and so far, the Moslems are bringing the numbers and the will to fight while the native whites continue to cuck out and insist the Jew who is holding the gates open and inviting these invaders in are their best friends.



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