On Hate Speech

So after spending a busy morning at work, I finally get to one of my favorite parts of the day: eating my lunch and catching up on the news at the number 1 Republican news site The Daily Stormer. Alas, what do I find much to my dismay? My company’s proxy service has blocked access to the site do to “hate speech”.

sad-pepe-naziTFW you can’t even enjoy a little Republican news while you eat your lunch. 


Needless to say, this rustled my jimmies a bit. This got me to thinking about how the term hate speech gets thrown around all of the time, whether by general shitlibs or by governments looking to enact new laws shutting down free speech. However, we are never given an actual definition of the meaning of this term. It’s one of those things that everyone assumes that everyone else knows what it means so they don’t ask for specifics. However, if there is one thing that I’ve learned in doing what I do, it is to always watch the definitions of things as our enemies love to change them on the fly to mean what they want them to mean right at that moment. So let’s take hate speech. If you hear this term you will probably think the term means something along the lines of, “Speech defaming or encouraging hatred of people for no other reason than their ethnicity” or something like that. I just pulled that out of my ass by the way, which doesn’t matter because that’s what the left does continually and it works for the point of what we are discussing here. So now, sticking with this personal experience I began this post with, the top Republican and alt-right web site the Daily Stormer has been blocked because of hate speech. I decided while keeping a general definition of the term such as outlined above in the back of my mind, to do a little research. Off to the interwebs I go. First stop: The New Black Panthers web site. Nope, not blocked for hate speech. I gave their page a quick look through, I had to make it quick because even after a quick look I was suddenly finding myself having the urge to say “Muh dik bix nood mufugha”. Now, on their website there is all sorts of talk about fomenting revolution and though not specifically stated, the fact they are very much inclined to do this in a violent manner is quite obvious.

6666            The fact that you think these guys might fall under hate speech just goes to show that you are that much more guilty of hate speech whitey. 

Needless to say, every subversive Jewish supremacist organization is green lighted as well as La Raza or for that matter pretty much any group or organization that promotes their particular race….as long as that race doesn’t include white people. In fact, C.A.I.R. has been pointed at several times by the FBI as being more or less a terrorist support/front organization. Yet, no hate speech block.

fbi-pepeYou sand monkey better not be doing any hate speech over there. 

In Britain they are debating legislation that would basically define anti-semitism as any speech that points out bad things that Jews are doing…and you can go to prison for it. It becomes quite easy to see why we are never given an exact definition of hate speech once you start clinically looking at the facts. Since a site like The Daily Stormer has a strict no advocating violence policy that, if you are in violation of you will be perma-banned on a first offence yet these other organizations such as the New Black Panthers not only have no problem advocating violence, they have actually engaged in violent activities. In the end, if we are to give an actual definition of hate speech that is to make any sense, it would have to be something along the lines of “Any speech that promotes the interests of white people, points out racial differences in people other than white people in a negative manner or is simply not approved of by Jews.” Voltaire pointed out that if you want to know who rules over you, simply look around and see who you are not allowed to criticize. In light of this universal truth, it should be obvious to anyone that we are ruled over by hostile Jews.

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