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I just finished recording an episode of the Radio Aryan Round Table with Sven and Florian. I will be linking to it when the show comes out next week so be looking for it, as it is real good stuff. Florian discusses the topic of the Norwegian pedophile ring being busted which includes politicians and police. This story is huge and should be getting international media coverage which it is not. If you are following the Pizzagate story you need to definitely be aware of this story as I am sure they are 100% related. No doubt that is the reason why it is getting so little media coverage here in America, as Pizzagate is very much on people’s minds and (((they))) are working around the clock to convince everyone that it is nothing more than a debunked conspiracy theory. It is very important that you don’t view these things as isolated events but view them in the context of being related and connected to one another. For instance, Denny Hastert came out of nowhere years ago to become the Speaker of the House. How did that happen? Yet now we find out that he was sodomizing teen boys back when he was a high school coach. Isolated event? No, the very reason he was able to rise to this position wasn’t in spite of this history but because of it.

denny-hastert-pedo-bearWhat are my qualifications? Let me tell you about my qualifications! 

Whether it is in Britain, Europe or here in America if you look for it, the pattern is there. When the Hastert scandal came to light people were like, “How did he manage to cover this up?” LOL you don’t get to the position of Speaker of the House without your past history having been gone through with a fine tooth comb. The answer isn’t that nobody knew about this and he managed to slip into this position, the fact is he got this position because of his history. As I have pointed out before, it’s all about control. If those who actually run things behind the scenes have child sex information on you they can rest easy at night knowing that you will follow the orders you are given like a good Goy.


Israel is a major hub of child sex traffic in the world. I have no doubt that if we could get to the very heart of these sex traffic rings we would find that the overwhelming majority if not all of them are being run by Jews. This is how they guarantee their hold on power. You don’t get a high political position in spite of these things in your background, you get them because of them. This is a very frightening thing for people to face because the fact of the matter is that all of our systems of government are corrupt to the very core. The CIA is currently being held up as the pinnacle of non political intelligence and thus we shouldn’t question the fact that they say that Putin somehow hacked the election so Trump could beat Hillary. Yet it is well known that the so called “War on Drugs” is nothing more than a money generating operation for the CIA. The first thing the government did when they invaded Afghanistan was to get the poppy fields back into operation and guess who oversaw that: the CIA. Several years back a different agency busted a major drug kingpin but found themselves in an awkward position because upon his arrest he started complaining that he shouldn’t be arrested because he had an agreement with the CIA. How is this related to these pedophile rings? You must understand that your governments have multiple priorities, non of which involve doing anything for your benefit. The most you get is lip service come election time. What I want people to grasp is that the system isn’t a victim of the corruption, it’s the cause of it. If you were to sit down and try to create a system would guarantee the most corrupt and vile sociopaths and psychopaths rose to power at the top while keeping the people in the dark as to this fact, you would be hard pressed to come up with one that functions better than democracy. I am aware that there are many of you who disagree with my support of National Socialism. That’s fine, as I also realize that those same people were holding quasi libertarian positions just a few short years ago but have adopted our alt-right philosophy today in support of white western civilization. In other words, time is on our side in that as you continue down this road of support for western civilization, it is inevitable that you will realize that you aren’t going to ultimately rescue western civilization with the very system that is destroying it. The destruction is a feature, not a bug. The more that realization comes to you the more you will slowly and begrudgingly come to realize where its salvation does lie; in the same place and the same system that the Jew has known and fought tirelessly to keep you from considering all along. In the end, all roads that lead to the permanent redemption of western civilization lead to one place…………




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