Blacks Demand White People Do Something About The Gun Crimes Blacks Keep Committing

If there is a silver lining about violent crime committed by blacks it’s that blacks are usually the ones on the receiving end of it. Now the black community has had enough and is demanding that white people step up to the plate and do something about the violent crime that blacks commit. GPL is like, “Mmmmm ok i guess but are you sure about this?”



The scale of gun violence in the city grew in recent days: on Saturday morning four more people died in a shooting at a house in the Fernwood area.
So many other people were shot and wounded throughout the city that the Chicago Tribune simply listed ‘other shootings’.
Police believe the latest atrocity was apparently a robbery and removed what they believe were illegal drugs from the house where the four were murdered.

Drugs and random killings: it’s a black thing.

Tom Bosley has tears welling in his eyes as he remembers his son Terrell and the random bullet which took his life.
Bosley, 51, thought the teenager, who was part of a gospel choir in a tough neighborhood, would be safe in church.He was wrong.
It was ten years ago when died from a single stray .45 shot that was meant for a gangster killed his 18-year-old son.
Just another day in the hood. I wonder why these things happen there? Must be due to a lack of gun laws.

The killer has never been found and since then thousands of lives have been claimed in the areas of Chicago which one priest, whose own foster son was shot dead, described as ‘a war zone’.

Whether it’s in Africa or Chicago, everywhere you have a large gathering of blacks it always winds up being described as a war zone.

Bosley says his son’s unsolved murder is a typically tragic tale of life and death among Chicago’s rougher suburbs and the murder rate has gone – people caught up in the violence feel – largely ignored by the country’s political administration.

Yeah but every time the police shoot one of the criminals, ya’ll are out there looting and burning stuff demanding they stop. I realize you blacks aren’t real good at putting these things together but come on now.

‘I welcome any conversation that is going to lead to something to stem this gun violence.

I doubt that because any meaningful conversation is going to have to star with, “Ok what do we do about all of these blacks? All they do is rape and murder people.”

‘I said I was going to do my best to help young men change their lives and not destroy other peoples’ lives like ours and how his life was taken.’

That’s a tough nut to crack. Changing people’s genetic predisposition to violence is pretty much impossible. However, there are other solutions.



‘You hear about the mass shootings like Sandy Hook and other communities, but when it happens in an urban highly African American or Hispanic community, it is like it has been de-sensitized . It is like ‘Ok, it happens there so that is their problem.’

That’s because it happens there all the time. Do you know why it happens there all the time? Blacks, that’s why.

He said stray bullets were as much a problem in the south side of Chicago as those fired by killers at their intended targets.

That’s because blacks are notoriously bad shots. To be fair, so are most cops but I digress.

The long list of innocent victims includes school children and babies in prams who have been hit in the cross fire. One 11-year-old child was struck through a window and killed as she played at a friend’s house in a slumber party.

Well one thing about life with blacks: it’s never boring and you never know when things are going to get exciting. One minute you’re playing with your kids while they have a slumber party, the next you experience a random shooting.

The parents now work with Father Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina church on the South Side.

The Catholic priest’s own foster son was also murdered in 1998. He and Fr Pflegr now mentor young men, mainly African American, against guns and violence in a program they call ‘strong futures’.

How many of these stupid programs have we tried before? I remember back when Bill Clinton was in office, it was midnight basketball. The thinking was, “If we just give these troubled youth a chance to play some hoops, they’ll quit shooting each other of de disrespec”. Needless to say, the problem wasn’t solved.

‘When I was having that conversation with Tyrell, I didn’t know how it was going to happen or how I was going to help. But we are determined to help change the mindset of young men in Chicago.’

LOL yeah good luck with that.

Terrell’s youngest brother Tervon went to Fairfax, Virginia, to meet President Obama at a CNN ‘summit’ on gun violence, but no answers were forthcoming.
‘His question to the President was “as a young person how do I navigate my life through Chicago to reach my destiny and become an engineer?”.

6666Look nigga I wants to be an engineer n sheeit but dez niggas keep shootin people up n sheeitt so my question is: whats you gonna do about it?


Fr Pfleger has become an outspoken critic of gun culture and has been given police protection from gangs as a result, said he was ‘very unimpressed’ by Kanye’s meeting with Trump, but would have preferred if the rapper had stood at a microphone and talked about ‘jobs, schools and economic development’.

Well you see: nobody really wants to hire blacks because you never know when they’re going to feel disrespected and do a drive by on your business.

His hostile reaction was not shared by Kelly Perez, whose husband Anthony Henson was murdered four months after their wedding.

Hmmm so who’s this woman?


Oh hell.

Her husband was a 26-year-old African-American who was gunned down in the street in 2005 and the murder has never been solved.

All a part of life in the hood my young mudshark.

She said President-elect Trump’s intervention should lead to schemes to set up better educational and housing programs for those left behind after losing family members to violence.

How much more money do we have to throw at the black problem before trying something else?

‘He needs to look at minimizing the easy access to guns around Chicago with new laws. The Chicago police do a good job but with 730 murders, it is difficult for them.
‘There needs to be more support for them and new safety plans. Donald Trump knows what is going on. He needs to speak to the community here and help them.’

6666These guys had limited access to guns so they had to improvise. 

Safety plans, better housing and doing something about the guns. Look I always tell you, Grandpa Lampshade is a very pragmatic person. I’m into actually solving problems and I can tell you, it is impossible to solve any problem if you are unwilling to discuss the actual causes of the problem. So let’s look at the problems discussed in this story: gun violence, random murders and neighborhoods that are like war zones. Anybody can look at this and quickly figure out what the problem is: blacks. Yet to point this out is not allowed in our polite society so the killings go on. What’s funny is that even on a base level blacks themselves know this. Why do you think it is that whenever a black gets into a position of earning a decent living the first thing they do is move to a neighborhood surrounded by white people? These folks that speak  out about blacks needing better housing never stop to think: if you look at the shitty section 8 apartments they live in, those were brand new apartments once. Why do they look so shitty now? The answer is simple: blacks. Nazis didn’t sneak into their neighborhood and break all of the windows out, spray graffiti and leave MD20/20 bottles laying around. Whenever people start whining about having a conversation about gun violence in the black communities my reaction is always, “Sure let’s start with the cause: blacks”. Needless to say, the conversation is usually quite short.



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