German Authorities Admit They May Have the Wrong Haji

Well the latest outbreak of vibrancy in Germany yesterday involving the vibrant act of driving a big truck through a crowded shopping area culminated with police arresting the suspect as he fled on foot. Now they are saying he may not be the guy. Surely this Haji dindu even nuffin.

The Berlin Christmas market killer may still be on the loose with a gun and ready to inflict ‘further damage’ 12 hours after an asylum seeker from Pakistan was chased down and arrested, a senior police chief said today.
Detectives interrogating suspect Naved B, 23, have said he has no blood on his clothes, no injuries and denies hijacking a 25-tonne lorry and using it to murder 12 people and injure 48 more last night.
A security services source, a senior police officer, told die Welt newspaper: ‘We have the wrong man. So we have a new situation. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause further damage.’

So now an innocent Moslem who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time was arrested for the Jihad. This is a win for ISIS because it proves that racism is alive and well. The people need to understand that not all Moslems are terrorists and rapists.

The Pakistani asylum seeker arrested after the Berlin Christmas market massacre was allegedly held for a sex attack in July and was already on the Interpol crime database, it was revealed today.

LOL Oh. Well never mind. Sorry folks, we thought we arrested the terrorist Moslem but turns out this is just your run of the mill rapist Moslem. They will probably wind up giving him a cash settlement for hurting his feels.

6666You may look at this picture and see nothing but terrorists but that’s wrong, some are just innocent rapists. 

The terror attack could be a political disaster for Angela Merkel, who will seek a historic fourth term as German Chancellor next year. The German leader, who left white roses as the scene this afternoon, has staked much of her political capital in opening up Germany’s doors to refugees and in doing so divided a reunited land.

Merkel: “Yeah sure I invited all of these terrorists and rapists into Germany but nobody told me they may rape you and drive trucks over you. Sorry ’bout that, here’s some flowers. BTW please vote for me again.”

6666Yeah flowers and signs that should fix this. Oh and don’t forget hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. 

Arrested suspect Naved B, is believed to have entered the country under a false name on New Year’s Eve 2015, and some German newspapers said he may have been radicalised by an ISIS handler after arriving in Germany.
Germany’s Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière today confirmed that the suspect was not on Germany’s terror list but was on the Interpol list of criminals. He was also allegedly arrested in Berlin for a sex attack in July and other petty crimes.

Read that last part again: arrested for a sex attack and other petty crimes. You see, it’s all a matter of perspective. Back in the boring old days before diversity was introduced, rapes were kind of a big deal but once you start dealing with jihad on a regular basis suddenly rapes are reduced to being a petty crime. Do you know what that’s called? Progress, that’s what.

The minister also revealed that the suspect had failed to attend his first asylum hearing and then appeared at a second but claimed he spoke no German and required an interpreter so it was adjourned.

What a joke of a system. BTW this is what counts as vetting. They usually don’t even show up to their hearings and if they do, they just claim they don’t speak the native language and they shrug their shoulders and let them go.

Naved B has been taken to a Berlin police station for interrogation. The suspect is denying involvement in the crime.

You see, you might think it’s only understandable to protect the identity of the victims not the perpetrators but you just don’t understand. If they don’t protect the identity of the perpetrator then that could lead to racism and there’s nothing worse than racism, not even being run over by a truck while you are out Christmas shopping.

Officials currently classify around 500 Islamists in Germany as high risk and 250 of them are monitored around the clock. But lone wolves like Naved B are hard to spot and, when not part of an organised network leaving electronic footprints, almost impossible to apprehend before the event.

LOL They’ve let millions of these Moslems into the country and they are only monitoring 250 of them.

At 11am Chancellor Merkel spoke about the carnage, saying: ‘An entire country is united with the victims and their survivors in deep mourning. We all hope and many of us pray for them. That they can find comfort and support. That they can survive after this terrible attack.
‘I know that it ís particularly hard to bear for all of us, that a person has committed this act who has asked for protection and asylum in Germany.
I’d swear, every time this bitch opens her mouth I hate her a little more. She lets the invading army in and then talks about being united and humanitarianism.

6666We are united in our suffering but it’s the price we must pay forever for the Holocaust. 

‘Millions of people have been asking: How can we live with it that at a Christmas market – a place of joy – a killer brings death to so many people? I have no simple answer to this question.

Yeah but what people should be asking is why do they have to live with this. All of these people who are guilty of inviting in the invading army try to go around and act as though we have no choice but to bring these people in and live with them. The narrative is always along the lines of, “We must live surrounded by multiculturalism so we just have to figure out a way to make these people act different.” Again, they simply let these people walk in and now they have the nerve to act as though getting rid of them is some sort of complicated issue that nobody can figure out. It’s not complicated, you send them back the same way you let them all in. You don’t owe them hearings, you don’t owe them an explanation and you don’t owe them welfare forever. You ship them back. As long as the leadership refuses to take this action then they are not willing to life a finger to solve it, regardless of what they say. In fact, they are co-conspirators in the terrorism and rapes. It’s time they be held accountable as such.


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