I’m Sick of These Vigils

I dunno, maybe it’s just fatigue but I’m really sick and tired of these weak ass vigils everyone does. Every time a Moslem does another jihad in our base or blacks do a “wrong place wrong time” murder of a white person for some unknown reason, what do we see? Balloon releases, candlelight vigils, hashtags and flags on social media. Usually we get to hear the utter nonsense of “We will not give in to hate” or some other lame bullshit.

6666If there’s one thing hajis and niggers fear, it’s this: the candles. 

In the instance of yet another Jihad attack, a new marketing slogan will come out like “We are strong” or some crap. When it’s blacks killing whites, the local news will usually interview the victim’s family at the balloon release held right after the candlelight vigil. You will usually hear something along the lines of, “We just want answers. Why did my (insert relative here) have to die for no reason?” So much willful blindness. Your relative died because there is a race war on and guess what: more will die if you don’t stop the denial and start protecting yourselves. The leaders of these countries who let thousands if not millions of these invaders flow in, in the name of human rights or whatever show up to give condolences and empty promises to do something about the problem that they themselves created. The thing is, it’s only a problem because it causes them to catch political heat, they don’t care that you are being murdered. These leaders didn’t accidentally let these people in with the best of intentions because they are worried about some humanitarian disaster. It is open war against you and your leaders are on the enemy’s side.

6666Surely this will bring us answers to this madness. 

Listen white people, there is a concerted effort to destroy you. I know you want to believe that this is just conspiratorial gibberish but I don’t know how much clearer it can be. All the candlelight vigils and calling for prayers for the victims changes nothing. Yes yes, please let’s pray for the victims and then turn around and decry the racists who point out that this is all utter madness. If you condone the importing of murderers into your country and shout down those who point out the inevitable outcome, what should God do to help you? It seems to me that God would figure he might give you a hand when you decide to get off your ass and stop coddling savages…..and tolerating the traitors who are bringing them in. Your hashtags, memorials and tears are just empty posturing for nations that have become cowardly and weak and unwilling to defend or stand up for themselves out of fear the Jews will call them names. This is the way the world works: the strong survive the weak don’t. Hitler said that a people unwilling to fight for their place in this world wouldn’t nor do they deserve to survive. Right now races that are dumber than you, more savage than you and more primitive than you are in your midst and you know what? Even they grasp the concept of fighting for their place in this world. Right now it’s all one sided and they are winning. The terror attacks, the racial attacks by blacks and all of the rest of it will continue until you are all dead or in utter submission. There is no such thing as integration, only submission to the dominant culture and right now in Europe, the Moslems are showing to have the dominant culture. Already calls are being made to normalize and force the native populations to adopt the Moslem way of dress and behavior. If women don’t want to be raped, they had best not go out after dark and they better wear a bag on their head, we wouldn’t want to offend the Moslem’s culture, now would we? What I see happening to white people globally right now makes me sick. It seems that except for a handful of us spread out in our different countries across the world, our race has forgotten how to fight and how to survive. We bow to women, we tip toe around savages, treat degenerates as our equal and allow parasitic Jews to tell us what is right and wrong. You people who want to waste your time on stupid vigils while you sit on your  hands and complain about racists on the internet will get no sympathy from Grandpa Lampshade. The time for vigils is over. If your governments won’t protect you (and they won’t) then you will either fight or you will cease to exist. It’s that plain and simple.


Author: grandpalampshadeblog

Host of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on www.radioaryan.com

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