Why Are the Police Doing the Job of the Military?

Imagine for a moment if you will, a foreign army comes streaming across the border of your country. This invading army does what invading armies have always done throughout history: rape, pillage and blow stuff up. Your government vows to defend the citizenry and sends out………the police. It sounds retarded right? Yet, that is literally what we are seeing taking place today. The Moslem army has invaded Europe and the governments of the effected countries are trying to put a fig leaf of effort on by deploying the police. Now this is all bad enough but to top it off, the police are required to not notice that it actually is an invasion and they are also supposed to go a step further and protect the identity of the invaders. In light of all of this, we are supposed to be shocked that the police are coming off as inept. Make no mistake, it’s all going according to plan.

A Tunisian asylum seeker suspected of carrying out the Berlin massacre was arrested three times this year amid fears he was planning a terror plot – but they let him go.
Despite being an ISIS supporter known to have received weapons training, German authorities allowed Anis Amri to slip through their clutches time after time.

LOL Those stupid cops. The part they are leaving out is that probably like 75-80% of these Moslems they have to interact with fall into this category. What are they supposed to do? Detain all of the invaders?

Police today revealed they have launched a Europe-wide hunt for the refugee, who came to Germany last year. His paperwork was found in the footwell of a lorry used to murder 12 people on Monday night.

This is how people get started with thinking this could be some sort of false flag or something, rather than Hajis doing what they always do. Admittedly, this isn’t out of the question but I’m always hesitant to chalk up to false flag what can be explained by Moslem stupidity.

He is probably armed, ‘highly dangerous’ and a member of a ‘large’ Islamic organisation

Yeah members of an army tend to fit that description.

He arrived in Germany in July 2015 and was given a hearing by immigration authorities in April this year. He was denied the right to asylum and due to be deported before the end of the year.
But under a peculiarity of the German asylum system he was granted a ‘Duldung’ or toleration papers allowing him to stay for unknown reasons.

Surprise surprise Goyim! It’s just a peculiarity in the system!

6666                                              Let’s be honest, this guy looks exactly like ever other member of the desert monkey invasion force. 

According to BILD newspaper the German authorities were in touch with their Tunisian counterparts to get him a passport so he could be kicked out. But Tunis said it had no record of him being a citizen.

Now you may be thinking, why would you let him into the country in the first place, especially without a passport? You just don’t understand silly Goys, requiring a passport for these people to come in would be against our values and who we are.

Tunisia was accused of delaying his extradition as it emerged that papers had only just arrived today – two days after the carnage.

It’s almost like we’re not receiving the Mid East’s best and brightest.

Amri was put on a danger list shortly after arriving – a move which meant authorities considered him prone to extreme violence.

This is so retarded, of course he is prone to violence. Everyone of these invaders is prone to violence. Do you think that people who come from a place where stoning is still an actual thing are going to be civilized and rational?

7777     It’s just a part of their culture. Nothing here indicates they might be prone to violent behavior. Racial profiling is wrong, you know. 


In July this year he got into a knife fight over drugs and was charged with GBH. But he went underground before getting to court.

These Moslems you gotta love ’em. Women should be killed if they don’t dress like garbage bags because of their morality but slinging dope is no problem. Kind of like their whole mindset of throwing homos off rooftops but being a-ok with ass raping little boys. There’s no making sense of the sand monkey mind.

Yet he surfaced again in August in Ludwigsburg when he was arrested for possessing a fake Italian document. Again, why he was allowed to slip through the fingers of the security services, given his known affiliation to hate preachers, is unclear.

No it’s quite clear: because all of these Moslems fall into this category. The fake media is still trying to get you to operate on the assumption that this one particular guy is just a bad apple. They are all bad apples. Just because you are used to that being the case among your own people doesn’t mean you can apply it to these Hajis.

6666This should put the fear of Allah in him: flowers and candles.

He is known to have attended hate sermons by Abu Walaa in Hildesheimn, a recruiter for ISIS who now sits in jail on remand after being arrested last month for radicalising young men for the terror group.

I’m sure that’s a really tough job: radicalising Moslems to do jihad. I’m sure it takes hours and hours of effort.

Apparently Walaa wanted to send him to Syria. But he did not want to, preferring instead to formulate plans for an attack in Germany.

LOL These guys are such a bunch of cowards. “Now you are ready to go fight for Allah. I will make arrangements to send you to Syria.” “No no no I would rather stay here and run unarmed people over with trucks.”

Another investigator said: ‘Supposedly the evidence was not strong enough to arrest him.’

Sir, the invading army is pillaging the village! Hmmm sorry we don’t have enough evidence to stop them, keep investigating, we need to determine their motive.

He is believed to have had a criminal record in Tunisia, having carried out violent car robberies. Tunisian police are now said to be speaking to his family.

Is there a civil war in Tunisia? We need to as Merkel.

A Facebook profile in his name shows ‘likes’ linked to Tunisian terror group Ansar al-Sharia, a Tunisian group with followers linked to extremists who murdered 22 at Tunis’ Bardo Museum in March 2015 and then 39 tourists at a beach resort in Sousse.

Our people get constantly banned from Facebook and Twitter yet these terrorists always seem to have a page up. Curious that.



Despite an unfolding international manhunt the first pictures of him released in Germany have his eyes deliberately covered, thought to be because of strict privacy laws there. MailOnline has uncovered unblurred images.

Absolute clown world, why are they even bothering to act like they’re trying to find this guy or stop the terrorism? It would appear the German people are all ready to just genocide themselves anyway. So they are supposedly doing an intense nation wide manhunt for this guy but they are blurring his image out to protect his privacy. They aren’t even putting any effort into pretending. Sorry Germany, you were once a grand nation and you will surely be missed. If you cannot find some sort of way to uncuck yourselves and rise up, then this is the end. Don’t any of the rest of you look down on these guys because the rest of our nations aren’t much better, it’s all a matter of scale. Will you rise up to stop these Hajis in your country or will you just wait for some sort of secret code to act? These people are being deliberately imported into every formerly white country in the west for the sole purpose of killing you off and turning your women into Haji baby factories. It’s almost like a genocide program or something. Oh yeah, because it is.

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