Us Against Them

So many of these so called “hot topics” are ginned up controversies largely designed to keep us distracted from the real issues that we face, #1 being the Jews. However that is not to say that we can’t learn a thing or two from observing these things. Take this stupid tranny bathroom issue. North Carolina has banned trannies from going into whatever bathroom they want to in the name of the latest cause of gender being whatever you decide it is today. This topic gets all sorts of media attention in the name of equality and human rights but let me ask this: what were trannies doing when it came to using the bathroom before? I mean, there were trannies around 10 years ago, what were they doing when they had to pee back then? The answer is simple; the passable ones went to the ladies room and no one was the wiser. The non passable ones, hell I dunno I assume they were too embarrassed to leave their apartment which TBH was better for everyone.

6666                                           This tranny can probably go to the bathroom without much fuss. 

6666                                                                                                This one, not so much. 

What I find interesting for the purpose of this article, is how these issues highlight the fact that it is us (normal people) vs a hostile elite. In this story we hear of a massive backlash but when you get down to it, the backlash isn’t from the people, it’s from a Marxist elite who want to force their views on us. In other words, it’s not about standing up for tranny rights, it’s about forcing the rest of us to submit to the Marxists.

North Carolina’s Senate has voted against repealing a controversial law that restricts transgender restroom access and has put the state at the center of national debate over LGBT rights.

The legislation signed earlier this year prompted a massive backlash.

Oh a massive backlash you say? Why, one might think that the people of North Carolina were really upset about their representatives not listening to them about their burning concerns about non passable trannies using the ladies room.

Many businesses pulled out of the state, while celebrities and athletes decided to boycott travelling to the area in response.

Oh. So in other words: the people were fine with it but the hostile elite wanted the government to force it down the people’s throats whether they like it or not.

Supporters of the law cited traditional values and a need for public safety while opponents called it mean-spirited and unnecessary.

So supporters cited actual legitimate points while the opponents relied on name calling and muh feels. It’s like a statewide level Twitter debate.

The national backlash was swift and fierce, leading to boycotts that have been blamed for millions of dollars in economic losses for the state, as events, such as the National Basketball Association’s 2017 All-Star Game, were moved out of North Carolina.

Somehow I don’t picture NBA fans really being that worried about trannies using the ladies room. The players? Give me a break, they’re more worried about buying some new bling and getting their car customized with dem rims. No, decisions like this don’t come from the fans and the players, rather they come from those who run the organization. But why would the Commissioner of the NBA care about cramming this latest Marxist agenda down everyone’s throats?

6666                                                                                             Surprise surprise Goyim! 

Oh. Well color me shocked, it’s the Jews again. You know, as a Nazi I take a lot of heat from normies about criticizing these Jews but these people never stop to ask themselves, why do the Jews give us so much material to work with?

NC HB2Are these women or trannies? The fact they took the picture from the back is probably a good clue. 

HB 2 was enacted largely in response to a local measure in Charlotte that protected the rights of transgender people to use public bathrooms of their choice.

Which was totally necessary because before that, trannies were forced to piss themselves in public, which was gross. Oh wait, that’s not what was happening so what was the point then? Oh yeah, the same as it is on all of these issues: to force the people to submit.

6666Leftist women: hard to discern from trannies. 

You see, in the end it’s never about tranny bathrooms, gay marriage or muh equality. It’s all about purposely shoving something that is counter to your beliefs and values down your throat and forcing you to accept them. This is why I’m always telling everyone on my show that these people will never ever stop. They will never come to a point of saying, “Well now that we have finally gained equality for trans-gendered giraffes we’ll go ahead and leave you be.” There will never be an end to it because the purpose of what they do has nothing to do with equality or fairness, it’s always about forcing you to submit. Emiliano Zapata said, “It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” This too is your choice, you can either stand and fight or forever live your life submitting further and further until you are no longer simply on your knees but groveling on your face in the dirt. Choose wisely.


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