We Gone Live!

We have found the new battle cry of the sheboon and it’s “We gone live!” All of these cities who have bent over backwards to appease these niggers and pay them off every time they cry about how da police done be abusin dem n sheeiit have now created an atmosphere where each and everyone of them is hoping to score the ghetto lottery. I honestly can’t imagine having to go through my daily life dealing with these boons. 

A video showing a Fort Worth police officer forcibly subduing a black woman and her daughter after they had complained about an assault against the woman’s son has provoked outrage.
The officer was called to the scene after the woman, Jacqueline Craig, reported on Wednesday that her seven-year-old son was placed in a chokehold by a neighbor who caught the boy littering, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

My poor son ain’t even done nuffin! For those of you unfamiliar with the world of the north american pavement ape let me tell you, blacks whip their kids with extension cords, shoes, spoons, shovels basically anything that’s lying around handy when they go into one of their fits of oh no you didn’t rage. So then you have to ask, why was this woman upset that a neighbor allegedly choked her son (BTW there is no proof that this even happened, just the word of primates)?


Here’s your answer: that’s the neighbor in the background. The neighbor is white so of course, he’s oppressing the poor black and her little nigglets. If you ever have been around a black area you know that they trash up everything. I’m sure this guy has had enough of the niggers throwing their garbage all over his property, loud rap music booming through all hours of the night and various ookings 24/7. Of course, now he’s stuck in the situation because it’s no doubt impossible to sell his house because if any potential buyers come by, as soon as they see that there’s a troop of groids living next door they’ll be like, “Um yeah no thanks. You couldn’t pay me to live here.”

After the officer questioned the neighbor, he then spoke with the mother who grew agitated when the cop insinuated that her son deserved to be punished for littering.
An argument ensued, prompting the mother to raise her voice much to the officer’s annoyance.

Chimp out incoming.

When Craig’s young daughter, Brea Hymond, 19, tried to restrain her mother, the officer pushed the daughter away and wrestled the mother to the ground while holding a Taser against her back.

Deys dind even do nuffin. BTW if you are like me, you tend to go through these articles without actually watching the videos. This story is an exception, you HAVE to watch the video to get the full effect. Needless to say, there is a veritable plethora of ooking and screeching, all to the sheboon battle cry of “We live!”

6666                 troll-smiley


The officer than asks Craig: ‘Why are you yelling?’

Because it’s all a part of the dindu language. They don’t have the mental capacity to get their point across so this leads to a tendency to just start ooking and eeking loudly.

6666                                                                                           Since daughters usually wind up looking like their mothers, this girl has a good 300 more pounds to put on. She needs to get cracking. 

‘If you keep yelling at me, you’re going to piss me off and I’m going take you to jail,’ the officer said.

A normal thinking person would heed these words and start backing off but alas, we’re talking niggers so you can see how it went from there.

6666                                                                                         OMG she looks like a goddess! 

The outrage ignited over the video has prompted police to issue a ‘safety alert’ after one commenter on Facebook called for ‘killing all the white cops of Fort Worth.’

Of course, the ever peaceful blacks. Isn’t it funny? We Nazis go out of our way to emphasize that our political movement isn’t about violence and yet, we’re condemned and banned non stop. Yet, these niggers openly call for killing the police and it’s just another day in the world of living with blacks.

6666                                          They’ve hired a lawyer. Upon releasing the video, their lawyer had this to say. 

When these blacks were chimping out all last year and these cities kept paying them millions of dollars to stop burning down their shitty neighborhoods I thought to myself, ‘WTF are they doing? Now these blacks are going to do this constantly.’ Sure enough, all of them are looking for an opportunity to get paid dem banjaminz. It’s bad enough that the working white people have to contribute an ever larger portion of their meager salaries to support these shiftless monkeys but now they are demanding more and more. At what point is enough enough? If this continues, these groids will drain us dry and then what? Well, that’s when the real fun starts.



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