All Hail the Noble Negro

generic-le                                      You Goys are always whining about there being no heroes anymore. Well you’re wrong, let me tell you that! Behold the pinnacle of human achievement….



Have you noticed that something has changed when it comes to our heroes and role models? Whether it’s some form of sportsball or a local award being given out for giving back to the “community” we are constantly presented with the same face: the noble negro. Hockey is about the only mainstream sports that hasn’t been invaded by spooks and I’m assuming that’s because it doesn’t involve a ball. There is something magic about the relationship between blacks and balls. Even golf, once the last hold out of a white man’s game has a hero negro who is continuously held up as the ultimate in achievement. Indeed, all of the achievements of the previous white men who played this game surely pale in comparison to the contributions of the great banger of white porn stars Tiger Woods. Even when Woods’ career bottomed out and he was barely qualifying for matches and coming in last he was still getting his own press conferences and the first results of the match on the local news were always about how Tiger Woods did, as though the entire world was waiting anxiously to see how the noble negro fared this week. When you watch the local news and there is a story about someone receiving some sort of award for “heroism” the heroism always seems to equate to doing something for the “community” and for some mysterious reason, the only community that seems to exist in the eyes of the (((media))) seems to be the black community. It used to be that those receiving these awards were often some misguided humanitarian (often a woman) but even this position has now been replaced by blacks themselves. For the past 8 years we have been presented non stop coverage of the African Presidency, always in a positive light. We’ve been told over and over again that Michelle Obama is the model of beauty that all women should strive for. As for the next First Lady…..meh not so much.

6666                                                                                          We have found what true beauty looks like! Other women can only dream. 

6666Pffft don’t make me laugh. 

Of course, in pushing this our benevolent masters run into one tiny problem: nobody thinks Michelle Obama is hot and most blacks aren’t doing community outreach, they’re doing community drive-bys. It’s such a tough job, guiding the backwards Goyim down the road to enlightenment. Thankfully our societal benefactors, the Jews own and run Hollywood. Don’t have any real life hero negros? No problem, we’ll just make them up on TV! Why, these dashing coons are such a fine example of what men should seek to achieve that even all the white women long to stand at his side or lie in his bed. Don’t you see how great this is? Why, if you would just copy what your cultural media masters are showing you, then you could finally end the racism once and for all and Utopia could finally be achieved. However even with all of this selfless work in bringing you negro role models there are still backwards racist white people out there who resist progress. They say mean things like Michelle Obama looks more like Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies. Stupid stupid Goys, Chewbacca is not one of the noble negro role models we have presented for you! How dense can you be?! They also show their hatred for the color of the skin by pointing out things like the fact that blacks are not the epitome of humanitarianism but are instead low IQ savages prone to violence. This is the bad thing about the hatred of the color of the skin; these people just don’t realize that the only reason the rest of the black community hasn’t caught up to the made up Hollywood version is because of the racism of whites. I tell ya, being among the chosen ones is a tough job but someone has to do it.

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One thought on “All Hail the Noble Negro”

  1. Dat wut ahm talkin’ bout! Yu honkee crakuh! We be dun had aw dat tux eedo and sheeeeeiiit waaay fo U crakuh haids eem set yo foots on dis koh in nunt! So den!

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