How Many Moslems is Enough?

It is becoming more and more clear to everyone now that the Moslem invasion is a disaster. I read a lot of different perspectives on the internet and the good news is that people who weren’t openly talking about this besides us Nazis are now openly talking about what to do with these rapefugees. The bad news is that many of these same people still have a ways to go in their thinking.

moslem-men                                                           How much fiki fiki is enough fiki fiki?

So what do we do with these so called “refugees”? I’ve heard everything from only letting a few in, to making them stay in fairly deserted parts of the country that we aren’t really using anyway to monitoring them closely. I felt this is as good a time as any to clarify our position on this. Now granted I can’t claim to speak for all Nazis but I think I’m pretty safe in going out on a limb here on this topic. The correct number of refugees to allow to come in their attempt to escape what horrors their miserable lives have brought to them is exactly zero and I mean zero. No women, no children, no old people nobody, zero. You see, once you start fudging and making exceptions then you’re back to playing the same game the Jews want you to play; operating on the assumption that you have to let some come in. Now you are only negotiating at how fast a rate your destruction comes about. Some problems have to be dealt with from a position of emotional detachment. It doesn’t matter how sad it is that their country sucks or that they’re poor or that their leaders in their country are corrupt tyrants. It’s not our problem. It’s not our job to fix the rest of the world. It is our job to protect what our predecessors built and to try to pass that on to our children. It’s our job to give our children a country that they can enjoy without threat of being blown up or raped for not wearing a bag over their head. We will not cede the moral high ground to the left and accept the idea that we are required to give everyone in the world a better life because going down that road always leads to disaster.

1111Look at these poor women and children, we have to do something for them! 

The corrupt rulers who oversee us now act as though these problems are difficult to handle, yet they found no difficulty in allowing all of these invaders to come in the first place. Of course, even if you cut off immigration completely there would still be people who would try to come anyway seeking a better life of living on welfare forever and raping our sluts, so what do you do? It’s simple: if they come by boat you sink the boats, what the hell do you have a Navy for anyway? If they walk in by land you stop them at the border and if they try to rush past your border guards you shoot them. If they still manage to get into your country (as no system is going to be perfect) you put them in labor camps until you find out where they came from and then you provide them with the cheapest most uncomfortable way back to that country. I specify labor camp because you don’t want to set up some sort of outdoor gymnasium thing where these people know they can lay around and still have a better life than they had in their own shitty country. Make them work hard and the money they earn will be used to cover the expense of shipping them back and paying the camp guards. These problems that our corrupt rulers keep telling us are infinitely too complex to address are actually not that difficult at all, it just takes someone being in charge who is actually willing to solve them.

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