Woman In Her 30’s Victimizes 16 Year Old

In this jewed out world we live in where reality is turned on it’s head we seem to keep hearing these stories where teachers and such are having sex with their teen students. So often it seems to be aging sluts who I guess are trying to defy time and somehow stay young and feel better about themselves. Whenever I hear about one of these stories I’m always torn. On the one hand, if this were a 31 year old man banging a willing 16 year old girl, they would throw away the key and he would be a sex offender for life the same as if he molested a 6 year old. On the other, there is no way a 16 year old boy feels victimized because he’s getting laid.

A Delaware drug and alcohol counselor has pleaded guilty to rape after repeatedly having sex with a 16-year-old boy in her care.

This is what I mean; rape? Seriously? I’m pretty sure it would be physically impossible for a woman to rape a 16 year old male unless maybe she was like 300 lbs and he was drunk and passed out or something.

Rebecca Winters is accused of having a sexual relationship with the teenager who was receiving treatment at the Crossroads of Delaware counseling center last year.

One of the things that drives me nuts is the changing of the definition of words. We all know what rape is and an ongoing sexual relationship is not rape. Still though, these women who do this have to know what they are risking by engaging in this behavior. When you read a story like this, you have to assume that perhaps this woman has shown a pattern of poor decision making her entire life or something. However if that were the case, surely there would be something, some sort of clue of this somewhere.




LOL oh well hell, who could have seen this coming? I’ll tell you who: Nazis that’s who. Who the hell hired this woman?

Crossroads, a for-profit drug and alcohol counseling center, closed earlier this year.
A separate civil lawsuit has been filed against Crossroads seeking damages over the sexual abuse.
It claims Winters’ mother and president of Crossroads Alberta Crowley should have known about her daughter’s sexual relationship.
The lawsuit claims Crowley and the center failed to investigate and report the alleged sexual abuse.

So not only did this 16 year old get laid, now his family is suing to get paid? Wow. The mystery of how she got hired is revealed as well: her mother is running the place.

66666For the pic of her mother, they use a shot taken of her with The Groper Joe Biden. LULZ intensify. 

I miss the old days of common sense. I can see firing one of these sluts for banging teens on the job but sending them up for rape and sexual assault and then suing for money and damages on top of that? Exactly what are the damages incurred here? Did she give him the clap or something? What do you want to bet the teen she was banging was a nigger? I guess in the end not much was lost from society one way or the other in this case. One has to wonder though when women bought into this notion of liberation the Jews were peddling to them so many years ago, is this what they had in mind?

6666Grandpa Lampshade’s pro tips for sluts: once you hit 30 you should really stop with the sleazy duck lips selfies in the mirror with the toilet in the background.



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One thought on “Woman In Her 30’s Victimizes 16 Year Old”

  1. We have a RESPONSIBILITY to our race to ensure that these White sluts are only taking White cock.

    We have to create a solution that farms them out to high quality males so that we aren’t causing a dysgenic problem for future generations.

    A big part of the problem is that they are victims of White males being tolerant of their failed lives, no husband and no children BECAUSE cultural marxist INDOCTRINATION has left them heading up the creek without a paddle.


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