Altruistic White People March to Make Vague Demands

So a bunch of altruistic white people and women are going to march to Aleppo and demand something, I’m not even sure what. I guess that Assad stop killing ISIS and hand the city back over to the terrorists or something. I mean, what else can they demanding? They weren’t marching when ISIS controlled the city so that’s all I can figure they are trying to accomplish.

Demonstrators demanding peace in Syria have begun a 1,800-mile march from Berlin to Aleppo.
The group of activists, who will walk all the way to the war torn city, set off from a refugee camp this morning.

So upon initially reading this, I’m thinking, “Whoa! Well at least some of the refugees are heading back, that’s one good thing,” but alas no, it’s just low T men and women looking for exotic foreign surprise sex.

6666Giving it up for peace. 

The group are demanding peace in Syria and international help for civilians in Aleppo after Bashar al-Assad’s forces won control of the city from rebels earlier this month.

Assad’s forces liberated the city. The people who survived the ISIS reign were celebrating so I don’t know exactly what these people are hoping to accomplish. I guess they are demanding that ISIS be allowed to come back.

On their Facebook page, the organisers of the Civil March for Aleppo, wrote: ‘On Dec 26th we left Berlin and march for Aleppo.
‘We demand help for civilians, protecting human rights and working out a peaceful solution for the people of Aleppo and other besieged cities in Syria and beyond. Join us!’

Could their demands be any more vague? “Help for civilians” and “human rights”?

6666                                                 We carry these white flags and demand our feels be recognized. 

It is not known how long it will take to get to Aleppo, but the initial stage to the Czech border will take 15 days.

LOL They don’t even have a clue how far 1800 miles is. Most of these people won’t make it to the Czech border. I bet what actually happens is after the cameras take the pictures, they will all get on trucks and make the journey and then get off and walk like the last mile for the cameras when they arrive. They’re actually taking roller luggage like you see people using at the airport. These idiots are clueless.

The route then goes through eastern Europe and Turkey, into Syria.

If they actually do this, it ought to be really exciting once they leave eastern Europe.

Anna Alboth, a Polish traveller, blogger and journalist based in Berlin, organised the march.
She was determined to do something more than just watch the horrifying news coming out of Aleppo on a daily basis.

“We have to do something!” the battle cry of the altruistic white person.

6666Personally Hilda, I’m just going for the exotic surprise sex. 

The group’s GoFundMe page reads: ‘We are an international group of determined civilians starting the #CivilMarchForAleppo as a way of showing our support to the Syrian people, demanding peace talks in the region, saying #StopTheBombs and proving that we aren’t powerless in the face of human-inflicted crisis.

Beheadings are fine but bombs are a big no no!

6666We don’t have to worry about being raped, we’re taking this guy along! 

‘The March will take us from our homes to the streets, towards what has been the center stage of our social media activity: Syria. And to make this work, to make our voices heard out there, in the real world, we need you too.’

FFS women, all you have to do if you really want to make a difference in the world is have kids. Is it that freaking hard? I mean seriously, you will have more impact on what is happening in this world 30 years from now if you have children that will be around doing things 30 years from now. Do you think anyone will remember this stupid march in 30 years? No. Well, not unless it turns into such a complete disaster culminating in you all being beheaded and the women sold off as sex slaves which is entirely within the realm of possibility.

6666LOL @ the two fags on the right. This is an actual traveling shit show. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how this ends. 


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