Israel Kikes Continue to Treat America as Their Client State

These Jews are so used to barking their demands and having the American government jump. Israel wouldn’t exist without the U.S. babysitting it as pretty much everyone in the world hates these Jews for some mysterious reason. Yet, instead of showing any sort of appreciation, these kikes bark their demands and whine non stop like a spoiled child not getting their way.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly reaching out to President-elect Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress in order to prevent the Obama administration from what the Israeli government fears is an American attempt to have the U.N. Security Council pass more resolutions against Israel by approving principles for a Palestinian state, The Times of Israel reports.

Why is it that with the media going on non stop about the Russians being this big foreign threat hacking the elections and supporting Trump, they are mysteriously silent when it comes to Israel openly controlling our government and throwing a tantrum if they don’t get their way?

6666                                                  “We’ll get them to elect a monkey” they said, “It’ll be infinite LULZ” they said. Pfft. 

This comes after the Netanyahu government was angered that the Security Council on Friday condemned Israel’s settlement activities when the US failed to veto the resolution.

Notice how they expect the U.S. to automatically veto  everything the Jews don’t like? This is one of the reasons the rest of the world treats us with so much scorn: here we are this supposed mighty superpower and yet we are like a trained dog for these parasites camped in a little country in the Mid East.

The Israeli prime minister held a 40-minute meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro on Sunday evening after summoning him to explain why the United States abstained on the resolution, allowing it to pass.

I bet being assigned Ambassador to Israel is one of the worse posts anywhere aside from some Moslem country where you have to worry about being ass raped in the streets. Can you imagine having to sit for 40 minutes and listen to some Jew kvetch at you because your government didn’t do their bidding for them? All the while knowing that Israel exists only because it is able to parasite off the U.S..

Netanyahu also summoned all the envoys of the other countries with representatives in Israel who voted for the resolution, which passed 14-0.

Wow since the U.S. didn’t veto it, it passed unanimously. It’s almost like everyone in the world hates you kikes. I wonder why that is? They’re probably just jealous over that whole chosen thing.

Israel says the measure is biased against Israel and is only an attempt by the Palestinians to delegitimize the Jewish state and avoid any direct negotiations.

6666                                                  Oy vey! These Palestinians want to shoah us! 


Critics of the resolution say that it will only harden positions and make an attempt at a peaceful solution to the conflict much more difficult.

LOL It passed unanimously so in effect, the only critics are the Jews themselves. I love how they word this in a way to appear that everyone else doesn’t hate them.

Israel’s Channel 2 reported that Netanyahu is reaching out to the president-elect, as well as members of Congress, in an attempt to have the new administration make clear that a Trump White House will economically harm those nations which vote against Israel in future U.N. resolutions.

I’ll admit, the one area I’m most uncomfortable with when it comes to Trump is how he is going to handle these Jews. However you can rest easy in the fact that even if Trump leans toward being sympathetic towards these kikes we have one thing working in our favor: as President he will be dealing non stop with them and if there is one thing that promotes anti-semitism it’s actually having to deal with Jews.

6666                                                         Why does everyone hate you Jews? It’s a complete mystery. 

To make his point even more emphatically, Netanyahu went to the Western Wall on Sunday evening, the second night of Hanukkah, to light the menorah there, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Hanukkah, only the Jews would make one of their biggest holidays centered around mass murdering people.

The Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, is the outer wall of the Second Temple which stood on the plateau above it until destroyed by the Romans 2,000 years ago

Wow, even 2,000 years ago people hated the Jews. One would almost think that there is a behavior pattern centered around these people that winds up making everyone hate them. I mean, think about it: hate is a lot of work so it’s not like people would just go out of their way to hate these people for no reason.

At Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu publicly blamed Obama for the resolution’s passing, saying, “We have no doubt the Obama administration initiated [the resolution], stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed.”

It’s not like I’m a big defender of the monkey President Obama but I read this and my reaction is, “So what if he did?” It’s not like America is obligated to follow the beck and call of Israel. It’s like the Jews have this backwards: Israel is taking money from us not the other way around. That would imply that you should be following our orders, not we should be jumping through hoops for you. However in the mind of the Jew, the Goyim are always supposed to be cattle following orders from our betters. Now if we could just solve the mystery of where anti-semitism comes from…..

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2 thoughts on “Israel Kikes Continue to Treat America as Their Client State”

  1. Now if we could just solve the mystery of where anti-semitism comes from…..

    Got us there! I have toyed with a theory …that chosen thing was a pretty good jealousy target, but then more ugly things began to surface,i.e The jealous ones were outnumbered by insurmountable obstacles ( such as facts), the blood of victims began taking American I.D. ( see CLINTON) and too many chickens raucking at the obvious disappearance of those among them calling the alarm and pointing to the foxes gaurdung them. This is indeed a FOWL charge against the innocent foxes wearing gold stars in their uniform.
    Other than that, the mystery continues
    I have a neighbor who has hired more foxes. Surely his chickens will at last be safe .

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