All Mudsharking Roads Lead To the Same End

When you’re a (usually fat) white woman and you don’t want to settle for a boring life with some generic cracker, what do you do? You grab life by the horns and hang on for the wild ride, even if it doesn’t last long.

Danielle Brooks, 32, and Christopher Brooks, 38, were found with gunshot wounds in their Anchorage, Alaska, home at 4pm on Saturday.
Police are still on the hunt for Lamarkus Jayquann Mann, 22, who is considered armed and dangerous. Jaylyn Franklin has been arrested, while a third suspect, De Anthony Malik Harris, is in the hospital, CBS reported.

6666Nobody could have predicted it might end like this. 

The couple’s six-year-old son told police: ‘Ninjas came to my home and killed my family.’ He said the masked men also told him to go to his room.

I bet dem ninjas were gangsta AF.

6666   I be da ninja n sheeiiit. 


Just what I figured, no way it would be a real ninja.





The suspects, who knew Christopher Brooks, planned to rob the couple, police said.

Nigger logic never goes far beyond “Muh dick” and “Ima gets da money”.

Franklin said they covered their faces with t-shirts before entering the home, where Mann ‘began demanding drugs and money’, according to the affidavit.

I knos dat nigga gots da benjamins and some dope.

7777                                                                                         I’m sure he was looking forward to a career in the NFL but he fell in with a bad crowd.

Police said Mann shot Danielle Brooks first, and they arrived at the 4100 block of Peterkin Avenue to find her dead at the scene.

Makes sense, they went for the bigger easier to hit target first.

Mann and Christopher Brooks struggled over the gun, and Harris tried to jump in and help, according to police and court documents. Both Harris and Christopher Brooks were shot in the process.

These guys were obviously criminal masterminds who put a lot of thought into this intricate plan to get da money.

The robbers fled the scene in a Honda Ridgeline, according to court documents, and Mann has a warrant out for his arrest for murder, robbery and burglary.
Franklin, who admitted to deleting text messages regarding the double homicide, was charged with two counts of murder and one count of robbery, burglary, and tampering with evidence.

LOL @ blacks using the magic text to talk about their crimes. “Yo nigga, we done shot dem bitches dawg”

666The mudshark and her husband brought this upon themselves by flaunting their wealth by living in such a palace. 

Look, I know it can be tough out there for fat chicks. I mean, you too want a manly man who will keep your life interesting and make you feel stimulated to your feminine core. However, a much more reasonable path to take to achieve your goal would be to stop eating so much crap food and work to make yourself attractive. I mean, being fat isn’t a terminal condition like being born with an extra hand or something. Being lazy and deciding that you can have both your Krispy Kremes and your high T man by going the nig nog route is more than likely going to end up with you in an XXXL sized coffin. Sure, it may be exciting and all but the ride won’t last long.

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