Shocking News: Murdered Yoga Instructor was Muh Dicked


By now, I’m sure you have all read the story of the DC Yoga instructor who was found murdered. Police were tipped off about who might of done it when they found a random dindu driving her car around. Well, as expected she was muh dicked. 

The man accused of killing a Washington, D.C., yoga teacher told police that she was suicidal and killed herself, according to new documents filed in the case.

Dat crazy bitch done murdered herself.

6666The latest victim of vibrancy. 

Adrian Duane Johnson was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court this afternoon. He is accused of killing Tricia McCauley, 46, who was reported missing over the Christmas holiday. McCauley was found strangled in her car early Tuesday morning.

6666                   This photo was taken of Mr. Johnson while he was on his way to church to turn his life around. 

Johnson, who was charged with first-degree murder, appeared at his arraignment in gray sweatpants and pink slippers. Johnson’s defense said the government was rushing to judgment and requested a preliminary hearing and speedy trial.

Yeah well an in depth investigation isn’t really required when you find the dindu driving the murdered woman’s car around with her body stashed in the back seat.

Police said McCauley had texted friends at 4:30 p.m. on Christmas Day that she was on her way to their holiday party. But she never arrived.

FFS people, how many times to I have to tell you? …….


Oh but wait, the criminal mastermind has an alibi! Have we all rushed to judgment spurred on by nothing more than the hatred of the color of the skin? Let this be a lesson: this is how innocent blacks (can there be any other kind?) were lynched by the millions by the Klan in the 1980’s led by David Duke.

According to police, Johnson said that he met McCauley on or around Christmas Day and she offered him a ride.

I do hope this part is a lie, however it may be the one kernel of truth in his story. If it is the truth, then another white woman has fallen victim to the stupid “we’re all the same but for the color of our skin” narrative. It was Christmas so she was probably thinking about all the signaling points she could get at the Christmas party by telling everyone she was running late because she gave a random black a ride on a cold winter night.

Johnson said that she offered to have sex with him, and that they had sex on a curb but he couldn’t remember exactly where, according to charging documents.

*Sigh* The negro mind at work. Sounds totally legit, picks him up gives him a ride and is then like, “Hey, wanna have sex on a curb somewhere?” Obviously the only reason the police suspect him is because of racial profiling.

He told police that McCauley then became emotional and fatally hung herself while he was standing outside of the car, documents said.

She hung herself inside the car while he waited outside not doing even nothin. Ok, yeah we should let him off. Perhaps Obama can rush another last minute pardon through for him.

He then told police that he drove her car around D.C., used her credit card and picked up a prostitute, but also thought that McCauley was sleeping and might wake up, documents said.

Let’s follow the groid’s story so far: so this random white woman stupidly decides to give him a ride. In the middle of the ride she decides to have random sex on a curb. She then decides that after having sex with a random ape, life can’t get any better so she decides to hang herself. The boon makes the decision that any of us would make: hide her body in the backseat, drive around in her car and use her credit cards to buy stuff. To question this narrative is pure racism.

The prosecution did not respond to those allegations in court.

Why should they? The defendant is making their case for them.

At 2:40 p.m. on Monday, a D.C. police officer reported seeing a car matching McCauley’s in northeast D.C. being driven by a man.

6666                                                                               Dash cam footage. 

While Johnson repeatedly asked for a lawyer, he also told police he had sex with the owner of the car, according to documents. Johnson told police “that after he and the woman had sex, she was suicidal and hung herself in the car.” Later the defendant spontaneously asked, “If someone is suicidal and gives you all their stuff is that illegal?” according to charging documents.

I dunno, sounds like this one could wind up in a hung jury to me. I mean, the defendant’s story sounds very plausible. Sadly, being in Washington DC that may be exactly what happens since he’s afforded a jury of his peers. As for the rest of us who aren’t Mr. Johnson’s peers we need to know why it is we are required to live among these pavement apes. What is the benefit they provide that it’s totally worth the rapes and murders that we put up with from them on a near constant basis? Obviously the answer is they don’t provide anything to offset this which leads to the only real question: what do we do with these blacks?


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2 thoughts on “Shocking News: Murdered Yoga Instructor was Muh Dicked”

  1. Surely you do not suspect that the nuffin’s story has a a few holes in it?
    On the way to a party, a white woman, thinks, ” oh look, Here is my chance to pick up a wonderful Negro and ride around with him looking cool..and hey, why Don’t I just kill myself? First, a little curbside body language, then give IT all my stuff and then hang myself..let’s see, I know! Right here in the car. While the Nuffin is counting my change and standing on the curb saying, neg ain’t dat a nice white lady? Why see doin’ dis? Guilty cracka, I hopes she hangs hersayuf in dis heah car! Sheeeeeeit! de crazy ho did it!
    Neh, wur dat A tee eyum mochine?

    In DC, his peers will see how that all developed.

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