Another One Bites the Dust

There’s two things that help keep the homo population in check: 1. they can’t reproduce and 2. they kill themselves all the time.

A man who lost a grueling, five-year lawsuit against San Diego police after being arrested for nudity during a gay pride festival has died in an apparent suicide, two weeks after the verdict.

If my entire self identity centered around what I did with my dick, I’d probably kill myself too.

Police found 35-year-old Will X Walters dead at his Hillcrest apartment Wednesday but it’s unclear how long he’d been dead, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The medical examiner is examining the case.

“Unclear how long he’d been dead” = he was stinking.

Walters was arrested in 2011 during a gay pride event at Balboa Park for wearing a leather gladiator outfit that didn’t fully cover his buttocks. He sued the police for anti-gay discrimination but a federal jury had recently ruled against him.

What’s that? I can’t run around naked?! Muh civil rights!

His attorney, Chris Morris, said he hadn’t heard from his client since the December 13 verdict, which had left Walters in shock. He had left the courtroom immediately, after which his friends had also tried in vain to get in touch with him.

His friends getting in touch with him probably = invites to a group ass orgy and drug binge.

6666                                                                                         No doubt this is what the Founders had in mind for Constitutional protections. 

Walters racked up roughly $1 million in legal costs, according to his legal team.

Over what could have amounted to a misdemeanor ticket. Brilliant.

‘Will Walters was a valiant warrior for his cause, and he will be missed by those who knew him and the community he fought for,’ Morris told the San Diego Union-Tribune on Thursday.

Yes, fighting for the right to parade around naked in a gladiator costume. He should be put on Mt. Rushmore or something.

Walters made headlines after his 2011 arrest, which came as he was wearing a gladiator outfit with a custom-made gladiator kilt at the San Diego Pride Parade And Festival.
Police asked him to cover up, which Walters refused to do. Officers took him to jail after he declined to sign a citation for the misdemeanor.
A misdemeanor ticket and he wound up acting like such a fool he got sent to jail. He then racks up over a million dollars in legal bills trying to sue and fails yet again. I may have to rate this guy lower on the IQ scale than blacks.

Walters later sued San Diego police saying they had violated his civil rights and had discriminated against him due to his sexual orientation.

Hmmmm let me think: do straight people get cited for walking around naked? Why yes, yes they do. Man this guy’s lawyer was just milking him for shekels instead of being straight (kek) with him that he was never going to win this.

‘Will Walters is a Hispanic, gay man who owns the dubious distinction of being the only person in the history of the City of San Diego to be arrested and booked on a charge of public nudity,’ his complaint stated according to Courthouse News.

He even tried to play the double victim card…..and still lost. In California. That tells you how lame his case was.

6666Hey God…are you there? I want to appeal my lawsuit to you. I’ll tell you what: if I lose you can send me to hell, ‘kay? 

During his five-year lawsuit, Walters had created Free Will USA, an advocacy organization to help others know and defend their rights.

It’s in the Constitution after all: the government shall pass no law prohibiting the public display of your tally whacker.

He had thanked his supporters in a heartfelt message on The Pride LA’s Facebook page just days before the verdict. Being ‘in the trenches’ in court was very hard, Walters wrote, adding that his fight was ‘not only about the 14th amendment, it’s about defending the entire Constitution’.

Fags: the great defenders of the Constitution.


‘The reason I continue this fight is so that we all can continue giving our opinions and we can enjoy the luxury of equal enforcement as well as freedom of speech,’ Walters added.

He was for freedom of speech? Cool because I think these guys need to be in a labor camp wearing pink triangles. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with your own bathhouse. It’ll be a blast.

‘We need to remember that EVERY freedom in the Bill Of Rights are rights that so many people around the world do not enjoy.
‘I continue this fight not because of myself, but for everyone and I want to thank everyone for allowing me to represent them in this struggle.
‘Regardless win or lose, it’s been a really long journey and myself, my friends and my legal team have fought as hard as we could, but it’s all to support my fellow Americans and again I want to thank everyone.
‘You all are so amazing and God Bless America!’

Yeah well by now, God has given you his answer. Good luck with that.

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