While the Adults Wait to Take Office, Obama Continues to Chimp Out

One might wonder, wouldn’t Obama be making some sort of attempt to create a legacy for himself? However, you can’t underestimate the rage of a groid when it feels disrespected. So now we’re stuck in this stupid limbo, waiting for Trump to take office while this stupid monkey continues to fling feces all over the world stage. 

anime-facepalmWho the hell thought it was a good idea to elect an African for President?

Donald Trump has praised Vladimir Putin for not retaliating against President’s Obama’s sanctions for Moscow’s alleged hack of the presidential election.

I’ve seen a lot of hoaxes before but I have to say, this “Russians hacked the elections hoax” is the stupidest thing I think I’ve seen yet.

Trump said in a tweet that it was a ‘great move,’ adding: ‘I always knew he was very smart!’
The official Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Washington quickly retweeted the message.

The best part: even as they report on this the (((media))) still doesn’t grasp that they are quickly becoming obsolete. Leaders can now communicate directly with the public, they don’t need these gatekeepers any longer.

8888                                                             I’ll be honest: if we had to have a nigger President I wish we had gotten a random street thug from the hood instead of this. 

The tweet is likely to generate uproar among Democrats who see election-year hacking and leaking of political secrets related to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign as a major reason she lost to Trump.

Political secrets = revelations of Hillary’s corrupt and illegal behavior. The Democrats are literally complaining about not being able to cover up their criminal behavior to get elected.

The White House on Thursday directly accused the Kremlin of intervening in the election in an attack on democracy

We’re all still waiting for the proof on that one and no, “anonymous sources at the CIA say..” does not constitute proof. I also love how the American people being informed about the facts in regards to corrupt political figures is now an attack on democracy.

Trump’s intervention will only heighten feelings, which Democrats have repeatedly aired, that he is too close to Moscow.

6666Note for leftist Democrats: nobody gives a shit about your feels. 

Obama’s sanctions, announced on Thursday, included the expulsion of 35 diplomats the White House accused of being intelligence agents, the closure of two luxury compounds used by diplomatic aides and the announcement of economic sanctions on Moscow’s spy services.

I’m surprised I didn’t make the list of Russian spies.

Russia, which denies hacking the election, treated the moves with derision.

Think for a moment of how stupid this actually is. The gangsta in chief declares that Russia “hacked” the election without giving any sort of proof. His definition of hacking, which is supposed to trick the people into thinking that somehow the Russians got into the voting machines and changed votes boils down to being ass hurt that so much of Hillary Clinton’s corruption was exposed she was unable to bamboozle the public. If you are the Russians, how do you prove that you didn’t hack the elections? What are you supposed to do to prove your innocence exactly?

Putin responded by declining to initiate tit-for-tat expulsions, and then invited American diplomats’ children to the Kremlin for a New Year’s party.

I spoke in one of my earlier shows that Obama would try to bait Russia to take some sort of action that would then box Trump into a position where he couldn’t normalize our relations with Russia. I predicted at that time that I didn’t think Putin would take whatever bait that they put out there. I made this call on the basis of Putin’s track record in dealing with these morons in the past. I read this story and yeah, bait: not taken.

Russian officials launched a verbal assault on President Obama and his administration, calling them ‘losers.’
A key Putin ally called Obama himself a ‘political corpse’.

I realize these guys are politicians and thus, can only go so far so I’ll just go on and say it for them, “Stupid nigger.”


‘We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone,’ Putin said in a statement inviting children of US diplomats to the holiday soiree.

In fourth generation political warfare, this is called controlling the moral high ground. Putin realizes the only people supporting this ape’s stupid sanctions are maybe some bitter feminists because they didn’t get muh first woman President (who are confident that they wouldn’t have to do any actual fighting in a conflict) and McCain and fag boy Lindsey Graham who are literally hated by 99% of the American people.

‘We evaluate the new unfriendly steps by the outgoing US administration as a provocation aimed at further undermining Russian-American relations.’

That’s what calling a spade a spade looks like.

And Konstantin Kosachev, head of the upper house of the Russian Duma’s committee on foreign affairs, was reported by The Observer to have called Obama a ‘political corpse’.
‘The leaving administration has no reason and no political or moral right for such drastic and disruptive steps with regards to bilateral relations with Russia,’ he said.

This is exactly right. Mercifully the African Occupational Government will end in less than a month. This is nothing more than Obama poisoning the well and making things as difficult as possible for Trump.

It was part of an attack which saw the foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claim the US and American people were ‘humiliated by their own President’ in what she described as the Cold War-style measures against Moscow.

If you think the American people are embarrassed by this stupid coon, how do you think it feels to be a Nazi and have people try to tell you this is your President?

6666                                         Here’s your President! 

sad-pepe-naziOh FFS! 

Kellyanne Conway reacted in a Fox News Channel interview to a New York Times report that those moves ‘appeared intended to box in President-elect Trump, who will now have to decide whether to lift the sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies when he takes office next month.’

Yeah, it’s not really hard to figure out. It amounts to being the Presidential policy equivalent of the nigger getting caught driving around in the murdered victim’s car and telling the police, “Maaane dat girl tole me I could have dis car”. Just like an angry street nigger who isn’t getting his way, Obama is acting like the low IQ monkey that he is. With the time drawing near for him to leave office, I think he feels like he can do whatever he wants and can finally slip the leash the Jews have kept on him for the past eight years and show them what a real nigga all about. Keep going Obama, by the time you leave there will be more Nazis than there were eight years ago and you can take heart in the fact that you helped us achieve that.




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