Not All of Them Are Like That!

If there is one area where normie conservative types agree with us Nazis, it is when it comes to liberals trying to claim “Not all Moslems!” when it comes to this terrorism. We’ve heard it all; “It’s a religion of peace” “The radical ones are ruining it for the good Moslems” or some other variation of the “few bad apples” argument. If you are a conservative type stop and ask yourself; why is this liberal excuse making for Moslems so ridiculous? The answer is of course that when it comes to barbaric third world behavior and terrorism we are talking about an observable group behavior pattern.


So even though it may be factual that Mohamed at the convenience store only wants to gouge you on the Twinkies, there is no way to get to personally know each and every single person to make a character judgment on them when you are talking about dealing with problems arising from group behaviors. So even though Mohamed just runs a crappy gas station the fact remains that if someone does a jihad in your base the overwhelming odds are that his name is going to be Mohamed. Trying to insert, “Yeah but I know this one guy….” is not a counter point, it’s just silly and childish. Trust me, if you come at a well informed person with this you are just making yourself look stupid. It’s not Christians or the Amish that are doing the terrorism it’s Moslems and if you want the terrorism to stop then you are going to have to deal with this problem from a stand point of dealing with a group behavior pattern. It doesn’t matter that it may be sad that Mohamed loses his crappy gas station and is forced to move to the Mid East as we are trying to deal with a problem that is directly related to a particular group of people. This is a very logical point of view to have so of course, it looks silly when these liberals appeal to their feels and essentially demand that we do nothing  because it might negatively impact some individual person.

And yet………..

When it comes to the Jews, conservatives adopt this exact same emotional based position.



No matter how many names we name, no matter how many facts we present, no matter how many times we point out they’ve been jewing us all over, the reaction is always, “Not all Jews!” It never dawns on the conservatives that they have turned around and adopted the exact same hollow emotional appeal as the very liberals that they mock and scoff at. The same logic must apply to both situations. Though Mr. Snedleman at the jewelry store down the street may not be plotting your downfall but instead is just getting your shekels for fake diamonds, it’s irrelevant when it comes to discussing group behavior.  Yet, this realization never dawns on the conservative. There will be massive emotional stuttering and empty nonsense about the only democracy in the middle east or some other irrelevant BS. In the end an emotional melt down usually ensues claiming we are nothing more than irrational haters who worship Hitler or something. In other words, the exact same reaction that the liberal just had to the conservative pointing out Moslem behavior patterns. You don’t even need to believe us, take a look for yourself as to who runs the Federal Reserve, who is over represented on the Supreme Court, who it is 9 times out of 10 pushing these “liberal” policies on you that you despise so much and you will find Jews. Yet, no matter how many times I invite them to investigate and find the information themselves so they can draw their own conclusion, most won’t. Why is that? The only logical reason can be that they are afraid not that they will find that we are wrong but they are scared to death and deep down inside know that they will find that we are right. This is one of the reasons why conservatives haven’t made any progress in countering the Marxist agenda: they refuse to logically analyse the problem. How can you solve a problem that is destroying your culture and nation when you are attacking anyone that points out who it is that is doing it and insisting that your greatest ally is the very group of people responsible for destroying your nation? The fact of the matter is Moslems are really just a symptom. The Jews are the ones who have opened the gates to these people. Jews are the ones who insist that we must bring them in. Jews control Hollywood, the media and they own Washington DC. Until you are ready to acknowledge this fact (and make no mistake, it is a fact) you will never get anywhere when it comes to reversing the Marxist tide that is drawing you under. If nothing else conservatives, wake up to the fact that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. It’s time to do some reflection on why that is. The logical conclusion is that you haven’t been addressing the correct cause of the problem. If you can free yourself of the emotional programming that has been intentionally implanted in you, then you will come to an inescapable conclusion: it was the kikes all along.


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3 thoughts on “Not All of Them Are Like That!”

  1. Hi Grandpa Lampshade, just dropping a line letting you know that I found your Youtube channel this past weekend… what a wonderful start to the new year!! The best part is you promote the “Daily Stormer” who I only recently found out, are based in Worthington Ohio and I live in Grove City Ohio. Of course I reached out to Andrew via email letting him know that he has a fan right down the street!! I am happy to be in such awesome company of people who know and promote the truth!! Thank you for your service to this country and I am so glad I found you.

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