Refugee Center Set Ablaze

Now, I know what you are all thinking……….


……but alas no. You see, what do you do when you come to Europe on the promise of unlimited everything for free including women and don’t get it? Why, you burn down the place you’re living in, that’s what you do.

Migrants barricaded terrified camp staff members inside a reception and set part of their camp on fire in northern Italy in a protest over living conditions.

How are the living conditions now after you set it on fire?

The violent protests started after a 25-year-old woman died in the camp in the centre in Cona, near Venice, the town’s mayor told La Repubblica TV.
Reports say the woman from the Ivory Coast died of natural causes on Monday afternoon.

You say natural causes but Africans know better. It could well have been black magic.

6666  If you were promised a mansion and all the white women you could bang and only got this, you would burn it down too.

Fellow migrants reacted angrily, cutting off the electricity supply to the centre, starting fires and blocking the exit, leaving 25 staff members barricaded inside, local media said.

LOL They shut off the electricity. Why did anyone bother turning it back on? All they were doing was literally recreating their homeland.

Mayor Alberto Panfilio said calm had been restored at the centre, where up to 1,500 people have been placed in a facility originally meant for 15 migrants. Many were housed in tents.

This is deceiving because you can bet the tents are a big upgrade from what they are used to. Still, it isn’t a mansion with a sports car out front and a hot blonde so you can sympathize with their position.

Police had persuaded the protesters to open the gates shortly after midnight on Monday, let the staff leave, and re-connect electricity, local police chief Angelo Sanna told la Nuova di Venezia e Mestre newspaper.

Who the hell would decide to work in one of these hell holes? Working among these savages falls under the category of “not for any amount of money” for GPL.

Early reports said the protest had been caused by a delay between the young woman being taken ill and an ambulance arriving to treat her.
However, Panfilio said the ambulance had arrived promptly.

I wonder what kind of ambulance service they have in The Ivory Coast?



‘This death is not directly linked to the high concentration (of people) but I hope it can be useful to change a situation that is no longer sustainable,’ he said.

There must be some sort of answer out there to this outrageously complicated situation. Hmmmm let me think. Oh, I’ve got it! How about we send them all back to the shit hole countries they came from?

The mayor told local media that the centre had opened in 2015. Numbers had ballooned dramatically last year. Cona itself has just some 190 residents.

In other words: the native population of the town has been completely replaced for all practical purposes.

The centre is one of many temporary migrant reception centres in Italy that are housing more than 136,000 people. In the past three years, roughly half a million migrants have arrived in Italy by boat.

Look, it’s not as though I’m proposing putting all these people into fake showers and gassing them with bug spray here. I mean, yeah that would be easy because they probably have no idea what a shower is anyway. Hell, you could just spray them down with the Raid right where they stand. No, all I’m saying is that none, zero should be allowed in and every last one of them that are already there should be rounded up and sent back. It is a huge lie that is being perpetrated on you that this is some sort of complicated issue that takes time to work out. It didn’t take time to bring them all flooding in now, did it? The answer is simple: send them right back where they came from and any political leader who won’t acknowledge that fact and support it is a traitor who nobody has the obligation to listen to.


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